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Just wanted to say thanks everybody for the replies. quite helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah I think Jon was at his best last night as do most casual and objective observers. Cramer looked bad, really bad and he's not a bad guy, he played the game to win and broke rules/laws to do it but he's not all bad. Please do not confuse what I do and what financial advisors do. Economists are educated (fyi: CDO's are not the only market failure). FA's are not and any idiot can call themselves one. Economists are also...
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah I did back in 2003 as did many others in the Econ policy arena. All the predictors were there and yes, I have have the policy papers to prove it. I called for the downturn to really hit in '05 and I was correct. At that point the market was being artificially propped up by housing and creative market instruments with a giant rotting cavity in the middle. If you sold out before Summer of '06, you did pretty well,...
I find it amusing that Jon Stewart is complaining that CNBC didn't accurately predict this financial crisis. Nobody did and hindsight is 20/20. I lost complete respect for Jon Stewart in that interview last night. I know he is a comedian but you can treat people with a basic level of respect. To say it is CNBC job to monitor the financial institutions in this country is ridiculous. If you want to get onto somebody go blame Congress or better yet blame the people who...
Thanks for the reply. What do people usually use to shield themselves from the rain in the summer. Particularly NYC where you walk a lot. Just an umbrella or a coat like you mentioned? I'm from Houston and anytime I have worn a suit in the past when it was raining I would just go from my garage to my car, drive into a covered parking garage, walk in an air conditioned tunnel and never even see the rain. So basically never really thought about this question...
I was wondering if anybody could give me a comparison as to how the different shoes fit. I am hoping to go try them on a next couple of weeks but wanted to keep my eye out on the internet in the meantime. I am an 11.5C in the Park Avenue. Do you think an 11.5D in the Mora will fit me?
Would a Burberry Trench be a good raincoat for the summer or would it be too hot?
Hi, guys I am looking to purchase a pair of Allen Edmonds Mora in an 11.5D. I'll take dark brown or black. Thanks in advance.
The thing to do is learn from this experience and treat people with respect when you are buying/selling from them over the internet. If you want your item today and want to throw a fit about it to somebody then go into an actual store and pay full price for the item.
Anybody aware of a place that sells AE Mora's discounted? Cheapest I have been able to find them is $300
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