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Quote: Originally Posted by AscotMcPocketsquare Check the thread title. I assumed people stayed on point. Haha, point taken. Sorry I never assume people stay on point in this threads. Usually lasts for about 4 comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by AscotMcPocketsquare AMEX is a charge card, you have to pay in full every month. Yea they offer some customers that flex pay nonsense, but I don't think any rational people take them up on that "perk." Didn't read where the guy was saying he was using an AMEX. He simply stated what he was spending. Yeah, there is obviously some other reason why your credit score went down.
Quote: Originally Posted by CorneliusP Dang last year I was about 70% travel & 15% dining I spent $36k USD on travel and dining I was paid $45k USD via per diem Paid my bill every month on time. My credit score has gone down 250 points; explain that! Did you pay your bill in full every month on time? If you didn't that is why your score went down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nexus6 Compare the Burberry labels on the 2 coats. Somehow the second link you provided, does not say 'made in' under the Burberry name. I am not an expert on Burberry, but that is somehow suspicious to me. As you probably know, there are more fake Burberry products, than any other high-end brand name. Now I am not saying the second link is a fake. I am only saying that the label is suspicious to me. (possibly my own...
Hey guys, I was checking out a couple of trenches that are currently on ebay and was wondering if I could get your input on what you think about them. Just looking for a classic Burberry Trench that goes down to about my knees to use as a spring/early summer/fall raincoat. Little about me is that I'm 6'2" 200 pounds and wear a 43L usually in suits. Thanks for any input you might...
I am looking to purchase a classic Burberry trench in British Tan. Need a size 40 I believe. (I'm a size 43L in suits but no they run large. Tried on the 40 today and it feel well.) Looking to get the one that goes just past the knees. Thanks in advance.
I would take a look at Harvie & Hudson
So I recently picked up several Brooks Brothers suits. One of them was a Charcoal Brooks Brothers Sharkskin in the Regent cut. I'm having trouble figuring out if this fabric is appropriate for one of my first go to suits. I'll be mainly wearing this and a BB Fitzgerald Navy Blue. One reason I liked it a lot was that it allowed me to get the Regent cut and side vents in a solid charcoal. However, it definitely isn't as soft as my BB Fitzgerald. In short, my question...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Shipping was amazingly fast and I had no customs issues. I ordered from Seiya and he shipped amazingly fast:same day. However, my watch got held up in Customs for three days and was eventually released. Got the watch the same day it was released from customs. Not much he could've done to prevent though.
I wear them with pretty much everything casual. They are by far my used shoe. I pretty much wear them every day out here in California going to school. I have several pairs. Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Navy Blue. Love them all.
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