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My bad, sarcasm is hard to pick up on over the internets.
I'm guessing not. Where were they made? I've never seen Savile Row G&H use black care tags like that.
I would have bought that. It's called a 5 zip jacket.What was the size on it?
Vicuna is one of the worlds rarest and most expensive fibers.
Don't quote me on this, but I believe I read that you cannot get "true" ancient madder anymore because one or more of the original dyes used was found to be toxic. The only way to get the real deal is to go with vintage.
Does anybody know anything about surveying instruments? I picked this up yesterday, no makers stamp, and it's really heavy for its size. Very well made too. Sorry for the Ipotato pic.
@Wrong Crowd, you've got it wrong on the dates of those Brooks Brothers ties. The paisley one is newer, the other one is the older tag.
Every time snackbandit posts, I have to summon all my willpower not to send multiple pm's.
Spoo, I agree with AHS, that might be one of my favorite finds ever posted on this thread. Also, congrats on the opening of Luxswap! It looks really really great! Can't wait to make a pilgrimage out there one of these days.
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