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hey everyone! Excited to play D3 although I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to put into it. Haven't played any games for 5-6 years! Here's the old rig that I built: Intel q6600 (2.4ghz quad core) 6gb of ram (ddr2) videocard is geforce 7600 gt two 24" monitors Will I be okay running D3 at max settings with just a video card upgrade or will I need to re-do the whole gig? Looking at two...
I want to go back through the thread and re-compile all of the restaurant reccomendations, thread is in dire need of an update. Been really busy with law school so I'll probably do it this summer Glad to see the thread still moving. A couple of recent thoughts Not sure if 800 degrees has been mentioned but it's a solid pie given the price and convenience. I liked the "piccante" Ink - was pretty tasty. Favorite dishes: pork belly, charcoal oil, bbq flavor, macaroni...
plan check > golden state rustic still remains on top (although haven't been since chef left)
getotoasty, i've had several pairs of the mmm and the wholecuts are not comfortable because of the way they are made.
just hanging out before I start the summer gig
Will be in NYC again 15th-26th!
I think margiela was made for Sebastien Tellier.
Thank you, ordered two things.
hahaah leave the flaps on your cargo pants open, time for some sprezz
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