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That's cheating! Now you have lines to guide your eye.Now that's really nice.
I would have taken a dark brown tie, to "center" the outfit. Here two shades of green (tie and cardigan/vest) are directly next to each other and they're slightly different shades; always looks abit out of place, I think.
For me, it boils down to this: wholecuts are a high risk/high reward thing. Since you don't have any additional lines to guide your eye, the shape of the last is as exposed as can be. If that shape is not perfectly harmonious, the shoe shows its ugliness very easily. In theory I find wholecuts interesting, in practice I have seen a lot of very ugly ones.
Just wanted to write a lengthy answer, but my points have already been made excellently here; unfortunately, this is not very indicative of how people dress in Europe; the outfit stands out here because most people dress more flamboyantly because it's more fun. And thanks a lot for all the thumbs, guys!
Sounds good so far, I'll add just two points: first, I'd go for a heavier fabric, so leaning more to the 11 than the 9oz. Drapes better, wears harder. S120 is absolutely high enough. And the second, most important thing: the chemistry with the tailor has to be right. Do you like the stuff he does, the cut, the details? Can you communicate easily? Then nothing can go really wrong.
If it helps, you can definitely see how the jacket doesn't comply to my lower right shoulder. This is an old Suitsupply, not sure if the cut hasn't changed since then.
Those don't look very dad-ish to me; to even further minimize the effect I would reduce the leg opening 1-2cm.
Thanks! Just realized that I even wore my grey glasses (usually I wear brown ones).
Just black & white today.
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