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Thanks, I'll get a picture up soon. G Shock is coming in the mail and don't want to leave anybody out!
I agree, not sure what their basis would be? Certainly they could confiscate a fake Rolex but that isn't what we are talking about. As an individual violating a company's distribution agreement isn't illegal.Edit: I looked into it a bit more and it is actually a trademark violation which is why customs can confiscate them. Interesting as I wouldn't have thought that.
So one of the straps on a pair of double monks I own completely broke the other day. Has anybody had any luck getting this repaired?
Picked up a Rolex Explorer II (white dial) and a Casio G Shock today. My collection is coming along nicely now considering the only watch I owned a week ago was a Seiko SARB031. Right now I've got the three mentioned above and a JLC Master Control Chronograph. I want to get a vintage Omega as a more formal watch now. Once I find that I should have a nice collection that will get me through almost any situation. On another note do you guys like watch winders? I'm...
Yes, that is correct.
I need a simple new coffee pot for the mornings. I don't have the time to use my french press every day anymore. This Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker looks great: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/products/wilfa-precision-coffee-maker/?pkey=cdeluxe-automatic-coffee-makers Anybody have any experience with it?
Yes, that is correct. Although it might have changed in the most recent generation. Even so the LR4 feels a lot bigger and drives a lot bigger to me (and has a third row seat that is actually decently comfortable for an adult to sit in).
Thanks, I ended up getting a 2011 Range Rover Sport with the Lux interior package. While it doesn't have as nice of an interior as the full size I felt it still was plenty nice for me and I just preferred the way it drove a bit more.I had the same concerns about the interior being a tad small but got over it since it is normally just me and I'm coming from an A6. We also have an LR4 that my wife drives so have a bit bigger car when needed. Only reason I'm getting this...
Thanks for all the help with IWC vs. jLC. I went back to the store today and was able to compare the IWC Portoguese Chronograph with the JLC Master Chronograph. As much as I was trying to convince myself to get the IWC I just loved everything about the JLC a little more so went with that one. Below is a stock photo of what I went with (getting it on a brown strap though).
Anybody owned both a Range Rover and a Range Rover Sport? I'm going to get one of these but am having a tough time deciding. Love the way the Sport drives but really like the interior of the full size. My only comparison though really is a couple 20 minute test drives. I think I am leaning towards the Sport though with the Lux package. Be interested to hear from somebody who has had experiencing owning both.
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