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Band of Outsiders, A/W 2011 Blue plaid shirt, size 0 Retial around $250, asking $100, worn a few times
stephan schneider a/w 2011 blue color-block "base" shirt, size 4 new, never worn measurements: 17" shoulders, 18.5" p2p price: $sold this is the best shirt from this fall collection. it is extremely rare as no stores in the u.s. or japan carried this shirt in this color. (opening ceremony and proj no 8 had the charcoal version). the fabric is really soft, the best i've ever felt from schneider. (all sizes sold out at full price at the antwerp boutique, you will not find...
Hello, usually buying terms apply Stephan Schneider, S/S 2012 Grey Melange Crew-neck Sweater, size 3 Purchased this for about $240 on au revoir et merci, currently $189 + shipping, Selling for $160 shipped Worn twice. Measurements: chest is 19”, shoulders are raglan this is a bit cropped, only recommend for 5'7 and shorter
what a dick
anybody want the raf derbies in 41 before they go back?
I wear 41 in raf sneakers (a bit big), 41 in mmm sneakers, 40 in cp, etc. Looks like they might work with an insole...
Do they fit big? I got the 41
It's the standard OCBD stripe that see on all of those kinds of shirts
I have two XS shirts if anybody wants them before they go back:
I don't really trust the hard measurements. The descriptions, such as "true to size" and "one size small" might be more helpful.
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