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Curious if anybody has had any suits made here and what your overall impression was. Thanks!
165.84 + 8 = 173.84
Well I wish I was a Navy SEAL but my fear of heights and open water got in the way. Plus I am not in very good shape.
Correcting the above post: Should be 76.35 + 8 = 84.35 Add my 4 to that = 88.35
$160k, law in NYC. As others mentioned if you break it down by the hour (and not just billable hours actual hours spent working its not that much in NYC with all the taxes). However, I've since moved to Texas and two years later make $185K and if I never received a raise again would be perfectly fine in this city. Really amazing the difference the COL and especially no city or state taxes make.
52.86 + 4 = 56.86
32.38 + 4 = 36.38 miles
Dude, that is freaking awesome. Nice work!
Does anybody have a recommendation for a great barber in Houston, preferably inside the loop. Thanks
I am by no means a coffee expert but got hooked on Philz Turkish coffee when I lived in Berkeley as well. Drank about 3 cups of the stuff a day while studying for the bar. I could never replicate it at home and think the real secret as to why I loved it so much was the cardamon.
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