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Last week in Naples.
ItBurgundy and green. There is no teal in the square, I would describe it as neutral mid-light green (); here's a better picture:
Do you have black tassels and a black knit tie? Could have kicked ass.
Is that a windsor knot on the tie?Fwiw, I think Flusser's books are much better for concrete tips on what to look for in a jacket etc. Roetzel is more of a... picture book?
Never thought of it that way, but I think I'm not a subscriber of the theory. Plain navy suit, brown grenadine tie, floral pocket square is quite basic + good in my book.I see what you mean; but with an extroverted tie like this, I like keeping the rest quiet better.
Very nice. Also, those glasses are quite perfect for you.
Tie tie in itself is nice, but might be too informal for the suit.A white shirt would have been better I think, but I felt adventurous:
Hehe, this old one we liked so much that we reintroduced it this season.When we visited the manufactory which does our hats in Spain, the owner told me that rolling a hat often is not a problem – in the humidity of South America. In Europe or North America, he strongly advised not to.
Even with Liam Neeson in Batman Begins?Ah, perfect then.
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