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Getting ready for the holiday season.
So. cold.
Obviously, this is a matter of what you're used to seeing; to me, RL's look, while certainly extreme, is still a good one.
Bury me in my favorite... yellow patent leather shoes.
Great, versatile jacket. As Murlsquirl said, I think it's quite versatile, works especially well with ties in rust, brown, orange and navy. Have a look at @braddocks posts, he has a suit in a very similar cloth.
Sleazy? I can do sleazy. Pics are from the archive, so I'm not competing (which wouldn't be fair to you guys, anyway). But they might serve as an inspiration and a challenge to up your sleaze. [[SPOILER]]
Rust wool.
Very nice, simple but good. Only thing that could be improved is the tie bar position, it just doesn't make any sense there, despite what Mad Men say.Agree on the shine, but the fit is simple and good.
New Posts  All Forums: