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Chromatics - Ceremony (New Order cover) Autre ne Veut - Counting
The northeast has disappointed me. It's only snowed twice since I've been here!
Also got hit with $42 or so on a $270 knit. Just got marked down too so hopefully they price-adjust.
Why does everything have nylon now? Terrible.
Anybody want the black icelandic sweater in size small for $170 shipped before I return it to P&B?
I have the new hooded jacket coming in the mail Measurements on the size 3 (from au revoir): Shoulders: 42,5cm Chest: 52,5cm Arm: 65cm Length: 70cm
sleepless@yoox for 10%
saw them in L.A. on monday. Have tickets to the show in Boston in Sept as well!
They have had screenings all this week at the Warner Bros studio (for employees) and I haven't had any time to catch it
Some friends from high school invited me. It's cool, we can do providence before I leave homie.
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