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Pleats are most definitely back, but not in a bad 90's chino way.
Sag Harbor.
Thanks man. I actually picked up a generic one for her last year, but because of how bad the winter was, she wore it damn near every day for a good 5 months. Needless to say it was trashed by spring. So she's been on me to find her a new one.
This thread has convinced me that I need to get on the EG train.
Well, if you find another one, you know what to do.
Hey guys, I'm putting out a PSA for my wife. She's been asking me to find her a black, full length down coat, the kind that goes to the ankles, in a size small. If anybody comes across one, please pick it up for me, I will pay $$$$$$$$$. Something North Face or better is preferable. Thanks Dudes!!!!
Sup Cru!
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