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Gorgeous!My thoughts exactly. Looks better than a lot I've seen and the seller seems very knowledgeable on vintage pieces but at the end of the day I just don't have the knowledge to know whether it is a good deal or not.
Is there a good site for finding values on vintage watches? I'm looking to purchase a JLC Memovox Cal 825 (1958) and am trying to research if I am overpaying. The watch I'm looking at supposedly has all original parts and has been very well maintained. The seller is asking $3k.
Has anybody used them recently? I plan to grow my wardrobe by getting a bespoke suit made by a somewhat local tailor beginning next year and hopefully each year thereafter. However, I need to supplement this with some other sport coats, suits, etc. until I get my fully bespoke wardrobe together. I'm deciding between using Samuelsohns MTM program and WW Chan. Leaning towards Samuelsohn as it seems so hard to get any fittings with Chan without being local in HK. Anyways...
What kind of car was it?
2015 Goals Get rid of the excess weight so my bespoke suits fit again. Then get the following: 1. 10 bespoke ties from Sam Hober 2. 10 new dress shirts from Ascot Chang 3. 2 new bespoke suits from Despos 4. 2 new bespoke sport coats from Despos 5. 2 new odd trousers from Despos 6. Alden Indy Boots 7. Alden Suede chukka boots
Just to be clear I wasn't outraged at all. At first it simply didn't make any sense to me as to why Customs would be confiscating Rolexs so I figured there had to be more to it. After researching a bit it at least made some sense.
Probably a noob question but what is an OM?
Yes, I use to use a G Shock a while back which is why I wanted one again. I plan to use it for running, camping, skiing, etc.
No, what I am saying is that as owner of the Rolex trademark they get to set whether their goods can be imported into certain countries and under what circumstances. This has more to do with trademark law than with a distribution agreement (although I'm sure the distribution agreement says the same thing Customs wouldn't be enforcing this if there was no trademark on the product. U.S. Customs could care less what a third party distribution agreement says I would...
Thanks, I'll get a picture up soon. G Shock is coming in the mail and don't want to leave anybody out!
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