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I quit. Again.
Nice^^^ And here's mine.
I quit.
^^^Never heard them, but sounds cool.
What, no Vicuna?Nice^^^
This is awesome. It looks like he's about to say "Hey kid, you wanna go on a psychedelic safari?"
Also, dreamed about thrifting again last night. I think I going through serious withdrawals. Is this what happens to junkies when they haven't had a "fix" in a while?
Sup Crue!Stores are actually pretty spread out here. There are a few spots where there will be maybe 3 stores within a few blocks of each other, but otherwise, its a few miles between stores.Damn dude, really sorry to hear about this. losing a pet is sometimes harder than losing a relative.Spoo, you still no find Kiton?
Sup morning crue!!! I had a dream about cashmere Kiton ties again last night.I've found a way around this problem. I ride my bike, no fuel costs, no traffic to worry about and it keeps you in great shape. Only downside is when you find a massive haul and have to cart it half way around the city. This happened a few months ago when I found some dudes entire wardrobe of Paul Stuart suits. But you make due and make it work. Also, shitty weather sucks for biking. edit: Also,...
Last night I had a dream about cashmere Kiton neckties......
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