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couldn't get the zippers om the jacket to show
Thanks Biggskip. Yeah, I agree with everybody that the shoes are a weaker point in the fit. Not really sure if I own any shoes that would be better. Also, 90% of the time I am wearing button-ups and knits, all very clean cut and proportional. So I guess Lel is right in that the whole purpose was to be a bit sloppy.
yup, rick owens pilot jacket. Could be yours snake, got it from SZ a while ago. I like this version a lot more than the black one. I agree with hoozah, looks great done up.
beach ninja is back! had no time to get jeans hemmed
minimum / recommended system requirements video card chart showing high - low - poor performance I just bought a radeon hd 6870, bought a new cpu fan and oc'd the chip. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT
Anyone know any good resources on how to build our character / what to be aiming for (specifically for Wizard or more generally)? Or is everybody just going to roll with it?
I've watched some gameplay videos on youtube and both the Wizard and Demon Hunter look pretty fun to play. (DH's rapid fire especially). I've never done a casting type character before so I will probably try the Wizard out. Does anybody know how the difficulty levels work? It seems like you start off at Normal and then replay with the same character at the higher levels.
How are the demon hunters? I used to play the amazon in D2, thinking of trying out the sorc this time. cooler 212+ for $23 on amazon
Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! I'm probably not going to play other games.edit: nvmExcited to play this! What class is everyone starting wtih?
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