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Thread on fire!!!!
Couple things from the past few weeks. A Lot of this stuff is already gone, but hit me up if you see something you like, and I'll let you know if I've still got it. Vtg PRL windowpane. BB Windowpane Grenson Loafers VTG AE McNeils I picked up for $2. A little beat when I found them, but some TLC and shoe trees, and they look good as new. Zegna Italy Wool/cash, size XL, but fits really slim Brooklyn Circus leather and wool varsity vest I never pick up...
Technically, the lion crest is the tommy logo. I would probably have grabbed that myself.
I've spotted a number of RG's in the wild here too. Always untucked, always paired with uber distressed jeans and always finished off with those square toed loafers that curl upwards. Possibly made of some kind of reptile. The dude is usually tanned to a crisp as well.
Sup crew! I just got back from spending the week in the north woods of Wisconsin for some much needed R&R. Going through some serious thrifting withdrawal, hahaha. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th! Lululemon diy shorts from Nataku Vansxwtaps, e thrift
I've seen Chester Barrie make for Harrods before.
To be fair, it's not a full size press, only about half size. Still heavy as hell and my arm was pretty sore when I finally got it home. ☺️
Spoo, yes, yes I did bike that home. 😉
This is a huge fail, my friend. Some of my best menswear finds have been in the women's section. Especially the overcoats. I once found a RLPL by St. Andrews pure cashmere glen plaid double breasted great coat in the women's section. Among many, many other things.
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