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had the tasting menu at saam/bazaar last night (23-courses now). Gimmicky as expected but it was pretty fun, a few of the dishes were incredible. Not impressed by the philly cheesesteak though, surprisingly. Highlights were the banh mi, not-your-everyday-caprese, this uni & eel thing rice thing (my favorite of the night)
I have this Our Legacy "ARTISAN RECYCLED-NYLON PARKA JACKET" that I'm going to return. If anybody wants it before I ship it back, $71 (80% off) + shipping. Size 48. It's just a bit too big for me.
nong la is great (the pho is okay, pho cafe is better). Great banh mi, bun bo hue, rice, etc
I'm moving out there in August, would love to know about some things to do / eat. I'll pm you (and thewho13) soon!thank you!
Is anybody here out in Cambridge/Boston?
Just read an article in The Hollywood Reporter that's more in line with what Teacher is saying.
you neva listen
Yup! It's a size 2 I think, which is weird because I think I would be 0. What size is yours? Yes, cotton.Send me pics of you in the grey one, don't think i've seen it!It's the gitman vintage japanese print thing
finally got em, fits great
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