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Tell that to the guy who bought the cardboard feeling sport coat off me for $100 minutes after I listed it. Apparently he collects the stuff. I also only paid $1.90 for it.
And therein lies the dilemma. I picked up a vintage Brioni SC a while ago that felt like cardboard, and surely would have missed it if not for checking the labels. Like walking right past a hundred dollar bill.
The guy before me clearly had no idea what he was doing. If he was just flipping up collars, he would have missed the Brioni, because they don't have that little turned back part that the ultra high end stuff does. On the other hand, the tweed jacket does, and it was half off (for a grand total of $1.50) which means it was sitting there for quite a while. On the other other hand, it's kind of hard to miss a canary yellow silk jacket.
Who the hell uses condoms these days? This. I went to a store yesterday where some douche had flipped up all the collars on the SC rack and still managed to miss 2 Brioni SC's and a bespoke tweed Sc. Thanks Brah! Best $9.35 I ever spent.
Damn, some nice shit in The last few pages. Those Alden boots though.....
I highly recommend it.
These are from last winter. And it's supposed to be even worse this winter.
Damn, sorry to hear this man. Having a sick pet is awful, here's to a speedy recovery!
Not a fan of half zips on knits, full zips are slightly better, but no way in fuck could you live in Chicago in the winter and not own a down jacket. Unless you like to be miserable.Here's a fit from the other day.
Gat damn!
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