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I think this is a great example of how to wear a bold striped shirt well. The navy, pink and grey work really well together and are quite subdued on their own.If you ever buy new glasses, I'd strongly recommend looking at green ones. Could be great.Ugly wholecuts aside I really, really like this.
So far I'm at one, but who knows! This is always difficult to judge from one, probably not ideal, photo. But here it looks like your shoulders are more sloped than the jacket accounts for.
Thanks, guys. Decent pics to come soon.
The green jacket and grey flannel trousers are finished, as is my brown casentino coat (but it was too hot for that, don't worry, you'll get soon sick of seeing it, I love it so much): The second fitting for the navy flannel was really good as well, will be finished now. Really looking forward to it, simple navy flannel is one of my absolute favorites.
Now you make me .
Navy flannel? Both look great.So typical of you to not get this: he was thinking of the women snuggling up to you. Get pure cashmere next time, you chauvinist pig!I thought more Dr No. What kind of client is this for and where does he wear it (if you can discuss)?
Only the last two shots are actually OCBDs, no? But I agree, in the right context, OCBD + tie can look great.Enough to mention it at least. This is great.
You clearly don't know much about The Prince.
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