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There is only one guy that I see on the regular whom I consider to be a prick. He's the kind of guy that will block off a spot, or tell you that he's already found all the good stuff, so don't even bother. Just small petty shit like that. Couple months ago, I was at one of the overpriced spots that he likes to frequent. I got there before him and scooped a few Brioni ties that were in pretty nice patterns while leaving a couple of the less desirable ones one the rack. This...
Since everybody is posting sick overcoats, I thought I'd throw this into the mix. I've thrifted a number of polo coats over the years, including an Oxxford pure cashmere number, but this is the one I've really been lusting over. The breast pocket flap really sets it over the top in my opinion. N/A, already gone.
Sick. I've found this coat in navy, olive and camel, though never cashmere. Amazing as always sir, and glad to see you are on the mend!
^^looks good dude!
Obligatory reverse Macklemore
That's what I thought too. Took a flyer on it for $12.
^^^^its on a huge full length jacket, silk lined, completely handmade.
Anybody know what kind of fur this is based off this photo? It's insanely soft.
I just had food poisoning for the second time in my life a few weeks ago. After all the shitting and puking was out of the way, I popped some aspirin and slept for about 5 hours. Felt totally fine after that.
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