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Damn, really sorry to hear that. RIP Elsa.
Hey dudes, looking to get rid of my prl Kemton jacket. Size medium. First $100 plus shipping takes it. I'll upload pics tonight if nessary.
I hear ya. #firstworldproblems
Shout out to IRKSM for this sick vintage suede blouson. Other deets: Vintage USA made PRL chambray button down, thrifted Cucinelli cashmere, thrifted Etro trousers, Randomore Crockett and Jones for PRL, thrifted
Per-fect-ly. I used to do that too, but I've gotten a little more restraint over the years.
^^^^ Fits me perfectly.
I was going to hold off until I had more stuff to brag about, but I really haven't been out much at all lately, so this will have to do. From the last couple weeks. Vintage LL Bean Baxter State Parka. N/A Already gone. BBBF madras SC with MOP's and dual exhaust. Available Wings and Horns black cotton field jacket. N/A, my size. Vintage cursive script LL Bean Maine Hunting Boots. Around a size 10, available Beater backpack to replace my old Lowe Alpine....
He's alive!!!! Damn man, I thought something happened to you. Nice score on the job, and please post pics of what Seattle has to offer (if you are still thrifting), you always seemed to find cool shit. Also, morning crue.
You better believe it! Basically perfect fall colors.
Dreams do come true........
New Posts  All Forums: