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Technically it doesn't, yes; but I liked it.
This is a great shade of brown flannel.Knit tie and pinstripes for me:
Nice fit, but in that setting I would have opted for a white (or, given the suede (?) shoes, light blue) solid shirt.Very nice! As no-nonsense as it gets.I was just about to write that.Is this your usual shirt collar? It works really well for you.
Chech on check: check.
A while ago in Florence; it was significantly warmer then.
Not my cuppa, styling-wise, but those pants look great. Or wait, those are trousers.
They absolutely are! I especially love the wider striped ones (around 3cm wide). But I think you have to be big or tall to pull these off.Now that's a sublime suit (?) pattern.Not quite up to your high standards imo; especially the too fat tie knot.
@Braddock has exactly a suit like that in the works in this fabric:That should be right up your alley, no?
I like the suit a lot, perfectly paired here with just the right shades of rust and blue.Very nice fit, but the shirt collar looks a little large, no?
Oh, a jury price, thanks!
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