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anybody want to buy a 2h xbow for cheap? first: 808dps + 121 vit second: 795 dps + crit hit increased by 43% i think 100k is reasonable for either
You better come pick up your shit if you come to LA jet!!
I hit Level 60 (DH) yesterday. Dealing about 22k damage. A few questions: 1) What should a DH be aiming for regarding end-game gear? I have about 1 mill in gold right now, it probably won't go far. Specifically what stats to aim for for certain types of equipment, etc. I have a 2h crossbow that has 800dps right now, it's bit too slow for my tastes and I would like a 900+ 1h crossbow. Is anybody even crafting anymore? (System seems inefficient, I guess it'll be better once...
Driveslowk#1790 US. Level 44 dh right now
I bought a colorblock polo from uniqlo undercover...
whoops wrong forum This is pretty useful. These are all the things the Blacksmith can make
Got my first Legendary item from some random monster in a dungeon: Wasn't bad but I've already replaced it with a rare belt with some good stats. Do I just salvage it? What is everybody's plan for gear? So far I've just been salvaging magic items, haven't really crafted much... It looks like a high level blacksmith can make some pretty great stuff
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