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Anybody have the Barrington 2 or have seen them in person? I'm looking for a new C&J to go with my Lowndes and Weymouth but unfortunately moved to a place where I can't find a spot to try them out in person. Edit: here is a link to the shoes
I recently received the filson zippered tote and plan to use it as a diaper/camera bag. It would be great to have a bit more internal organization though. Anybody have a recommendation for an internal organization system I could stick in the bag?
Thanks I just ordered from Surrender to Chance the 2ml spray bottles of each of: Green Irish Tweed Aventus Silver Mountain Water Millesime Imperial Royal-Oud Excited to get them and start testing them out.
Thanks for the helpful replies to my question. I think I'm going to order some samples to start with to try to get my favorite nailed down. Do you guys have a favorite place you like to order samples from? I'm going to start with Creed Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water and Millesime Imperial. Thanks!
Not sure if this is a good spot for my question but yall seem to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to colognes. I have never worn cologne in my life other than stealing some of my dads as a kid. However, I would like to change that by finding a go to cologne that I could virtually wear in any situation, work, nights out, etc. Basically I want to try to find my one "signature scent." I went to a store the other day and tried several different samples but after a...
Does anybody here routinely switch out the strap on their watches? As previously mentioned I recently got an IWC Portuguese Chronograph and love it for pretty much all the scenarios I need a watch for except the most formal. For weekend casual wear though I would prefer to put it on a lighter honey color strap. How easy are straps to switch out and does anybody do this?
Picked up the Medium Travel Bag, Zippered Tote and Dopp Kit to add to my collection today. All in tan. Can't wait to receive them. Thinking about getting the suit cover but not sure if it would serve much of a function for me. I see myself using my 257 and Travel bag for virtually all of my travel needs.
Just recently have gotten into bourbon and drinking Michter's 10 year tonight. It's probably my favorite bourbon that I've tried so far.
Thanks, I'm loving it. Even just driving around today I kept admiring how nice it looks especially when light hits it just right and the hands are that nice shade of blue.I'd suggest Watchuseek. Rolexs seem to move pretty quick there from what I can tell.
Yes, I liked it a lot as well. The watch started running really loud and was also getting condensation on the inside of the crystal. The AD said that sometimes JLC takes months to fix problems like these and couldn't give me a good estimate of when I would be getting the watch back. Obviously he could tell I was extremely disappointed that the first really nice watch I purchased was going to be sent away for an unknown amount of time and graciously allowed me to return...
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