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I posted earlier, and someone suggested more detailed images. I'm trying to decide which (if any) of these jackets is a good fit and/or what i'd need to have done to make any of them work. Sorry--I'm useless at this. Jacket1: Jacket2: Jacket3:
I'm useless when it comes to sizing jackets. I've got 4 I'm trying to decide between, and could use some feedback. I do know I have weird shoulders. Apologies for the poor photo quality. #1 #2 (a size larger than #1) #3 #4 Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Mauer, baby. Mauer.
I remember when jet used to post about Affliction and Banana Republic.
Newsflash: Styleforum has a Buying & Selling Subforum. This is not it.
Yeah, we get it. You posted the same thing 6 hours ago.
Lakers baby La... oh wait.
Apparently not:
I recently got a MTM shirt that has the following problem around the chest (FYI: This is n't my picture. I'm without a camera at the mome,t but this picture illustrates exactly what's going on). There seems to be extra fabric at the armpits & there's this unsightly fold on the chest. Is this becasue the armholes are too low? The chest too wide?
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek I have also tested this as I wore their shearling boots all winter but they never quite fit me right. I tried thicker socks to no avail. Doing this = totally fucking lame.
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