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^^^No, it looks too 90's, and in a bad way.
Finally got my hands on a vintage donegal tweed three piece.
Vintage Britches of Georgetown donegal tweed 3 piece, from eBay via @tweets Vintage PRL USA made chambray shirt, thrift Drakes pocket square, from @SpooPoker Kiton cashmere tie, thrift Crockett & Jones with a commando sole, thrift
TNM, I found a very similar bridge coat a few weeks ago. Half the buttons were missing and I ordered a new set of Waterbury's, but they are too small. I might just end up tossing some horn buttons on it. Also, that Badgers sweatshirt is teh tits.
G, that coat is awesome, and I'm glad you liked the package. Heh heh.
Not spoilering. I literally laughed out loud
Anyhoo, speaking of grails and Kiton cashmere....... Vintage Donegal tweed 3-piece, courtesy of Tweets, thanks dude! Vintage US made PRL chambray shirt, thrift Kiton cashmere tie, thrift Crockett and Jones commando sole wingtips, thrift
My wife say's I've gotten thrifting down to an art, and I'd much rather see it as such, not some sort of cut throat death race.
^^^^Wow man, I mostly do this for fun. Yea the money side of it is nice, but what you just described does not sound fun at all, and why would I want to spend my time doing that? I might as well just get myself a shitty job. No thank you, I'm going to keep my sanity and low blood pressure. edit: and to each his own. You are free to thrift how you want, this is Merica' after all, you keep doin' you.
The rest of my stuff from yesterday. This might be my top favorite PRL SC find. Is it old? Super recent? It's really hard to tell. Two button with dual exhaust and big fat lapels, looking super current but I'm guessing old. Available. LBM tailored, triple patch pocket washed cotton with mop's. Size 46, available. Some heavy ass American made flannel trousers I bought to use as test subjects for trying my hand at tapering. A couple more pics of the Jil Sander...
New Posts  All Forums: