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32.38 + 4 = 36.38 miles
Dude, that is freaking awesome. Nice work!
Does anybody have a recommendation for a great barber in Houston, preferably inside the loop. Thanks
I am by no means a coffee expert but got hooked on Philz Turkish coffee when I lived in Berkeley as well. Drank about 3 cups of the stuff a day while studying for the bar. I could never replicate it at home and think the real secret as to why I loved it so much was the cardamon.
By the end of today I'll be a Dad!
Let me know if you have one you would be willing to sale. Thanks
Please let me know if you have a used Filson 257 you would like to get rid of. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles NYC Half yesterday - 1:21:42 Wow, that is excellent. And congratulations on qualifying for the full and half. I entered the lottery to run the full NYC marathon last night.
I will echo the above comments about today's NYC. It was my first half marathon and I was amazed with how well organized it is, especially with how many runners there are. Really appreciate all the volunteers and people who make it happen. My time for the half was 1:52 minutes. Really pleased with how I did overall. Also pleased that each split got faster than the last. Already, looking forward to my next half!
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