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It's vintage Polo Ralph Lauren that I thrifted a few years ago. Reversible too, it's solid red on the other side.
It is basically a blanket.
Yea, I can't say I've ever worn it outside. Though when I do make it to burning man, you best believe it's coming with me.
Oh damn, did I already post this? My bad.
Well, since you asked.
One more time, then I promise I wont post this anymore. Vintage RL Navajo print poncho, thrift.
And furthermore, some of you might remember that LP bespoke suit I picked up a long time ago. I got it from the most heavily hit place in the city. The place that has Brioni shirts for $80 and rack chasers up the ass. Middle of the day. It's all about luck and timing.
I picked up that $3.5K Cucnelli fox fur cardigan for my wife on a Friday afternoon. At a spot that the flippers frequent. It's all about timing. There is not a science to it. It's mostly luck.
New Posts  All Forums: