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Chipp for sure. The W is for Whitty Brothers, a company that Chipp made for.
Thanks for all the kind comments broskis! It makes the 5 hours I spent uploading pics totally worth it.
I'm in the Midwest.
Annnnnnnnnd......like half my pictures didn't upload.
Some recent things.... First, a thrift funded e-thrift. Vintage Lemaire. Vintage Coogie. Vtg LL Bean I thought this was pretty cool. Vintage PRL womens tweed sample jacket w/ western roping. Vintage Gucci linen and silk tux. I reunited the trou to the jacket on this one. Total damage was $9. I almost spent $$$ on an EG shop coat more than a few times, so I was pretty happy to stumble across this one for $3. It needed an oxy treatment something fierce, but I...
Got damn that Borelli! 😵😵😵
Most people don't know that old Tommy is a thing again.
What the fuck.
C4est, so dope.
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