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Total hearbreak today. Super recent Brioni silk/linen triple patch pocket SC. So new I had never seen its style of tag before. It was huge and on the left side of the jacket. Leather accent under the collar, big fat Brioni inscribed mother of pearl buttons, working cuffs, dual exhaust. The fucking works. ...........No price tag. The fuckers would not go in back and price it for me. I have never been so close to straight up stealing from a thrift store before.
Damn, LP leather. I've yet to find anything beyond a shirt by them.
Bomber jacket/briefcase synergy.
Serious, but I thought the suit was more of a cream color, like the photo you just posted. Too much boot/suit matching would probably not be the best thing.
Everything's Eazyer after dark.
Please tell me you are going to pair these with the YSL suit.
Wes, that gif is both terrible and fucking hilarious.
It's hot as fuck right now but here ya go. I'll snap a proper one in a few months.
Speaking of B&S, Ervell navy lambskin bomber ethrift arrived today.
The plan......it's working....
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