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Shout out to @round for a killer deal on a vintage Armani soft tailored greatcoat. Really, really digging it, it's almost like a super lux bathrobe to wear outside. Thanks dude!
Vest from 1926 Vintage Marshall Fields wool coat circa 1900
All n/a #kimonolyfe Wool lapeled vest dated 1926 This thing is fucking mint. Looks to have never been worn. Black wool Marshall Fields coat, unvented, 3 button with ticket pocket, circa 1900
Best Vader pic yet.
^^^^^Is the Everest a thread first?
Still going....... 190? What !?!
There has been an epidemic of navy suit and very light brown shoes happening in Chicago for the last two years or so. Shoes are mostly of the pointy curled upward toe variety too.
Same here, that and Hypercolor.
That being said, thank you to all the consigners that have sold stuff for me over the last two years. You guys are awesome!
New Posts  All Forums: