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Yeah man, thats a great find. Brings back a lot of memories.
Missing the handcuffs.
Still got all my figures and vehicles and ghostbusters figures too! And the fire house! Sadly, I sold allMy gi joes and legos years ago. Still kicking myself for that.
Are you fucking kidding?!? With the box too?!? Get the fuck out. I wanted that one so bad when I was a kid.Also, thank you to all who offered suggestions forMenswear blogs. Y'all are the best! 😘
Bros, I need some recommendations for Classic Menswear blogs, websites, tailoring sites, etc. I've taken over our stores social media and I can only repost so much stuff from dieworkwear, putthison and permanent style. I've tried finding some good ones, but my google fu is weak and I keep coming up on "dress like GQ" type shit. Thanks in advance!
I posted a thrifted pair of Hermes shoes a few years ago. 👍🏼
True thrift: $15
Big pop for me first thing in the morning. (Twss)
Best two years of your life.Not to sound corny or get too gushy, but this thread really changed the course of my life. It got me back into clothes which in turn changed my educational path which in turn changed my career. My life style also totally changed. Damn near everything in my house is thrifted. Furniture, antiques, dish ware, electronics, art, everything. I managed to collect a lot of very interesting things for my home over the years. And that's not even...
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