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I am about to order several shirts worth of fabric from the Acorn Grange range as it seems like a great deal but wanted to get various opinions on the fabric and how it compares to other fabrics first. If you have any experience, please share. Thanks in advance.
And does anybody have a contact email address for Acorn? I have never had luck with the one listed on their website and previously just assumed that it was because they didn't sell to the general public.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley This is a fair point. One minor quibble: despite what many people on this board believe, Grange = TS Silverline, and Grasmere = Goldline. I have over a dozen shirts in each fabric, and don't see much of a difference between Acorn and TS (Acorn, perhaps, shrinks a bit more upon washing but that's it). So, the price difference per (comparable) shirt is more like $50. Not large, but meaningful. Very surprised...
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 I believe the current prices are a bit higher. I dont' have my price sheet with me (and I never ended up ordering from them), but I think it was in the ballpark of $16-20 for the grange/keswick lines, shipped. Also, keep in mind that some shirtmakers want extra fabric for CMT in order to be safe. The shirtmakers I talked to said that 3.25 is a good length for someone 6' and normal build. Thanks, and I still...
Excellent, I sent an email and look forward to hearing back. I am no expert in buying shirt fabric but those sound like excellent prices for Acorn.
So Acorn will sell to the general public?
Does anybody know of a good place to purchase high quality shirt fabric from? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria "Hey, Mon" Monday: - B Awesome picture
They are traveling with Ascot Chang.
Quote: Originally Posted by juniper Ok, so we're four weeks in, and I'm now at this stage: 1. I'm using a Merkur 34C with Feather blades. Tried derby (ok), Vidyut (crap), Gilette 7'oclock (good), Feather (best) 2. I can do two with-the grain passes with no nicks reliably now. 3. I can do against-the-grain above the chin-line reliably 4. I have to do against-the-grain under the chin-line with a Mach 3 to finish off, because I rip myself to...
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