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I had to google dota.
Is that like "Knights of the Round?" God I feel old.
I'm not sure what radiance/battlefury is, but I take it it's a good thing?
Well, gat damn.....
Thanks man!
You guys are hilarious.
And so it begins anew.....
I was in Missoula two summers ago, the thrifts were mostly stocked with the usual Stafford, but there were some gems to be found. Especially in the vintage outdoor gear market. One place I went to had all kinds of vintage backpacks, boots, tents etc.
Dries cotton/linenRLPL linenEmile Lafaurie linenJil Sander
Dries cotton/linen, -e-thrift, thrift funded from @sipang RLPL linen, trade from @Ocoony Emile Lafaurie linen, thrift Jil Sander, recent acquisition from @aging in rhythm, thanks again dude!
New Posts  All Forums: