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^ Can't really comment on the fit of the suit, for that you would have to close it and stand normal. Shirt collar looks too big. Tie... I can't see it that well, but I think I wouldn't wear it. The knot is really nice though. The color combination is basic and decent (I assume the suit is navy?). Shoes don't look good, don't buy shoes from Asos, buy shoes from a shoe company. You seem to be on a budget, so I would suggest Meermin or Bexley.
Actually, my lapels are "only" 13cm, which is not that big for my shoulder width, but they look bigger due to the high gorge. Maybe I will lower that on future suits but on the other hand dressing unconspicously is not really in my job description.
why only once?3B aside, I think the main issue here is lacking contrast between jacket and pants. Dark grey flannel would have been my choice, like this it looks a little washed out.You could go neutral, for this jacket in a light color like off-white; or crazy, say, (picking up the thin stripe in the jacket) dark red.+1.
I don't understand what he's talking about half of the time and I think neither does he.
Nice tie!These pants scream "cuff me!"
Nomos has some very nice grey suede straps (I think usually on other watches) and I really like those. Also good for brown and black shoes.
There are some funny interviews with Christoph Waltz (I think it was with Conan) where he explains the difference between Austrians and Germans... very funny....and that Beethoven was Austrian. Very nice!
Block stripes are awesome, but this example is not my favorite. The pattern is so bold, imo simpler, darker color combinations work better. We had a navy/burgundy grenadine block stripe I absolutely love and now have a wool blue/brown one which is great also. IS, one day you'll be converted, too.
Whoa, that tie makes me dizzy. From a distance you think it's a normal printed one, but when you get closer... those ovals point in different directions!The shirt is quite horrible in my eyes, which is a shame since the rest is very good, especially the tie knot.+1. I'd name the shirt the main culprit, but overall it's just too much. You can get away with a lot more than most people, but this is simply too much.Try taking pictures from waist to breast level, the resulting...
Hump day? I didn't get the memo.
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