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Very basic combination but with a nice summer ps.
I don't think this is too loud. I would have stuck to a plain tie, but that's about it. Watch seems nice too, what is it?
Of course I only meant to take pics and post them.
The Lange looks great, don't know why grey is not one of the three standard options besides black and brown.You cheated a bit with the AP; the rose gold serves as a buffer between the black and brown.
You know what you gotta do.
Of course not; but there is middle ground between solid and loud, no? Hm, but for some reason I find it hard to picture you in a classic, neat print; do you own any ties of the kind?
The one on the speedy looks absolutely black on my monitor, thus absolutel fine. The one on the GS proves my point well in my eyes; well, there is no real use arguing, is there?
Grey suede!Grey alligator suede, if you're a baller.
Wow, you do have a taste for some loud accessories... fwiw, I think the PC tie today and the shirt yesterday (or so) really knocked your outfits down a notch.This is very nice, love the suit cloth.
Hmm, never really like black watches with brown straps. Or black anything with brown anything, for that matter.
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