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Very simple and very good.Very nice, sublime play of textures and colors.With better photography, this would get thumbs like crazy.
Looks absolutely grey on my monitor, but brown is even better! Smashing.
I wouldn't wear it with a wild stripe, but a simple 3mm white and light blue (same width) should work perfectly.To my eyes you don't seem out of your comfort zone at all.
Nice and clean, especially the back. I just would have gone with different shoes, less would have been better in this context imo. Just a plain suede oxford in the same brown as the tie would have been quiet sophistication.Shoes are nice. Did I say that already? Blue on blue rarely works really well in my eyes, this is no exception. It is by no means a bad fit of course, but I think with a brown ground tie this would have been better.Light blue is perfect in my eyes....
Guys, sorry for the late reply; windowpane is great! Looking forward to the fits!
The rib of the twill, not sure if that's the right term. Could be that flash photography brings this out much more than irl, but here jacket and vest seem to have a pattern of the same scale which is always confusing to the eye.
You don't really want to know.
If it's orange (rust) and wool, we only have this one. Good choice!
The tie knot is quite tall, is that intentional? Smaller would look more balanced imo.I think this would be much better without the vest. The ribs on the jacket and the herringbone are the same size, which makes it hard to focus on either. With a light blue OCBD (as you mentioned) and no vest or a plain sweater vest, this would be great imo.Me yesterday, again with lighter tie and equally light shoes:
Very nice! Even nicer with darker colored trousers, I think.The solution is "American" stripes, i.e. stripes running in the other direction (as we do with our ties).
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