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Would any 44''s be into this? I could do the repairs myself.
Fair enough, sorry for the confusion
Dude, why in gods name would you think I would cut up a cotton lp sweater to patch a shearling jacket. I picked up the A&F to use as material for a shearling jacket I already own. Not sure how my post was so confusing as it reads from top to bottom, just like every other post.
No not the sweater, the a&f shearling jacket is what I would cut up.
Final project for a draping class. The goddamn model whom I made this for was a no show for the final critique, so I never got to actually see it on a person, which was incredibly disappointing. I designed it to look like a beetle starting to spread its wings in anticipation of flight. Clearly the model was much smaller than the dress form, as the front is supposed to completely close. Also, please disregard the wrinkled and crookedness in these photos, it had been folded...
Some stuff: AE Boston, N/A, part of a trade I'm working out with Hans. AE Kenwood, N/A, again, Hans Some of them there Bean boots everybody seems to have the hots for lately. Size 9, available. First grenadine I've found in a long while. N/A, keeper. Never leave a Brioni behind, right? Right?!? Some off the row hotness. Ticket pocket, dual exhaust, surgeon cuffs, tons of handwork. Probs around a 38S. Available. I know nothing about this except it's Union made...
Yes, is thing.
They been had been making their stuff in China.edit: the Helmut Lang that is.
Congrats RTC!!!! That's a hell of a Christmas present! Thrift fit for today, no real reason for getting dressed up except I'm on vacation and I fucking feel like it. Paul Stuart graph check shirt, thrift Vtg BB camelhair guncheck SC, thrift PRL camelhair, wool, lambswool sweater vest, trade from someone on here, I forget who. Kiton cashmere tie, thrift Drakes pocket square, from Spoo Zegna choco moleskin trousers, Randomore Carmina chestnut and choco suede bal boots,...
New Posts  All Forums: