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I could also add I would be working for the exact same firm in the new city.
I was curious as to how beneficial people thought it was to gain legal experience in NYC? I'm currently a 1st year associate at a large law firm and am starting to wonder if it is really worth it to live here considering my salary would be exactly the same but since I wouldn't have city or state taxes my take-home pay would be about $1800 more a month. I absolutely love living in NYC and don't really care for where I am thinking about moving to but the amount I work...
5.5 miles through central park this evening in 42 minutes.
6 miles through central park last night.
I've been wondering why I need belt loops or side adjusters. If you get your pants where they fit do you really need either?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven letting out a jacket is easy. there are numerous dominican tailors in the lower east side that will be open today. between houston and delancy. which one is good? sorry I can't help but I know they will be open. Thanks, never been to that area and have been meaning to explore so will take a visit down there. I did do a google search and the only place that came up was Victor & Tailors in Nolita. ...
Thanks for the replies, I did find out there is cloth inside so now just need to make it to a tailor to have done. Anybody know of a decent NYC tailor open on Sundays?
Just curious how complicated letting out a fully canvassed suit jacket a couple of inches would be? Have 4 jackets that I would like to have let out about 2" (if there is enough fabric for that)? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Has anyone seen gray flannel bowties for sale? I looked in new York, but none of the stores (including cucinelli, which is where I got the idea in a gq pic ) had them. Saw a great looking one at Paul Stuart today.
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