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Technically, this is my birthday suit, since Shibumi turns two today; btw, to celebrate, there is 10% discount on everything until friday (code ANNIVERSARY). I also took my new briefcase for a spin, surprisingly subltle for a green one.
I think you're right, it is misleading and purposely so. The fact that many people (in fact only many people who know a lot more than the average person about watches) know the real meaning of these terms does not change that it is a bad system to display water resistance.I think in Germany it is in fact not allowed to display wr with meters rating, only atm.
I would widen the lapel and lower the buttoning point if you are after a timeless look. Not sure if the lapel can be changed at this stage though.
Paisley, old sport (is it allright if I call you old sport?), very nice fit, but the shoes are ugly as hell and the pants could use a smaller leg opening, no?I think this would greatly benefit from a quieter tie. The suit itself is a lot to digest, together with the patterned tie it becomes not so easy on the eye.
@Butler: very nice background with the green painting, you should have someone carry it around when wearing this.
Always wanted to show you guys my banker costume.
Hehe, thanks. Tbh, this is only medium-smug for me.
Does anyone know when the next "looking smug" contest starts? I'm asking for a friend.
Leaves, very nice pics from the Corcos trunkshow. I will definitely order a suit from Kotaro in the near future, met him last time in Florence; great guy with a great work ethic and a beautiful cut.
Hell, I didn't know there were that many ugly Rolex dials. I'm again and again bewildered by two-face Rolex: there is simply-good-watches Rolex and crazy-bling/overpriced, unneccessary-stuff-for-idiots Rolex. Re: apple watch, have you read the new Hodinkee article? Without having seen the watch, this feels very on point: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/hodinkee-apple-watch-review I must say, the design and especially the straps do look nice. I'll never own one since I don't...
New Posts  All Forums: