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^^^ Damn, thats nice!
Only a few pics are working for me.
I'd guess an 8 or 9. Yea, I'd love to save these if at all possible!Wes, awesome job!!!
Some better pics of the reunited thriftening stuff: Zegna staple navy suit, available. I found the jacket, SWB found the pants, which weren't even tagged, he just grabbed based on style and quality. Brioni SC with gold Brioni buttons. N/A Brioni pinstripe N/A Again, I found the jacket, SWB had the pants Brioni black suit, I had the jacket, SWB had the pants. N/A And then I had two pairs of pants that he had the jackets for. Couple other things, never leave a...
That Dries.......
Now I'm intrigued.
Saw this in person today, still couldn't believe it. Fucking unbelievable.
I like Eazy E.
Yup, SWB figured it out. Apparently he is a small business owner who really, really likes high end RTW Italian clothing.
Did you say 38???? Also, 5 more suits completed today, 4 brioni and 1 zegna.
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