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I was watching this one on grilled for months. Of course, now I know it was siting there so long because it's a women's. I probably looked at it a hundred times and didn't notice. That being said, the medium fits me perfectly, even in the sleeves.
Rick Owens (shout out to @irksm for the trade on this one) Dries Dries Dries The shirt is definitely the women's version, something I hadn't noticed until after I purchased it. I'll probably move the snaps and stuff over to the other side at some point, I'm just being lazy at the moment. The slip ons are sadly just a touch too big, so they are back on the block. If anybody has these in a 42 and wants to trade for a 43, holla.
^^^^Yea, I tried doing that. Took me about two months to find a good DB with nice buttons that was cheap enough to scrap .
^^^Great! Thank you!
Quick question for the thread, does anybody have a source for natural horn buttons? I've got a number of jackets that need a button swap. Thanks in advance!
My bad, sarcasm is hard to pick up on over the internets.
I'm guessing not. Where were they made? I've never seen Savile Row G&H use black care tags like that.
I would have bought that. It's called a 5 zip jacket.What was the size on it?
Vicuna is one of the worlds rarest and most expensive fibers.
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