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Finally found a really, really nice pair of non blobby looking Chelsea boots in my size. I thought it was a lost cause, as every other pair I've found in my size looked like shit when worn. Pics later
Thanks for the heads up, picked up a pair of the CP navy nubuck basketball highs.
Yup, no logo like that.
From what I understand it's an obscure Japanese brand of heritage Americana wear made by the people who produce Free and Easy magazine. Silverwarebandit? Leftofthedial?
You bastard.
One of my great joys with regards to this hobby and something I get the most satisfaction from, is rehabbing beat to shit shoes. I'm sure Wes can attest.
Not sure, there are no "made in/by" tags to be found. Is there another way to tell? It definitely feels like quality, up there with the Mulholland Bros. stuff I've found.
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