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Ah, I see, that makes perfect sense to me. In fact I wasn't really happy about how light the shoes were in that context, I wore them anyway because they're the most comfortable ones I own and I had to do a lot of walking that day. We actually have a lighter version of this tie (this is navy, the other mid-blue) which I wore with the same suit and shoes and a white shirt and there I thought it was perfect.
I think you simply cannot tell anything from this picture.
Sander's principle, I like the sound of that. "so long as you can see a fairly stark difference between the two, this is suboptimal" this is a good, not too strong description I think. Shoes on my recent pic are actually not Vass but Ugolini bespoke, in a color that is also called polo, but it is different to Vass' polo. (Actually these have to be re-made, and the new batch from the tannery looks a lot darker, but is still called polo suede - leather colors are a huge...
Hell no, you have my full sympathies for not smiling; I'm German, I never smile at all!
Very nice! Only thing I'd change is the shoes (to darker suede chukkas); these are nice, but too light for the rest imo.Very nice, subdued first post. You and chocsosa should have a pissed-off staredown one day.
This is actually a quite nice illustration of my theory. Shoes and ties are of similar value and it works perfectly.
Band-aid colored, as they were once famously called.
Big +1 to the light shoe/dark trouser dislike. Lightest shoes I have are polo/snuff suede and I don't think I will add lighter ones in the near future. Low contrast shirt/tie combos are a high risk/high reward thing imo.
Minnis Fresco, the heavier variety, lightest grey they have. At first I was a little worried that it was too light, but now I love it.
Darkness/value is probably easier to understand.
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