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^ Yeah that's why I didn't go for the XS initially (shoulders fit but the chest was 17").
http://suspensionpoint.ca/ute-ploier-k2-jacket Does anyone want this in a size small before I send it back? Really gorgeous fabric and a great coat (especially for this price). unfortunately the shoulders are too big for me. Should be perfect for someone that fits the shoulders and has a 34-36" chest.
yeah you should be a 44 or 46, my chest is 35" and 44 is fine
what's your chest measurmeent? I have that in a 44
I actually live in Cambridge so I'll stop by once I get back from vacation.Thanks a lot!
You will get hit with customs + return shipping is really expensive (around $40)
Who bought the ute k2 jacket? PM me if it doesn't work.
]Nice!The one I had went to NY so it's probably the same.
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