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Now if this doesn't break the thumbs record, I don't know what will. Welcome back!Despite fall temperatures, printed linen for me:
I think a lighter blue or white shirt would go better with the suit, but overall this is quite nice.Impressivly clean trouser fit, especially with a cloth this lightweight.
Bold tie pulled off well!
Still waiting for summer.
Really nice, glad to see it found a good home; Shantung always dimples so nicely.
Yesterday, to be exact.
Hell yeah! One of the most versatile suits in my book. If you're not in a line of business that forces you to dress very conservatively (read nothing but charcoal and navy suits), this is a great suit to have.
Very nice fit; quite basic, but all nuances done right.Good fit; why do you look so pissed though?
Still cold enough for this suit...
Yeah, six months wait is terrible. Guys, don't order from Corcos! So my wait times don't get even longer
New Posts  All Forums: