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Anybody owned both a Range Rover and a Range Rover Sport? I'm going to get one of these but am having a tough time deciding. Love the way the Sport drives but really like the interior of the full size. My only comparison though really is a couple 20 minute test drives. I think I am leaning towards the Sport though with the Lux package. Be interested to hear from somebody who has had experiencing owning both.
Ha, yes I am quickly figuring that out! A week ago I thought I would just buy one nice watch and be good to go but now I'm already researching watches after this first purchase. I'm really falling in love with JLC and there are quite a few dressier watches from them that I really want. I also want a Panerai for a casual weekend watch. Still figuring out this first Chronograph purchase though. I haven't been able to compare the IWC Master Chrono vs IWC Portuguese side...
Indeed, when I started this process I didn't think I would buy another nice watch for quite awhile. Not sure if I'll be able to hold off the temptation now. Also, I still want to be able to use the watch in casual settings but by that I mean nice pants and a sweater rather than shorts and flip flops. In short, I'm trying to say that I am putting the most emphasis on having a nice watch to wear with suits.
Thanks everybody. I took a look at the Reverso and while a gorgeous watch it isn't what I am going for. I have researched the companies a lot and while I like the looks of the IWC the best I like the company and movement of the JLC more. I'll probably just study more and wait a week and go back and try them on again and just get the one I love the most that way. Thought it would be an easier choice than this!
Thanks for the help so far. I'm a mid level associate at a large law firm in Texas. The reason why I am picking a brown strap is because I don't like bracelets and it's probably been three years since I've worn black anything other than to a couple of funerals and formal events. I just greatly prefer brown. On the watch front I actually added a couple to the mix last night and am now between the IWC Portuguese Chrono, JLC Master Chrono or JLC Master Hometime. I like...
I am looking to purchase my first nice watch and have narrowed it down to two choices (A) the IWC Portuguese Chronograph with blue hands or (B) the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Hometime. I would put whatever I choose on a brown leather strap. Below are links to the watches. http://www.iwc.com/en/collection/portuguese/IW3714/ http://www.jaeger-lecoultre.com/US/en/watches/master-hometime/1628430 I'm a 30 year old attorney and I am buying this watch mainly to be worn with...
Hi, been following this thread for a bit now as I am looking to get my first nice watch. The watch that I am liking the most is an IWC Portugese Chrono on a brown leather strap. Sounds like a lot of people in this thread are not fans of this watch and I'm curious if it is. (A ) they simply don't like the way it looks or (B) there is something else wrong with the watch/company. This watch will mainly be worn with suits in a law firm environment but I also want the...
I've put this one off for a while now but I really need to finally go out and purchase a tux. I plan to get one made by WW Chan on his next visit to the states. My strong preference would be to go midnight blue as I'm not a huge fan of wearing black. Am I correct that a midnight blue tux is acceptable everywhere that a standard black tux would be?
Did you end up ordering the wallet? If so, how do you like it and how is the quality? I was thinking about getting that exact wallet from them.
Curious if anybody has had any suits made here and what your overall impression was. Thanks!
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