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Not bad at all, keep coming back! If I had to change one thing, it would be the pants; light grey flannel would sharpen the outfit considerably (though that might not have been your intention).
Hehe yeah, that was me. I see what you mean regarding the trousers and of course there is only so much you can tell from one stationary photo. I think you will find that with braces though, you will have these "problems" less often, as they just keep your pants where they should.
Very nice, only thing that bothers me is the shoe/tie relation. It's been a while since we discussed this, but I think either a lighter tie or darker shoes would be more harmonious. But as I said, that's nitpicking. And braces would take care of the folds at the back of the pants.
The shirt also bothered me slightly, maybe it's because it's the only patterned item and thus draws too much attention? Also I think it might be a bit too dark, I think I would have gone with a plain white oxford.
On the original picture it seemed as if there would be shirt showing between trousers and buttoning point with this jacket, that's why I said it. If you are happy with your trousers, that's all that really counts.
Ah, those.
Nope, just a commment. Why did you think it was a joke?dw?Anyway:
Good outfit, but I think this jacket calls for higher-rise pants.
I think that's fine as long as the suit is not uber-casual.
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