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nong la is great (the pho is okay, pho cafe is better). Great banh mi, bun bo hue, rice, etc
I'm moving out there in August, would love to know about some things to do / eat. I'll pm you (and thewho13) soon!thank you!
Is anybody here out in Cambridge/Boston?
Just read an article in The Hollywood Reporter that's more in line with what Teacher is saying.
you neva listen
Yup! It's a size 2 I think, which is weird because I think I would be 0. What size is yours? Yes, cotton.Send me pics of you in the grey one, don't think i've seen it!It's the gitman vintage japanese print thing
finally got em, fits great
Band of Outsiders, A/W 2011 Blue plaid shirt, size 0 Retial around $250, asking $100, worn a few times
stephan schneider a/w 2011 blue color-block "base" shirt, size 4 new, never worn measurements: 17" shoulders, 18.5" p2p price: $sold this is the best shirt from this fall collection. it is extremely rare as no stores in the u.s. or japan carried this shirt in this color. (opening ceremony and proj no 8 had the charcoal version). the fabric is really soft, the best i've ever felt from schneider. (all sizes sold out at full price at the antwerp boutique, you will not find...
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