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E-Thrift. Perfect combat boot search is officially over.
^^^^^ A thriftcation?
I second this.
My condolences.
What the fuck.
^^^That stone island is niiiiiiiiiiiiice.
It's a keeper. 😉
I had about 50 more Lp's to post, but they wouldn't load. Tons of 80's synth heavy disco and funk, a genre that has been my latest musical obsession,That is praise of the highest order! Thank you sir!
Some stuff from the last few weeks. As usual, most of this is already gone, but if you see something you like, hit me up and I'll tell you if I've still got it. A bunch of Lp's. Random Italian made nylon track jacket. Oxxford flannel suits x2 NWT Caruso/Rugby St. John cashmere wing cardigan thing for my wife, made in the USA Some ties Squares Vintage Liberty for my wife. Vintage Panatwist Vintage bags, N/A Corn Jil...
That was me that posted the bugs bunny sweater. Like others have already said, some pieces bring us back to our youth. I'm a child of the 90's, and seeing that sweater brought back a flood of memories. Also, it's for personal use. 😊
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