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Quote: Originally Posted by Salsalocust Hmmmm...... I wonder what size you need? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=110364943820 Regards, Graham Thanks, for the find. Unfortunately that is not my size.
Thanks everybody for their response. There seems to be unanimous consensus (which is quite unusual for these boards) that brown is the way to go. I posted the same question on AAAC there as well and I believe grand total the vote was 21 for brown and 0 for black. Brown it is. Just sent in my order so hopefully they will be here soon. Also, wanted to say thanks for answering all of my other questions on the Lowndes these last couple of days. It's been a real help...
So I have decided to purchase a pair of Crockett & Jones Lowndes. However, I have recently become unsure as to whether I should get black as I planned or go for the brown. I will be wearing the shoes with a charcoal or navy suit. Also, will wear the shoes with a navy blue blazer and grey or tan pants. What would you recommend? Oh, the other shoes I own are: AE Park Avenue in Black Santoni Wingtips in Brown Alden LHS Mocs in Burgundy
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Those jeans are hideous +1
Prince Harry I think he is an awesome dresser. We're both the same age, height, build, complexion, hair color, etc. Makes it easy to see what colors, styles, etc. work on him and then get ideas for myself. However, pretty sure my clothes budget is quite a bit less.
Thanks for the insight. I think I am definitely going to get them. Is there any opinion on whether these type of shoes look better in black or dark brown? Am I missing something on the Bris comment (isn't that a Jewish circumcision ceremony?)
hmmm, well to be 100% honest I think both outfits look pretty bad. I've never understood the red tie on a black shirt thing. Always, thought it look horrendous. The other combo is pretty bad as well. Your jeans don't seem to fit you very well. Also, the whole tie and shirt without a jacket I think looks a little silly. If you want to be casual it's better to go with a coat without a tie. What you can do to improve. Get some different color shirts. Some lighter...
I am currently looking to add a fourth shoe to my rotation. I already have a AE Park Avenues in Black, Santoni wingtip in dark brown, and Alden LHS Moccasin in Burgundy. Currently, the fourth pair of shoe I am looking to add is a Monk. I especially like the Crockett & Jones Lowdnes in Black. It's a double monk. Here is a link to the actual shoe. http://www.crockettandjones.co.uk/monkshoes-lownde.html My question is whether you guys think this is a good next shoe to...
Thanks for the help guys. Unfortunately I just called Barney's and they don't have any in stock to try on. I am probably going to order them online but am curious as to what my size would be. I wear an 11.5c in AE Park Avenues. I'm guessing an 11E would be my UK size.
Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew a store that sold these shoes in the San Francisco area? Thanks
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