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Wowniceshirts also used to post on this thread. I wouldn't be surprised if he still lurks it.
Well hey, you're off to a good start, and luckily thrifted ties are the cheapest way to upgrade your look. Solid color is always a good choice. Navy, brown, rust or even a dark green in a non shiny finish would all have been good choices here. Good luck!
I like this except the tie. It's 90's in a bad way. Some would argue against a button down collar with a DB suit as well, but that's generally one of those rules that is meant to be broken.
Happy thanksgiving! And happy birthday Mr and Misses HansderHund!!! On the boot tip, I've been wearing the heck out of these Rag and Bone suede officer boots. Hand made in the USA, though I have no idea by who.
On a similar note, I can't wait to watch the Packers destroy the Bears tomorrow. The only other game I got to watch this season was that horrible display against Denver.
No shit? Ha, I think there was one other guy from Milwaukee on here but he hasn't posted in a few years. I was also born here, grew up on the eastside. Good to see some other Wisconsinites representing in here. TheNeedMachine is also an ex-Wisconsite if I remember correctly.
@audg, I think the thrift stores are closed tomorrow:(
Nah, but it's where I'm from so I come up here for the holidays. You from Milwaukee?
I find it rather ironic that the most immaculate pair of shells I've ever found come from Milwaukee rather than Chicago. Though I guess the factory is here in the city so....
Man I hope I'm Spoos thriftmasee
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