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Just curious how complicated letting out a fully canvassed suit jacket a couple of inches would be? Have 4 jackets that I would like to have let out about 2" (if there is enough fabric for that)? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Has anyone seen gray flannel bowties for sale? I looked in new York, but none of the stores (including cucinelli, which is where I got the idea in a gq pic ) had them. Saw a great looking one at Paul Stuart today.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell What happened? Just noticed this thread again. I had the overcoat made and think it came out excellent. Hopefully, will post photos soon.
Need to have a couple pairs of dress pants let out an inch or so in the waist. How skilled of tailor is needed for this job? Just moved to the Upper West Side in NYC and don't know if the ones near me are any good yet. Is this a job that can be easily botched?
Quote: Originally Posted by gshen Sneak preview of my latest project: I assure that you the Foo-sized head is only an artifact of the camera angle. In case anyone asks, cloth is Minnis Rangoon 0123, courtesy of one of the forum's greatest assets - AndrewRogers! I think it looks terrific. I am getting a very similar suit made by Gordon Yao next month but am using Minnis 0328 (a woolen flannel) also sourced from AndrewRogers.
AC does a sample shirt in HK before making the shirts you order.
Thanks for the input. I'm going to go ahead with my idea and have a coat very similar to the first made.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I much prefer DB to SB for overcoats. I think a SB Chesterfield would look far more conspicuous on a young man than a plain blue DB. I happen to be getting a plain blue DB myself so my biases are obvious. I think i might agree with you on DB vs. SB for overcoats. I was trying to look for some SB that I like as much as the DB i posted and just couldn't find any. Found some other great looking DB though. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy who are you commissioning for the coat? Gordon Yao
Thanks for the input so far. And I want to say the coat might be a RLPL but am not entirely sure. I just saved it to my desktop recently when searching for information about overcoats and didn't pay much attention to who actually made it.
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