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I hope this thread doesn't turn into some sort of humorless pc circle jerk. G, it was pretty clear you were joking. And that's coming from a skinny as mofo.
Can't help you there, but if you want to see something similar, check this out. Seller claims it's even older, possibly from one of his first collections. Not sure how accurate that is, but it's a fantastic piece either way.http://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-69-VTG-POLO-RALPH-LAUREN-RRL-HARRIS-TWEED-STYLE-HUNTING-COAT-BLAZER-38-Reg-/291423665217?
Spring is finally here!!!!! All linen errrthang. Vintage PRL triple patch pocket, 3 roll 2, glen plaid SC. Unlined and unstructured with MOP's, thrifted RLPL navy linen shirt, trade from Oocony. RLPL cream linen trousers, double forward pleats. Also a trade, but I forget from whom. Alden snuff suede short wings, thrift.
For sale today, one pair of Oakstreet Bootmakers beefroll penny loafers. Normal wear and tear on the soles, uppers are near perfect. Plenty of life left in these bad boys. Size is marked 12D. Just what you need for the up coming summer season!
A couple people have asked how my tailored jacket project was coming along, so I thought I give ya'll an update. Spoilered because not thrift related. [[SPOILER]]
Yes, this was taken tonight.
I thought this was pertinent Kik wear 4 lyfe
Nah, I've seen the pictures. It was pretty bad ass.
My dad wore a brown flannel peak lapel 3 piece pinstripe suit on his wedding day, and he looked like a fucking boss in it. Of course, that was in the 70's.
Dear lord.
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