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Yes, I think so, too.And here, navy tie + navy jacket is just too close together. In fact, switch ites in the two outfits and you're golden; both times, the tie helps to connect top and bottom.
Lancer, welcome to the forum. Yes, it is a no-go. The button is there purely for decorative/historical reasons. The button point should be at the ideal point to divide your body in lower and upper half, if you button the lower button, you completely fuck up proportions.
+1, was just going to say that.
Don't worry, knowing what would be best and not doing it is one of the most human things one can do.
Really nice! Only thing I'd change would be the shoes, to something less formal, like a suede monk or loafer. The shoes themselves are gorgeous, but imho better paired with a suit.
I think a brown jacket or suit would work really well.
My new favorite navy tie, made from Mohair.
Why three PP on this suit? Is this flannel?
A bit hard to tell from these pictures, but probably yes. What exactly do you mean by "suppressed through the quarters"?And I think in this combination there is not enough contrast between jacket and trousers. I'd take dark grey or cream trousers instead.Nice!
Too tight not necessarily, looks more like a dropped right shoulder and forward bent shoulders to me. But it is just one photograph; irl I have noticed neither of these effects on him.
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