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Which last is the second one?
Sounds about right. The only part that is slightly misrepresented is that prior to the accident, there was little alcohol involved. There was a stop sign lying flat across the street and Herr F. stumbled over it because he was busy on his phone with #menswear. So the message here is: if there is a stop sign, stop.
@Leaves, do you know who the guy is, first picture on the right? I'll give you a hint: he was responsible for what would eventually become shorts.
@Leaves: no, this is also in Florence. I had a fitting as well, will pick up the suit in March; also ordered a suit from Kotaro/Sartoria Corcos as well. Here he takes note of my Hunchback-of-Notre-Dame-esque physique. This will be in a sublime mid-brown Loro Piana hopsack Kotaro dug up somewhere. It is brown, but has also gold, white and even some light blue in it; couldn't be more excited.
There actually are wardrobes, they're just really well-hidden. Plus on busy days, they're full at 11 or so, so... organisation is perfect, just like the rest of the fair. + effin 1.
Only on Styleforum!
Long hair + wind + rain = this.
Technically it doesn't, yes; but I liked it.
This is a great shade of brown flannel.Knit tie and pinstripes for me:
Nice fit, but in that setting I would have opted for a white (or, given the suede (?) shoes, light blue) solid shirt.Very nice! As no-nonsense as it gets.I was just about to write that.Is this your usual shirt collar? It works really well for you.
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