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I'm not exactly sure who King Julien was talking to, but if it was talking about the law school people - I don't find anything wrong with warning people who plan on going to law school how bad the market it is or what the possibilities of getting the chance of a job are. After all, it is a ton of debt and might not be worth it for some people so they should think hard about going.
Second thing to remember is that not only do you have to get into one of the Top 15 schools but you have to perform well (talking top 1/3rd for lower top 15, then moving closer to top half) - that's if you want a shot at a market paying law firm.
Not sure if this has been posted. Hilarious.
It is pretty good but I'm not a fan of the scene (although there are some cute white girls in Brentwood).
There's already been multiple methods of duping discovered in the beta that were fixed by BLizzard
Seemed pretty easy with the wizard, didn't get hit very often. He kicked my ass when I was a barb, though.
Andrew handled them in person and said the "leather was super cheap"
I hear those are really bad in person
The link says they come from this site : http://www.fruper.com/index.html
The barb is so fun to play.
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