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I have this watch with the blue hands so that is obviously my preference. Honestly unless the light is hitting the hands right they look black most of the time. You could put this watch on pretty much any color strap and I'd still think it would look good. Just go with your preference.
Anybody here use the Filson panniers on their bike? If so, how do you like them and is there anyway to lock them to the bike? I'm going to start commuting to work by bike and not sure whether Togo with the panniers or just figure out a way to strap my 257 or zippered tote to the bag. Biggest concern on panniers is the cost and whether they would get jacked within a week.
I purchased that exact IWC 3714 early this year as my first nice watch and love it more and more as time goes on. Honestly at first I had my heart set on a JLC based on my research and for reasons I mentioned previously in this thread it just didn't work out this go round. Absolutely love the 3714 though (I switched out the blue strap for a brand leather IWC strap though).
4.75 this morning.
Finally, getting back into things. Did 8.5 miles in 75 minutes this morning.
Does anybody here have experience with the Greats Brand? Thinking about picking up a couple pairs of the Greats Royale but just recently heard about the company.
Thanks, appreciate the reply. I read that applying on the chest was good but wear a suit and tie everyday so figured that it would be covered up by my shirt. Maybe I should just apply a bit more though.
So yesterday I received my Creed Samples from Surrender to Chance and tried Aventus yesterday and Green Irish Tweed today. I'm a complete novice so not good at picking out the different smells but realy liked Aventus. Smelled really unique for lack of a better word. I also like GIT a lot but it definitely smells very familiar to me somehow. One thing is certain is that I've been missing out by not wearing cologne for the past decade! One question though: where do you...
Has anybody who has used WW Chan also gotten a suit from Eidos? I'm curious as to how they compare. Honestly I haven't seen an Eidos suit in person but it looks like they have the exact type of cut I would be looking for with Chan at a similar price point (but Eidos would have better fabrics). I'd really like to go to Nee York to No Man Walks Alone and go the MTM route with Eidos if they compared favorably with Chan. Thanks
Thanks, that Timbuktu looks like just what I'm looking for. I'll pick that up. Not a working photographer just looking for a better way to carry my stuff than in my wife's diaper bag!
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