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Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Do not show the tailor this picture I once did such a thing with a tailor and told him BUT don't do X, Y or Z He lost his notes and just copied the picture...to my dismay when I noticed this at the forward fitting If a picture has just about everything you like...ONLY then show him the picture. Good advice, I didn't really think about that. I'll see if I am able to find a photo of exactly...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos PS: looks to be a completely ordinary suit albeit one that appears to be well fitted, and to my tastes - very well fitted. Quarters look as though they might be relatively closed should he take his hand out of his pocket. There are small things that influence the overall perception of this suit, such as the relation of the lapels to the face, that subtly distinguish this. Is this an example of GY's...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos OP, because the compression artefacts in your avatar picture are annoying the hell out of me, please save this version to your hard drive and upload it as your new avatar picture. Thanks. I apologize, consider it done. Hopefully, it is a little less annoying now.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I have some shell cordovan ones. I am limiting myself to Suede right now. Trying to limit my shoes to what I consider "necessities" and how suede chukkas made it on there I am not sure.
Thanks, for the advice everybody. I'll have to do a little more research about is how I would like the quarters. Reason I like this photo is because it demonstrates the fit and silhouette that I like. The suit isn't too tight nor too fitted. I just like the suit a lot. Instead of saying not too fitted and not too loose I hope this picture helps me convey what I want to my tailor. As far as the suit not being too remarkable I am not trying to make my suit stand...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot The silhouette seems nice although the shoulders seem a bit heavy and extended for me. Just be sure to clearly specify which parts of the photo you like. Thanks David, yes that is what I though too. I would prefer to go with a softer shoulder myself.
I would be interested.
I am going to be getting my first bespoke suit made in a couple weeks by Gordon Yao. I have been looking around to come up with a picture to help me express the fit that I am after. I found this picture off of the Sartorialist and really love the fit. Definitely things about the suit I would change for myself. (Notch lapels instead of peak, straight pockets instead of hacking, no ticket pocket). Also, might see what GY things but go with a softer...
Looking for a pair of Alden Suede Unlined Chukkas in a 11.5. thanks
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