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Hello, usually buying terms apply Stephan Schneider, S/S 2012 Grey Melange Crew-neck Sweater, size 3 Purchased this for about $240 on au revoir et merci, currently $189 + shipping, Selling for $160 shipped Worn twice. Measurements: chest is 19”, shoulders are raglan this is a bit cropped, only recommend for 5'7 and shorter
what a dick
anybody want the raf derbies in 41 before they go back?
I wear 41 in raf sneakers (a bit big), 41 in mmm sneakers, 40 in cp, etc. Looks like they might work with an insole...
Do they fit big? I got the 41
It's the standard OCBD stripe that see on all of those kinds of shirts
I have two XS shirts if anybody wants them before they go back: http://www.myhabit.com/#page=d&dept=men&sale=A2AA3MY9HT72HE&asin=B007L7YH1I&cAsin=B007L7YH5Y&ref=qd_b_img_d_9 http://www.myhabit.com/#page=d&dept=men&sale=A2AA3MY9HT72HE&asin=B007GE7KCY&cAsin=B007GE7WXQ&ref=qd_b_img_d_25
I don't really trust the hard measurements. The descriptions, such as "true to size" and "one size small" might be more helpful.
anybody want to buy a 2h xbow for cheap? first: 808dps + 121 vit second: 795 dps + crit hit increased by 43% i think 100k is reasonable for either
You better come pick up your shit if you come to LA jet!!
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