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Nomos has some very nice grey suede straps (I think usually on other watches) and I really like those. Also good for brown and black shoes.
There are some funny interviews with Christoph Waltz (I think it was with Conan) where he explains the difference between Austrians and Germans... very funny....and that Beethoven was Austrian. Very nice!
Block stripes are awesome, but this example is not my favorite. The pattern is so bold, imo simpler, darker color combinations work better. We had a navy/burgundy grenadine block stripe I absolutely love and now have a wool blue/brown one which is great also. IS, one day you'll be converted, too.
Whoa, that tie makes me dizzy. From a distance you think it's a normal printed one, but when you get closer... those ovals point in different directions!The shirt is quite horrible in my eyes, which is a shame since the rest is very good, especially the tie knot.+1. I'd name the shirt the main culprit, but overall it's just too much. You can get away with a lot more than most people, but this is simply too much.Try taking pictures from waist to breast level, the resulting...
Hump day? I didn't get the memo.
This is from a few days ago in Florence, where it still was warm enough without a coat.
That's an interesting tie pattern, where did you get it?
Ridiculous, yes... and an easy way to make money.
I see; I never really got into this kind of color harmony theories, since I put my eye above these anyway; but I see what you mean and it really is far away from a real no-go, even in my eyes. And thanks for digging up the links!A tie pattern like this could have been printed virtually anytime in the 20th century (or after that or shortly before that). The printers in England we use have books with dozens of very similar prints that reach back to the end of the 19th century.
Really nice, but just too big for my taste. At 38mm, it would have been perfect.If you like the design and the price is okay, sure, why not? I would guess that this kind of Seiko is too cheap to fake. Worst case you get a Frankenwatch.*shudder*
New Posts  All Forums: