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Last days.
Yes, darker shoes would have been better (same shade as the tie would be perfect imo), but the rest is really nice. Black watchband with brown jacket would bother me though.All the colors you mention would work, but with a white shirt and light grey suit, almost any color tie would work imo. Your choices would be good and safe, the olive here is a little more adventurous.No worries, that's what I took from it as well.Simple, but not simple. Me gusta. edit: same goes for...
3rd declension? For us, they had names like a-declension, o-declension, consonantic declension...And damn, I was really hoping for another opportunity for a lame joke with Dennim.
Habemus... Dennim? Don't know how to decline Dennis.
Theoretically, the square is coral, practically in almost any fold, only brown, blue & cream show.
Whoa, where's the beard?
Crazy print, the rest very subdued.
You regularly pull off the craziest suit colors with ease. When I grow up...Very boring. I like the first one even better.That shirt should not be worn with a jacket. Maybe... not at all.
You're right regarding the jacket, but I don't see why the tie wouldn't work.And rightly so, but this ship has sailed. So I just take it as an opportunity to practise my Zen.I don't understand the jacket, but I don't really have to; what could objextively be improved though is the tie knot.
@Dennis Walter: first one is very good. Me yesterday:
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