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Does anybody have a good source for bulk horn buttons? I need a bunch.
Thanks, I knew it was something simple like that. I just don't have that label on the list I have saved to my phone.
In the field, anybody recognize this one? Looks super familer.
Yea man, I created this thread and I'm the worst offender about not putting up fits. I'll try and get one up tomorrow.
Check out the program "Animal Odd Couples" on netflix, made me stop eating meat for a few weeks.I'm just going to echo what everybody else has said. I came across one of the private collection suits a few weeks ago, and it definitely had the most handwork I've ever seen on a suit. Would have probably grabbed it if it didn't have a huge stain on it.Yea, me neither.
Still going......
Yea, I could not believe I missed such a huge flaw. Needless to say, I'm much more intense in my inspection's these days.I pass on Oxxford all the time unless it's super recent, of which I've found exactly one SC. Of course, living in Chicago greatly increases my chances of seeing it in the wild.edit: before I start a shit storm about the quality of Oxxford, let me say that if were still doing eBay, I'd probably be more inclined to pick it up. Though uber dated stuff from...
Moo, I found a very similar PZ leather jacket over the summer. Got it home only to find like a 12" gash in it. It stands as one of my biggest thrifting fuck-ups to date, basically throwing $30 in the garbage.
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