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Forgot about this one. 100% Rayon
Happy birthday Spoo!
I believe that. No hate at all, I'm just sad and disappointed. That being said, the people have spoken, and the electoral process is why this country is so great.
Good for you.
I've never been more disgusted with calling myself a white American male.
I'd like to take a minute to give a massive, massive shout out to the homie @tonylamer. I posted a few weeks ago that my wardrobe was sorely lacking the one thing that every gentleman ought to own, the classic navy suit. Not only did tony come through with a navy suit, he came through with a beautiful, recent, super 130's dual vent, flat front, 3 roll 2 with surgeon cuffs, Isaia Base Gregory. But that's not all, he even threw in a Tom Ford pocket square. Seriously, who...
He's alive!!!
At work, so just a quick and dirty. N3-B snorkel hood parka with coyote fur trim. Still shocked that I thrifted Buzz Rickson
So this just happened. Fucking grail. N/A
New Posts  All Forums: