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Yes! I love it when new members read all the way through both threads! What a crazy ride, not only through the world of thrifting, but of life in general. Welcome Tommy!
Got damn Nat....
Also, I'm an ass and forgot to post my thriftmas gift from Orgetorix. Thanks mang! It's already found a spot in my personal collection. 👍🏼
Yes, and yes.
I've seen the error of my ways. Thanks to 330 for the assist. What a way to say goodbye to 2016! Hopefully this is a good omen of things to come in 2017! Cheers thrift thread, it's been a wild year!
Nothing to see here...... Catch and release.... price was too much and it was only a blend. Still cool to see in the wild.
Great first post and welcome!
This is so true. I once found a vintage Brioni SC that felt like straight up cardboard for $1. Flipped it in like 15 min for $100 to someone on eBay who collects vintage Brioni. Not a huge win, but an easy $99 and I never would have found it if I was relying sloely on the touch method.That is a chesterfield with a tiny collar. Edit: I'm on my phone, so it's kind of hard to see, but that la what it looks like from here.Dope. What's the size on that bad boy?
Yea, the shell I found is a medium. Thanks for thinking of me though! I know a medium will show up eventually. 👍🏼
It was! It's not a medium, is it?
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