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I don't know man, that's a pretty shitty thing to do. For things of this nature, I usually follow the golden rule. Do unto others and all that. Can you imagine if someone did that to you? Karma is a bitch.
@namdaemun there is literally no padding in the shoulders, its soft constructed.
No shit, I once walked into a Sally right down the street from my house only to find a Eames lounge chair and ottomen in cherry with black leather with a fucking sold tag on them. Price, $50.
330 beat me to it.
I agree with everything Koala-T said. Fueco, I agree with what Jdrizzy said. And can I give a huge shout out to Troika. Without that post, I might have not run out of my house and done a mini circuit, thereby missing this: POP POP! Chocolate chalk/pin stripe double breasted suit in my size. Dudes, this is only the second complete suit of note I've ever found in my size. Better pics tomorrow when I've got some sunlight (hopefully). Shitty thrift fit, but man is it...
(puts on jacket and runs to nearest thrift store)
Sweet Mary Mother of God. Can we have some more pics please? These simply will not suffice.
I'm still waiting on some Lobbs. There's a pair of Edward Greens at one of my spots, but they are cost prohibitive. So a semi-pop on those I guess?
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