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Thanks, just lighter weight wools in light grey, blue, tan, etc. Nothing crazy just the basics. I'll end up getting them MTM if that is the only option but I'm a pretty standard size in pants so would prefer to save a bit of money there if it is at all possible.
Anybody know of a good RTW option for summer trousers with side adjusters? I'm having trouble finding many options but really dislike belts.
As an FYI, they have now opened up a NY showroom so it is a lot more convenient for us guys in the States to have something made up. I've only dealt with them by email so far but they have been very informative and I'm looking forward to my first appointment. '
Actually I owe Kent an apology. I just plugged the items back in to check shipping and it was like $7 which is pretty reasonable (Saphir, dusting brush and shoe horn). The problem must have bee that I originally had some shoe trees I my cart but removed them and the shipping didn't adjust. Anyways just wanted to post the above to clarify a bit.
It was a pair of white sneakers that weigh like 2 or 3 pounds and cost $90. This next order was going to be Saphir renoveatuer, a shorn horn and a brush. Again couldn't be much more than a couple pounds but shipping was going to be $17 via USPS.. Finally my memory might be wrong but I live in Houston and thought the shoes shipped from Houston. Maybe I am completely wrong though because I've never heard that Kent Wang had a Houston affiliation.
Are there ever any shipping discount codes? Not to be cheap but I ordered a pair of shoes last month and the shipping cost was like $17 and believe they were shipped via usps from the same town I live in. I was looking at ordering a few Saphir products a moment ago and the shipping would be $17 for USPS. Seems really high to me and I don't usually think twice about shipping charges.
Anybody dealt with Peter Lee recently? I used him for my button down shirts a few years back and wanted to place another order. I emailed him late last week but haven't heard back yet.
Anybody know what the difference between these two are? They look pretty much the same to me but the ones for the Armoury cost about $180 more. Thanks
Looking to purchase alden unlined chukka boots in size US 11.5 Thanks
That's what I ultimately decided. I'm going to just use a wooden crate and then can toss my filson tote or 257 into it for my office commute. This will then be my briefcase for the day. I prefer this to carrying panniers around (and its a whole lot cheaper).
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