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Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn $1000-$1500 bespoke full-canvas 16oz 2-piece, preferably without having to spend an additional $2000 on a plane ticket and accommodation in HK. I've never seen such a suit offered in the US for less than $3000, if you were implying someone in the US could do it? I have friends I can visit and vacation a bit in HK, hence my preference to go over there if multiple g's are going to be spent anyway. Well, to get...
I'll be interested to the responses to this question. I have a negative perception of Crossfit because the people who do it seem almost cult like. I find it quite annoying. However, my sample size is quite small.
Thanks for the tips about where to get some advice on my form. I plan to take advantage of that soon. In the meantime I ran 6.06 miles this morning in 49:10. It felt amazing and absolutely no knee pain at all.
5.28 miles in 44 minutes. Longest run of my life actually. Really starting to enjoy this running business for the first time. Has anybody ever used a running coach though? I'm thinking about looking for one to comment on my form for a run or two. I had pretty bad left knee pain on my run today and think that it might have something to do with my form.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's The only point you make is you're a pompous self righteous asshole who thinks their shit doesn't stink. Here's a list of meats in my freezer. Wild Quail Wild Turkey Wild Pheasant Wild Trout Wild Salmon Wild Crappie Wild Catfish Wild Sunfish Wild Venison Domestically raised Black Angus beef pasture fed and processed per my instructions. You don't eat better than I do slick. I will give you the courtesy and say at...
3.52 miles in 27:45. Came out to 7:54 a mile so I was able to get my goal of a sub 8 minute mile. Tomorrow I plan on going for my first long run of about an hour.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kris Is it more tragic when a "good kid" dies unexpectedly than when a "bad kid" dies. yes
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Not at all. I think you just don't like the fact that I pointed out you could do exactly what you are doing for far less money. I don't find this too be exactly accurate. I remember you mention that you can go fishing, hunting, etc. to get what he is doing for cheap. As an avid hunter and fisherman it isn't always cheaper to do it yourself. And there is some time value to money. Hunting and fishing are...
4.21 miles in 35 minutes this morning.
I use a backpack now as pretty much the only thing I carry to class is my laptop. I don't remember the last time I brought a book to school. As a 1L though I carried everything with me where ever I went and used a large Timbuk2 messenger bag. I'm getting rid of it too so if you are interested in one for cheap shoot me a PM.
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