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That is an interesting tie, who made it?
This is brilliant.
Really? I like it. The jacket would be more the center of attention if the pants were, say, light grey flannel, but it still works quite well imo.
A few days ago in Macclesfield.
Really nice. I know I go against my own "tie shoes and tie in color" - rule here, but I thing I would have liked it even better with darker shoes.It's nice!Is that a buttonhole on the lapel? Looks quite large if it is.Thumb isn't enough; big +1.Was just going to ask that; the bellied lapel and collar shape sent some very mixed signals for me and I couldn't place it. Do you have a rough idea when it was made?
Thanks! How did you dig that up? Nice! Good to see it found a good home close to home.Great suit. The whole outfit is very good, but I really love that suit.
My first thought was "now, that's a nice tie", then I realized... But I'm not sure panama silk counts as CBD.Now that's a nice tie knot! Outfit would be very nice if it was a suit, but looks like an odd jacket with navy (?) trousers? Also, I would have worn a pocket square with a navy ground, this is too close in my eyes.
Yes, it's just in our nature.
I prefer a bit of well-done extravagance over uninspired rule-following any day of the week. It is not my style, but when it's well done I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Nice colors!I think the shirt is too informal for the suit. And the tie... let's just say I would have a hard time wearing it. Nice! But to my eye, shirt suit are too busy together. Make either plain and you're good.Colors and patterns are good, fit seems good but a bit hard to judge (jacket quite short?). But you can definitely improve on the tie knot.
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