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Why is there no NY dining and shopping thread!? I am ready to eat and shop. Got reservations at Eleven Madison Park, I hope it will be good.
Good stuff Platypus!
hello only worn once sold out at southwillard (retail $175) -
The download program uses a slow p2p/torrent like program or something so you won't get your max dl speed. (At least I didn't)
Yes, you can pre-download the installation files starting now. It's something like 7 gigs so it will take a while. then at 8am on Monday you can do the full install and patches At midnight you will be able to sign in
How were they "compromised" for nearly a month?
Bon Iver Beach House Electric Guest is pretty good Little Dragon - Ritual Union was great too
I did a digital preorder so I can play at midnight. Going to NY for a while starting the 15th .
My car was stolen earlier this year, haven't had a chance to get a different one yet.It turned up in some tow yard with no bumper, empty 40's, condoms (still in packaging). bastards!
I know nothing about WoW but how does Blizzard get away with charging a monthly fee for that game? How come it doesn't try to do that for other games?
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