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Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles NYC Half yesterday - 1:21:42 Wow, that is excellent. And congratulations on qualifying for the full and half. I entered the lottery to run the full NYC marathon last night.
I will echo the above comments about today's NYC. It was my first half marathon and I was amazed with how well organized it is, especially with how many runners there are. Really appreciate all the volunteers and people who make it happen. My time for the half was 1:52 minutes. Really pleased with how I did overall. Also pleased that each split got faster than the last. Already, looking forward to my next half!
6.5 mills in central park in 57 minutes. Felt really good and definitely feel I'll be able to at least run the entire NYC half.
Completely forgot I was signed up for the NYC half until an hour or so ago. Any last minute tips? I'm at least going to attempt it and can always end up walking.
Wife and I worked on our budget this weekend and came up with a plan to be free of law school debt in 4 years!
A good book on this subject that I really enjoyed is the Four Pillars of Investing. Might be worth a read if you are interested in index funds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I say each to his own but doing nothing all day would not do it for me. The trick is finding something you like doing, can do on your own terms, and maybe make a little cash doing. On your own terms is important because once in a while I do feel like laying around the house all day and want to be able to do that. When you can do that at will, IMO, you have it made. If that's all you do, you're just waiting for the...
I set it up to be automatic so I don't notice the money and I know whatever is in my bank account I can spend. I just started working six months ago and this is what I have done so far. I put away about 10% of my gross into a 401(k) to max it out and get the maximum tax benefit there. And then I send about 10% of gross to my Vanguard Account as I really like their index funds. Not as diversified as I would like to be in different index funds currently because of the...
The 20% rule makes me feel a little bit better about my savings. I put away about 10% of gross in a 401K to may it out each year and also 10% of gross in general savings. Only 26 and just started working six months ago so when I look at my balance it doesn't seem like much. However, this thread inspired me to run a compund interest calculator and assuming an 8% return for 40 years on my current balance it comes out to about $400,000. Nice little motivation to keep...
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