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Like the watch, I can see that it's an Omega Seamaster vintage, do you have the exact model number?
I think the point was, that (the literary) Bond wasn't really interested in clothes. He just wore what his status prescribed, but opted for comfort when possible. Unthinkable for almost any movie Bond (Timothy Dalton was closest to his literary counterpart, I think), but in the books Bond is more cold-hearted killer and less bon-vivant.
Hmmmm, while this certainly doesn't look bad, I'd still much prefer a concave lapel. Guess I'll never warm up to the belly.
Thanks for pointing that out, didn't know about those. Do you have a good source for buying/information?
These are so slightly bellied that my argument doesn't really apply to them: [[SPOILER]] This I would have preferred straight, but still doesn't look bad imo: [[SPOILER]] And these are firmly in the "give you a roundish shape and look dated" category: [[SPOILER]]
To me, this sounds like hell. Do you have a picture?I think where it makes most sense to me would be a double-breasted shawl collar dinner jacket.
On another note, can someone explain the appeal of bellied lapels to me? Bellied lapels give the appearance of... well, a belly. They guide your view down and out instead of up, also often look dated. What's the deal?
Mechanically, I agree (or rather, people of whom I think they know their stuff have said so and I believe them). What Seiko often lacks imo is a good dial design.
+1. I used to think the same, certain colors belong to certain seasons, but it's not as easy as that. The nicest summer combination I have seen this summer was a blue jacket, mid-grey trousers, white/light pink oxbd, olive tie, light blue pocket square and polo suede shoes. Olive should be a autumnal color, but was superb in this context.
Love it, just wished you would have worn smarter shoes. Burgundy tassels in a sleeker last would have been killer.Suit is from Chan?
New Posts  All Forums: