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Hi, I was wondering if flannel trousers were only suitable for colder weather or if they would be comfortable during the summer as well. I was just looking through BB trousers and they have several good looking flannels that are 50% off. After an additional 25% off they could be had for less than 100 bucks. In particular I am looking at these trousers. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lor=Light-grey Or is better to go for summer gabardine trousers. The ones I...
dark colored shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty RL @ Grapevinehill OK for $100 Those are really good looking. Wish there was a place near me to pick them up.
thanks for the replies. I actually went ahead and ordered a MTO Samuelsohn from The Hound here in San Francisco on Monday so I am all set on my suits. Thanks again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Lamy Safari in Safari Orange. I need to carry one safety-coloured item at all times. That is a really cool looking pen.
I've made quite a few purchases recently: Seiko SARB031 Watch Filson Leather Field Satchel Navy MTO Samuelsohn Suit Charcoal BB Fitzgerald Navy BB Blazer Crockett & Jones Lowndes in Dark Brown 10 Harvie & Hudson Shirts Several Harvie & Hudson Ties Johnston & Murphy Kenney Penny Driving Loafers Pair of Bills Khakis I'll post some pictures when I find my camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 How much was the suit? Did they have a large selction of fabrics to select from? Well, I believe the actual suit was $1170 and then I ordered an extra pair of trousers to bring it up to around $1500. Feel like I got a great deal. They definitely appeared to have an enormous selection of fabrics, however, I didn't look at that many. Walt pulled out some Navy Blues that he thought were most appropriate for...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade What model Samuelsohn did you get? Actually, I forgot. Didn't pay much attention to the names. Took the shoulders and top half of one model and combined it with the bottom half of another model. I honestly have no idea which models though. I'll find out when I pick it up though.
So I finally pulled the trigger on the navy blue suit that I have been after. Went into The Hound in San Francisco and got a MTO Samuelsohn. It turned out to to be a lot of fun. Everybody in the store was extremely helpful and Walt, who I mainly worked with, was great. He answered all of my (probably dumb) questions and explained everything quite clearly. He also let me know when something I was describing wasn't going to look very good but definitely tried to help me...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQBaller The dial on this Skagen is very similar to the Stowa Antea (lettering typeface, especially). Seems like a good, inexpensive alternative to the Stowa. Does anyone know if this Skagen mesh bands can be replaced with leather ones? Well, I have a Skagen just like the one pictured but with a brown face and brown strap and love the watch for my casual everyday watch. It's not something I wear with...
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