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^^^^^Is the Everest a thread first?
Still going....... 190? What !?!
There has been an epidemic of navy suit and very light brown shoes happening in Chicago for the last two years or so. Shoes are mostly of the pointy curled upward toe variety too.
Same here, that and Hypercolor.
That being said, thank you to all the consigners that have sold stuff for me over the last two years. You guys are awesome!
Thanks dude!
Not salty at all brah. Read my previous post. Nicely done.
Hey, every man for himself out there. I'm just glad someone isn't using it as a Halloween costume.
Also weird that they would price the other Oxxfords at $199 and that one at $15. You said that you bought it just before they jacked up the price? How did that work?
New Posts  All Forums: