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I had a discussion with the professor of my tailored jacket class about this. She had no idea why tailors do this, she made the point that it looks much cleaner when the little extra flap is tucked in as opposed to sticking out like that. For some jackets, I'd probably agree with her. I've seen some where the stitching was done pretty poorly.
I'm partial to the blackwatch variety.
Word is bond.
Thanks doods! I'm actually on the fence about keeping the SC, as it's just a hair too long. But it's also so boss, that I'm kind of just saying fuck it t the moment. I don't think anyone outside of the menswear circle would actually notice anyway.
Vader, that vest is dope, but I think a blue chambray shirt and sans tie would have knocked it out the park!
Recent Zegna unstructured, unlined triple patch pocket blue glen plaid linen SC, courtesy of impuntura RLPL navy linen shirt, courtesy of Ocooney RLPL linen trousers, from I forget who Florsheim Royal Imperial tassel loafers, thrift
Working all day I'm afraid. Also, thread en feuco
All of them.
So sad, and like others have said, I'm glad you had the chance to learn about life and tailoring in the short time you knew him. It sounds like he was a great mentor.
^^^ I think these are going to be to big for you I'm afraid.
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