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Thanks; and yes, this is my only bespoke suit with belt loops, I wanted to try one last time. All my other pants have brace buttons. But here I felt the textures and colors of tie and belt harmonized.
Shoes too light (colored) for the tie. With dark brown suede tassels, the look would have been much more balanced imo. I won't speak of the socks.
You are always so erect in photos; congrats on your posture, but I would love to see a relaxed lean-back from time to time.You know what is bullshit? Fretting about things like this. Open your sleeve buttons, don't, I don't care. It doesn't make a good outfit bad nor a bad outfit good, so I don't care. Meta-sprezz ftw.
That is quite the compliment (I don't deserve at all); thank you.
Deep purple, again.
I see where you're coming from, for me, it's good. With these hippie colors, I didn't want anything flashy color-wise.Exactly.
Thanks; and you don't even know about the most unfair part. Later that day, we wanted to find a place to watch the game (it was Germany - Slovenia) and just figured that some place near the Duomo would have it on. Well, we walked by what felt like at least 49 places (probably like 17 irl) and NONE HAD THE GODDAMN GAME ON. Had to walk 20mins to an English Football Pub in the end. Well, at least the beer was extra delicious then.
New Posts  All Forums: