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Quote: Originally Posted by SartorialSheepdog This was a challenge for me for a while. I hate t-shirts and would never wear them with white dress shirts as I disliked the sleeve line, but with 100 degree days, I would easily sweat through the shirts, often leaving sweat stains. For me the perfect solution has been a tight underarmour type shirt in a tan color. Absolutely fantastic. I now own about 8-10 of the 5.11 tight crew neck shirts in ACU tan. ...
Thanks for the responses, I went ahead and ordered the Gabs in British Tan and Light Grey but also went for the flannels in light grey. Even if they don't get much use this summer they most certainly will next fall and winter. Less than a 100 bucks after the discount so didn't want to pass that up. Who knows might even get some use out of them this season on cool San Fran days. So after the discount 3 pairs of trousers for $280.
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Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian I'd prefer something like this That is really nice. That is very similar to the shirt that I will be wearing. I might look into finding a similar tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian I would probably shy away from the pale pink tie for a wedding...yes the girls might like it but chances are it won't have any contrast against your shirt (guessing white) and just kind of look lifeless. Not to get off topic but I was wondering a similar question myself. If one is wearing a Navy Blue suit and a light blue gingham check shirt would wearing a solid navy blue tie be too much blue. ...
I loved this comment "These dress loafers have an extremely stylish square-toe design". Some of the ugliest shoes I have seen in a while.
Hi, I was wondering if flannel trousers were only suitable for colder weather or if they would be comfortable during the summer as well. I was just looking through BB trousers and they have several good looking flannels that are 50% off. After an additional 25% off they could be had for less than 100 bucks. In particular I am looking at these trousers. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lor=Light-grey Or is better to go for summer gabardine trousers. The ones I...
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Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty RL @ Grapevinehill OK for $100 Those are really good looking. Wish there was a place near me to pick them up.
thanks for the replies. I actually went ahead and ordered a MTO Samuelsohn from The Hound here in San Francisco on Monday so I am all set on my suits. Thanks again.
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