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3.82 miles in 27:29. A 7:11 pace. Really trying to get my pace down below 7 for 4 miles.
3.88 miles in 28:24
I recently received a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Classique rollerball pen as a graduation present. The people who gave it to me also want to purchase me a pen but would like me to pick one out. Curious if anybody has any they would recommend? I have been looking online and haven't seen one I really like. Currently, I'm leaning towards telling them I don't need one and will just keep it in my desk drawer.
5.77 miles in 47 minutes.
Any chance you will be selling these buttons again?
Just sent money for an order of buttons. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland You know, if you find it works (and you might not), who cares if CF has a bad association? Seriously, there are a-holes in every line of fitness. Ever been on Dragon Door? Every martial art talks about how superior they are, etc. Do it, and don't be an a-hole about it. I've done it for years at gyms and have had zero issues with anyone. I do my thing in a respectful manner and go home. I feel the same way about...
Quote: Originally Posted by ronmill Love Crossfit, in a few short weeks, I got into the best shape of my life. I find those who knock it fall into one category: cowardice. Yes, this is the type of attitude I associate with Crossfit.
Did 3.82 miles this morning in 30 minutes.
This thread taught me the importance of commas.
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