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Quote: Originally Posted by Antonio Centeno It depends on what you want out of life - $1,800 a month is small change if you make enough connections in a year or two to allow you to work anywhere and reach back and call on your NYC network. However, if you're not taking advantage of it and simply working crazy hours and not meeting anyone, get the hell out. That was kind of my initial thinking but as it turns out most of the contacts I am...
I could also add I would be working for the exact same firm in the new city.
I was curious as to how beneficial people thought it was to gain legal experience in NYC? I'm currently a 1st year associate at a large law firm and am starting to wonder if it is really worth it to live here considering my salary would be exactly the same but since I wouldn't have city or state taxes my take-home pay would be about $1800 more a month. I absolutely love living in NYC and don't really care for where I am thinking about moving to but the amount I work...
5.5 miles through central park this evening in 42 minutes.
6 miles through central park last night.
I've been wondering why I need belt loops or side adjusters. If you get your pants where they fit do you really need either?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven letting out a jacket is easy. there are numerous dominican tailors in the lower east side that will be open today. between houston and delancy. which one is good? sorry I can't help but I know they will be open. Thanks, never been to that area and have been meaning to explore so will take a visit down there. I did do a google search and the only place that came up was Victor & Tailors in Nolita. ...
Thanks for the replies, I did find out there is cloth inside so now just need to make it to a tailor to have done. Anybody know of a decent NYC tailor open on Sundays?
Just curious how complicated letting out a fully canvassed suit jacket a couple of inches would be? Have 4 jackets that I would like to have let out about 2" (if there is enough fabric for that)? Thanks
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