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Congrats @Fueco! Time to start hoarding xxs Magnum P.I and Board shirts!
So fucking awesome. Congrats Chet. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Snackbandit, seriously the most consistently awesome sw&d hauls. Bravo my friend, bravo. And congrats ATLJon!!!!!!!! You'll have three little ones running around now? 😵😵
Very nice.
^^^^Wow! Amazing haul!! Really happy those Caruso's are not my size, otherwise I'd be emptying out my PayPal.
So cool, let me know if those are a 9.5ish-10.5ish. 😉
Another leftie here!
These are sick, who's the maker?
Thread on fire. I barely can keep up with it any more. Started a new job recently and it's totally killed any free time I had to thrift. Also school and real life and yadda yadda yadda.... That being said, I have found a couple killer things these past few weeks, when I do get a few spare hours to get out. And my e-thrift game has been really, really good lately. Trying to find the time to make a post. Until then, keep on truckin' y'all!!!
^^^^^Yup St. Andrews.
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