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I like it. For me, this is on the good side of pushing the boundaries. The coat isn't too outdoorsy and the colors work well.
Really nice.A while ago in sunny England:
Really nice! Jacket is very interesting, who made it?
Black suede is nice, but quite special; a dark brown would be much easier to match to a variety of outfits, I think. A dark brown suede chukka is one of the most versatile casual shoes one can have.
Costanza with a lightsaber, Joy Division – that's totally you! Cthulhu, well... maybe a little less, but still. And thanks!
No, just out of character for you.And that, yeah.+1; and you, too.
Jesus Christ, change your avatar again!
Also, button stance seems slightly high, so that adds to the effect.
I think there's not enough contrast between jacket and pants; dark chocolate or eggplant would have been nice, I think. Also, I like the camouflage coat with it and am now wondering what's wrong with me. Navy suit with navy tie is seen as a staple, yet how tie and suit never really, but almost match always bothers me. And here they are as close as two different mateials and structures can get; still. The only way you could... waidaminude. I have a navy flannel suit in the...
Time to break out the fall fabrics.
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