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boutique duo
Was about to cop those purple lanvin's but they come out to like $378 after tax, wtf?
Who recommends getting there really early.
Tts, leather feels cheap.
been looking for side zips forever. Also, raf shirt looks awesome .
Had Langer's yesterday and ate it in the park nearby. Delicious, wish there was more russian dressing on it though. I would go here pretty often if it wasn't $16.
Those first two look great.
Anyone want to buy a $100 gift card for $90 ?
Price drop!!
Quote: Originally Posted by xCrunchx Kelvin, everything is so mad then bam velcro shirt? Well, it did come in a really nice box. Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese That dunhill knit looks really nice, kelvin. Raf shirt is, of course, very tron. When do you californians find time to wear all these knits? I'm really loving nice t-shirts these days, too - 20+ years of hanes will do that to you, I guess. New...
New Posts  All Forums: