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70 euro shipping
Sigh.... raf....
Some things that don't fit if anybody wants them at cost + split shipping Raf Simons, Size 44, wool herringbone trousers - $146 waist , 16" across aligned hem 7" 34" inseam great fabric, thick, herringbone pattern Marni, Size 46,$126 15.75" waist across hem 7.25" this is a really nice flannel (might keep these and get them tapered a bit) I always have bad luck with pants, I should stick to knits. (They listed the waist as 30.5" for both of these pants which would...
nobody informed Tim Roth that there's no smiling in fashion.
What movie is that from?
Purchased a $100 item from WW and didn't get hit with fees.
I will echo all of jet's sentiments. Drew's been a pleasure to deal with and he's very helpful.
It served as a friendly reminder to others who may be purchasing from ssense to not directly use their credit cards and purchase through paypal. Calm down.
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