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Still quite warm here, so fresco it is.
Nothing fancy, but really nicely done. Me gusta.
It looks nice.
Probably, yeah. Plus it's been quite a while since I've seen a photo of him. Is he still around?Now that's a beautiful tie knot.
@Lerglas: are you sure you're not Lucky Strike(s younger brother)?
You mean striped shirt and striped suit? To me, they're different enough to work. Fired? Because of the pattern matching at the shoulder? Salt in open wounds...
A rare belt sighting.
Really nice items and color combination. I would have chosen a darker ps to balance out the tie.
Nice casual combination; I'd slim the pants down if possible.
Same here. But as has already been said, general consensus is that Kamakura is good for the money; and I really liked them whenever I saw them on others.
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