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hello only worn once sold out at southwillard (retail $175) - http://www.southwillard.com/collections/fall-2011/stephan-schneider/navy-iron-scarf
The download program uses a slow p2p/torrent like program or something so you won't get your max dl speed. (At least I didn't)
Yes, you can pre-download the installation files starting now. It's something like 7 gigs so it will take a while. then at 8am on Monday you can do the full install and patches At midnight you will be able to sign in
How were they "compromised" for nearly a month?
Bon Iver Beach House Electric Guest is pretty good Little Dragon - Ritual Union was great too
I did a digital preorder so I can play at midnight. Going to NY for a while starting the 15th .
My car was stolen earlier this year, haven't had a chance to get a different one yet.It turned up in some tow yard with no bumper, empty 40's, condoms (still in packaging). bastards!
I know nothing about WoW but how does Blizzard get away with charging a monthly fee for that game? How come it doesn't try to do that for other games?
ahha no way, doing m&a or entertainment
Fwiw it's worth I really enjoyed my first year of law school and don't regret the decision at all. It's probably been one of the best years of my life (although it's a rough year). I think a J.D. is one of the most versatile degrees you could possibly have. You could do tons of stuff with it later on in your career and go into all sorts of fields, not necessarily law.
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