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Take a light blue shirt and some dressier shoes and you're golden in my book.
Getting ready for the holiday season.
So. cold.
Obviously, this is a matter of what you're used to seeing; to me, RL's look, while certainly extreme, is still a good one.
Bury me in my favorite... yellow patent leather shoes.
Great, versatile jacket. As Murlsquirl said, I think it's quite versatile, works especially well with ties in rust, brown, orange and navy. Have a look at @braddocks posts, he has a suit in a very similar cloth.
Sleazy? I can do sleazy. Pics are from the archive, so I'm not competing (which wouldn't be fair to you guys, anyway). But they might serve as an inspiration and a challenge to up your sleaze. [[SPOILER]]
Rust wool.
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