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Who the fuck fakes an old Zegna tag anyways?
Well, balls. I thought they were just old. Ah well, live and learn.
Really? I'm always super disappointed with the way they come out. I've been trying to get better, but it's a slow process.
Some recent stuff. Most of it is already gone, but if you see something you like, PM me and I'll let you know if I've still got it. This is everything since the last time I posted, so like two months or so. Some ties Huge hand rolled echo scarf N/A Limited Ed. Dingman Vtg MIE w/ some good patina M&H PS Couple LP's Gurka. N/A Crushable wool Orvis Mackage fox fur leg warmers. Already dibbed by my wife. Pop! VTG...
More authentic than the real deal.
Nice! I found on of those on my birthday as well.
Sorry, that was meant as a remark to the fit.
^^^^Well played sir, well played.
^^^^Thats sick. I found a shott perforated leather jacket a few years ago. Went for some good $$$ if I remember correctly. I'm sure a vanson version will fetch quite a bit more.
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