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No need to spoiler sir, very, very cool stuff. That chest-pocket-less tweed Kiton is very interesting! Never really seen anything like it before.I know it goes without saying, but 330ck is one cool ass mofo. I came home to two large flat rate boxes of suiting fabric today, out of the blue, as a complete surprise. Thanks dude, that made my day! On that note, a jacket update. I learned to pad stitch today, which is a very time intensive endeavor. It took almost the entire 4...
Nat or Fueco, ever see one of these before? Windbreaker anorak top with wetsuit material at the hems, cuffs and collar. edit: its Patagonia
Since we're on the topic of shell's, I stopped into one of my spots this morning, saw some dude trying to block a large section of the menswear whilst on his eBay app looking up a cartful of bunk shirts and appearing really upset about the whole thing. I casually walk over to the shoe rack, pull these down right in front of his face, say to no one in particular "ohhh, these are nice" and walk away with a big smile on my face. #flipperfail
+ 100000 on what RTC SeaJen said. Though I'm a sucker for nice outerwear also, so I would throw a few heavy coats on that list.
It's been a long road my friend. My first fit on here was with a purple plaid HF SC, light blue Levis cords and red Doc Martins. I've probably learned the most about fit, fabric and color combinations by following these...
Pics or it didn't happen.
Nat, how many LP jackets does that make for you now?
Is that fucking velcro?
Shout out to Frenchy via BrianP. We had a year long open trade going and he came through in a big way with this completly unstructured, triple patch pocket, blue glen plaid Zegna SC. Thing wears like a lightweight shirt. I can't wait to bust it out.
^^^^^ Nice Kiton haul! I promised TJGent87 that I would post a fit with this SC today. My dad's thrifted vintage polo coat J Peterman baby alpaca scarf, thrift Hackett SC, B&S Zegna t-neck, thrift Zegna trousers, Randomore Vintage W. E. Turner wingtips, thrift
New Posts  All Forums: