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hi all, new to EG and really into their Andover jackets (Bedfords/Brooklines as well). Which stockists carry XS besides context?
It's a fun piece to wear every once in a while.
Hello, For sale is a Rick Owen's nylon pilot's jacket with attached scarf. This is a steal price - retail was ~$1200. Fits a 44/46
Small in the icelandic. Should be a small in the pocket but got a medium and its a bit slouchy / oversized which I like
I'm a 35" chest and wear XS from what I remember of my XS shirts - the collar is on the tighter side (i think less than 14.5"), chest is around 19 or 20". It's a boxier fit. I'm still an addict for all of Ervell's alpaca sweaters (I have 5 now). Great fabric and very reasonably priced.
Update - made my purchase less than 7 days before the price on the item dropped and they didn't price adjust. They told me "it's not possible and it's not correct" to do so. Sigh, oh well.
Examples of "plenty"? As snake said, a little is fine and sometimes they have specific uses for it (polyamide in the metallic Jil sweaters or the techno-fabric stuff Raf does) - but in this case Schneider is just substituting to save money. I'm mostly talking about scarves. It's not a huge deal (I bought 3 this season and they are still nice) but we are starting to get less for our money.
^ The black and grey wool/alpaca scarf that we both have from 2009 (and Dlester too, I believe) was 50 alpaca /50wool This season's Astor scarf is very similar in the cut and look as that scarf - it's 25% nylon
We had a hurricane sandy day out here, didn't get hit nearly as bad as NY though.
^ Are you in Chicago? Does it get worse than MA there?
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