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This thread has convinced me that I need to get on the EG train.
Well, if you find another one, you know what to do.
Hey guys, I'm putting out a PSA for my wife. She's been asking me to find her a black, full length down coat, the kind that goes to the ankles, in a size small. If anybody comes across one, please pick it up for me, I will pay $$$$$$$$$. Something North Face or better is preferable. Thanks Dudes!!!!
Sup Cru!
Vineyard Vines ain't got shit on that.
Fucking love my Sawyer, one of the warmest coats I've ever handled.Not spoilering any of this cause it's all fucking awesome. That Buco.... good god. The patch goes well with you avatar too!
One of the main reasons I refrain from posting over on this side is my piss poor photography skills.
Oxblood leather I picked up the other day. Interesting story, it was two local dudes who made this jacket as well as a handful of others before they decided to part ways sometime last year. Brown, ended up passing a few of them off to a local consignment shop. I had been watching this for months, originally priced at $500, it finally made it to 75% off, plus I had a 20% coupon. So a good deal all around, as quality and construction are top notch and leather is glove soft....
Derk inspired.
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