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Hehe, thanks. Tbh, this is only medium-smug for me.
Does anyone know when the next "looking smug" contest starts? I'm asking for a friend.
Leaves, very nice pics from the Corcos trunkshow. I will definitely order a suit from Kotaro in the near future, met him last time in Florence; great guy with a great work ethic and a beautiful cut.
Hell, I didn't know there were that many ugly Rolex dials. I'm again and again bewildered by two-face Rolex: there is simply-good-watches Rolex and crazy-bling/overpriced, unneccessary-stuff-for-idiots Rolex. Re: apple watch, have you read the new Hodinkee article? Without having seen the watch, this feels very on point: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/hodinkee-apple-watch-review I must say, the design and especially the straps do look nice. I'll never own one since I don't...
I see, could have sworn it was a windsor.Last days of summer, last days of shantung:
Ah, I see. I thought there had to be something like it there; not the aesthetics per se but a connotation with something.
Is that a true red (check) with burgundy (tie)? If so:crazy:Rest is nice, as always.Sorry, seems too big all around (shirt collar, jacket size, pants width).Clown shoes! Just kidding, looks great. I really wish you would switch to a FIH though, would look much more elegant.
Christ! And I thought I was picky.Btw, what's the appeal of these boots to you? I must say I don't get them at all.
I think he refers to your leg opening/shoe size ratio. Small leg opening & large/ish shoe size can make the shoe appear larger than it is. Not really much you can do about this, maybe buying shoes with rounder last (which will then be harder to incorporate into your sleek, slim style) or change the cut of your trousers.That being said I like your style very much; I wouldn't change a thing.
Large numbers look dated? Hell no. I think both are very nice and, as you said, highly original. But yes, I'd also take the 556i.Oh my. Have any of you seen the Hodinkee video on the NYC store opening? The head of Seiko also speaks interesting English. (Phew, that was hard to resist)
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