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^^^^ That it's a badass Paul & Shark trench coat?
Yea, there's really no way to get rid of that.
RE-quoted without spoilers because this is the coolest tweed pattern I've ever seen. It's almost hypnotic. Amazing find Concealed! I'd like to echo this by saying I stopped by my Nordstrom Rack last week and they had a shit load of high end stuff, including the above Jil Sander SC, some Band of Outsiders overcoats marked down from $1500 to around $500, tons of Micheal Bastian, Gant by Bastian, D&G, Sammy sc's for around $100 and various other brands that we salivate over...
^^^^ Awesome.
Yea, but where's the sport in that? The sense of adventure?
RE-quoting for sheer awesomeness.This is exactly what I was thinking.
Fuck, I had a bunch of stuff quoted, but now it's not showing up, ah well.
Holy crap Wes, that's a hell of a transformation!!!! Nice job!!!
I think the jacket looks great! If you aren't going to wear the full suit, what kind of trousers are you going to go with?This is just my personal opinion of course, but I think if you are going to go cream DB, you might as well wear the full suit. I other news today, I picked up a Theory ninja suit.
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