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Thinking about pulling the trigger on these: http://www.carminashoemaker.us/mto-groups-1224/brown-penny_loafers_80191 Anybody have any thoughts they could share if they have received something similar in the past?
Im thinking about getting the below suede tassel loafers as my first Meermin purchase. Curious if anybody has any experience with these and what your thoughts are. https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4548
Easy 4.2 miles today. First run back after doing the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Felt great to be running again.
I'm about the same measurements except for 6'2" and am receiving a Kent Wang polo today in large. Hopefully it works well but I'll report back on the sizing. One of the nice things about living in Houston is every Kent Wang delivery comes next day!
Quick question on measurements. Has anybody mailed in an existing shirt for them to copy measurements from? Would this be the most accurate way to get the fit one wants if they like the way an existing shirt fits? I'm thinking of just going this route and then next time I'm in NYC to swing by to get the fit dialed in.
Has anybody gone and been measured in person? If so are they able to dial in the fit pretty quickly that way? I'll be in NYC next month and am thinking of switching from Ascot Chang because of the convenience of ordering and cost savings. Also, do they do a button down collar with a nice roll to it?
Thanks, just lighter weight wools in light grey, blue, tan, etc. Nothing crazy just the basics. I'll end up getting them MTM if that is the only option but I'm a pretty standard size in pants so would prefer to save a bit of money there if it is at all possible.
Anybody know of a good RTW option for summer trousers with side adjusters? I'm having trouble finding many options but really dislike belts.
As an FYI, they have now opened up a NY showroom so it is a lot more convenient for us guys in the States to have something made up. I've only dealt with them by email so far but they have been very informative and I'm looking forward to my first appointment. '
Actually I owe Kent an apology. I just plugged the items back in to check shipping and it was like $7 which is pretty reasonable (Saphir, dusting brush and shoe horn). The problem must have bee that I originally had some shoe trees I my cart but removed them and the shipping didn't adjust. Anyways just wanted to post the above to clarify a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: