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thanks, I fixed the links so hopefully they work now. My budget is preferably under $100 but the cheaper the better.
So I am in the market for my first pair of cuff links. These will also be the only cuff links that I am buying for the time being as I won't be wearing french cuff shirts very often. I was curious if I could get some suggestions on what a good versatile and classic cuff link? I've posted some that I like below so opinions on those would be good as well. http://www.treasuredfinds.com/Produc...Cuff-Links.htm http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...terling-silver Thanks in...
Well, I have a couple of reasons for disliking black suits. 1) I simply don't wear the color black. The only two black items I own are a pair of black Park Avenues and a black belt to match. I have red hair and am not that tan so black looks like crap on me. 2) I usually don't like black suits on others because I don't normally see it pulled off very well. Most of the people I see wearing a black suit are also wearing a black shirt underneath with a red time. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by bc78 So, I've decided to go with the Lowndes but will probably pick up a second pair as well. I was thinking the either the Drummond or the Hallam in dark brown. Any thoughts/opinions on which I should get? Good choice, I just received my pair in the mail this week. They are gorgeous shoes. Pictures don't do them justice. They look even better in person.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rossocorsa I like Hanes t-shirts, and they are very affordable. I agree, I have been on the lookout for some good V Neck shirts and decided to just go cheap before I started spending money on them. I bought some Hanes early today for 3 for 10 bucks. They seem to do the job just fine.
I was wondering if anybody has read a good book on the history of Saville Row and English Tailoring. I've recently been more interested in this sort of thing and would like to read more about it. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.
I just watched it and found it really interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by polar-lemon Wouldn't really do that. What if you want to fold them down? Would you not do it because it would look funny you that you might want to fold them down later in the day? I don't think it would cause any problems for me not to fold them down because I wear dress shirts everyday with jeans to school with the sleeves folded up in this matter and can't think of a single time where I have folded them down...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jermyn Street Jonny I think the combination of blue gingham and navy suit will look very good. I wear this look regularly. I also like the idea of getting it in french cuff, but would echo one of the previous responses that pointed out the likelihood that this will limit the usefulness/wearability of the shirt (unless you are comfortable wearing a FC shirt without suit/tie). I like the idea of french cuffs, but have to admit...
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