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Quote: Originally Posted by hibbleton so, i'm looking for some reasonably priced boots (in the $150-$200 range) that look good with skinny jeans and will be good for the winter. any suggestions? it would be much obliged. thanks! Anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Style Pyle the idea was to do it without a jacket in my mind it looks good, now i'm questioning that approach... I kept thinking a red gingham shirt, black pants, black tie and grey vest would look dressed up enough for New Year's but dressed down enough that I won't mind going to the bars and dancing around... I could always cut out the vest and replace with a sweater or just shirt and tie, but my plans for new...
stop wasting our time and go in and try one yourself [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
Quote: Originally Posted by ebmk3891 Just had a brand new Hugo Boss shirt laundered and the front of collar looks like it got bleached. The shirt is a light blue color and I still have the receipt, so hopefully they'll reimburse me (at least some of it). Funny thing is, my cousin gave me a similar colored Hugo Boss shirt awhile back that he was going to donate. It was all wrinkled so I went to get it cleaned and came back the same way. I thought...
Wait, mine came in a purple box....does that mean its RLPL?
You need a motion control shoe. I'm sure others will post suggestions to specific models.
Quote: Originally Posted by MaTaKazer I am an asian guy and am very small in size
mine spontaneously combusted
Quote: Originally Posted by Vampire weekend Just bought some of these with free shipping and a coupon and still paid $85 for them. Whoever is an 8.5 really cant get a better deal. These shoes are great and free bump! I brought these from banana republic for 55 shipped.
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