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"Contain" as in "be the main color" or does it just have to have blue in it somewhere?
Thanks; I agree on the lighter blue shirt, but I don't like white shirts with brown ties.The shirt is a (semi-succesful) luxire, the suit is from Sartoria De Togni, Verona.
What about the Milgauss, green or white Version? Similar to the Explorer in terms of sportiness, but more interesting due to the colors.Or an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra (I like this version: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f20/ode-my-omega-seamaster-aqua-terra-813867.html)?
Blue and Brown and Pink.
What do you expect to gain from this?
Interesting post; please post more.
It's more of a necessity for me with my swan neck; thank you.I could easily "lengthen" them by adjusting the braces, but this would be the perfect no-break length if they were a tad smaller.
I'll just quote myself here, first decent pics of the finished suit:
First outing of my new bespoke suit; pant hem is 1-1.5cm too wide, will get that fixed soon. Really happy with the rest. Sorry for the giant fly in rigor mortis pose, it was just to show off the fit of the suit.
Hmm, are old shots also allowed? I don't have time to do one but have an old one that would be perfect.
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