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Crossdressing? Are you sure?
26°C, or as I call it: double-breasted weather.
No, but actually pairing them with a dark brown linen suit sounds terrible.Black loafers is one of these oxymorons of MC: technically wrong, but rooted in tradition, so they have their place. I think Jake of the armoury wears them well, but in a bit of an out-there context, with suits and no tie for example. But they're definitely not for everyone.
Low, crooked and uneven. When visiting a new tailor, I actually introduce myself as the hunchback of Notre Dame, so they know what they're in for.Thanks! I even got that book at home, perfect.Nice, any idea what you will go with? Flannel, lightweight tweed?Actually, they will be a shade darker...
Simple and good. Have you tried snapseed? Like photoshop for mobiles, made by google, super easy to use and you can get easily get a lot more out of mobile pics.Normally, I'd say Stan Smiths + full suit and tie is an autofail, but if anyone can pull it off, it's you.
Yes; I think three for the first suit, but I'm quite difficult to fit, so he squeezed one more in half a day later.
Very nice cloth on the flannel; do you have a reference? The suit looks great.Progress on my brown hopsack, 3rd/4th fitting; back looks quite good, no?
I walked by his shop a few times too, one time decided to drop in; the lasts are beautiful, quality of the leather and workmanship really good. Mario is a super nice guy; sadly, none of his lasts fit me (but I expected that, as my feet are really difficult).
Doesn't really matter which one you change, I just think outfits where the shoes and the tie are of the same... "brightness" look more balanced. You could have gone with a rust knit tie for example.
I'm 6"5 and I have no problem with regular length ties (150cm); the solution is higher rise pants.Very nice, nut imo either tie too dark or shoes too light.
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