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#onestop Dudes, this is the Spiewak you are looking for. Vintage made in the USA Golden Fleece N3B with coyote lined snorkel hood. Fucking sick. N/A I've been a fan of the Poirot series for years now but have never actually read any of the stories, so this was a sweet find. All 50 mysteries in one book. Brioni, 17.5, available
Stitching looks terrible. I vote fake as fuck.
You should change your avatar to this pic. Much better!
^^^^that is dope. I can't believe you left it there in the first place!
Wes, I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. I had to do the same thing not that long ago. Hardest day of my life.
Preemptive shout out to Thrift Vader for another Japanese grail. 👌🏻
I kind of want this for my avatar
That Baskin is beautiful! Dare I say...... a work of art?
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