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Absolutely, yeah. There really is no thread like this here? The non-sartorialist thread servs that function to some extent, but I think not enough.
Just what I was thinking.
I now have a craving for Blutwurst.
This is nice, hope you're wearing dark shoes.
This also belongs here; the finished Corcos suit I showed progress of a few pages ago. Not the best picture, will provide tons more in the future, already my favorite suit.
It's a mid/leightweight hopsack my tailor dug up from somewhere after I couldn't decide on anything in his 10000 books. ^^Thanks; yeah, the tie is a divider, but I like it.They actually look slimmer than they are in this photo, I think; I'll see how they feel after a little wear.
Maiden voyage of this suit.
Means you're doing something right! At least that's how I interpret this phenomenon when it happens with my pics.
Just to rephrase, all I was saying originally was "If shoes and tie are not of similar lightness/darkness, the outfit looks unbalanced (to my eye)". I still think that's true at least 90% of the time. Same as the relation between tie and pocket square: if you wear a light suit, light shirt, light tie, dark pocket square, your eyes will be drawn to the ps (not a good effect imo).
Yeah; my favorite though is when people try to assess the fit of shoes over the internet (with pictures). I wouldn't do that for a variety of reasons.
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