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Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian I would probably shy away from the pale pink tie for a wedding...yes the girls might like it but chances are it won't have any contrast against your shirt (guessing white) and just kind of look lifeless. Not to get off topic but I was wondering a similar question myself. If one is wearing a Navy Blue suit and a light blue gingham check shirt would wearing a solid navy blue tie be too much blue. ...
I loved this comment "These dress loafers have an extremely stylish square-toe design". Some of the ugliest shoes I have seen in a while.
Hi, I was wondering if flannel trousers were only suitable for colder weather or if they would be comfortable during the summer as well. I was just looking through BB trousers and they have several good looking flannels that are 50% off. After an additional 25% off they could be had for less than 100 bucks. In particular I am looking at these trousers. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lor=Light-grey Or is better to go for summer gabardine trousers. The ones I...
dark colored shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty RL @ Grapevinehill OK for $100 Those are really good looking. Wish there was a place near me to pick them up.
thanks for the replies. I actually went ahead and ordered a MTO Samuelsohn from The Hound here in San Francisco on Monday so I am all set on my suits. Thanks again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Lamy Safari in Safari Orange. I need to carry one safety-coloured item at all times. That is a really cool looking pen.
I've made quite a few purchases recently: Seiko SARB031 Watch Filson Leather Field Satchel Navy MTO Samuelsohn Suit Charcoal BB Fitzgerald Navy BB Blazer Crockett & Jones Lowndes in Dark Brown 10 Harvie & Hudson Shirts Several Harvie & Hudson Ties Johnston & Murphy Kenney Penny Driving Loafers Pair of Bills Khakis I'll post some pictures when I find my camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 How much was the suit? Did they have a large selction of fabrics to select from? Well, I believe the actual suit was $1170 and then I ordered an extra pair of trousers to bring it up to around $1500. Feel like I got a great deal. They definitely appeared to have an enormous selection of fabrics, however, I didn't look at that many. Walt pulled out some Navy Blues that he thought were most appropriate for...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade What model Samuelsohn did you get? Actually, I forgot. Didn't pay much attention to the names. Took the shoulders and top half of one model and combined it with the bottom half of another model. I honestly have no idea which models though. I'll find out when I pick it up though.
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