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5.5 miles through central park this evening in 42 minutes.
6 miles through central park last night.
I've been wondering why I need belt loops or side adjusters. If you get your pants where they fit do you really need either?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven letting out a jacket is easy. there are numerous dominican tailors in the lower east side that will be open today. between houston and delancy. which one is good? sorry I can't help but I know they will be open. Thanks, never been to that area and have been meaning to explore so will take a visit down there. I did do a google search and the only place that came up was Victor & Tailors in Nolita. ...
Thanks for the replies, I did find out there is cloth inside so now just need to make it to a tailor to have done. Anybody know of a decent NYC tailor open on Sundays?
Just curious how complicated letting out a fully canvassed suit jacket a couple of inches would be? Have 4 jackets that I would like to have let out about 2" (if there is enough fabric for that)? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Has anyone seen gray flannel bowties for sale? I looked in new York, but none of the stores (including cucinelli, which is where I got the idea in a gq pic ) had them. Saw a great looking one at Paul Stuart today.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell What happened? Just noticed this thread again. I had the overcoat made and think it came out excellent. Hopefully, will post photos soon.
Need to have a couple pairs of dress pants let out an inch or so in the waist. How skilled of tailor is needed for this job? Just moved to the Upper West Side in NYC and don't know if the ones near me are any good yet. Is this a job that can be easily botched?
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