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Yikes! Is that what Vince McMahon looks like these days?!?
Thank you sir, and thank you for following. I have indeed been heeding the call of the roll neck this fall.
Gitman actually does have a slim fit and a regular fit. The problem is, there are no tags on the shirts themselves to distinguish between the two.
Thrift fit with that W+H field jacket I found the other day. BBBF, thrifted Levis CP B-Ball Hi's, discount
Is it? I missed that part. Too busy picking my jaw off the floor i guess.
Pass, those lapels are horribly dated.^^^^^Also, with regards to the jacket, I think you're reading too much into it. Yes it was most likely some rich asshole who bought it simply for the fact that it's a $42,000 coat, realized his mistake and tried to re-coup some of his money. Or possibly some jilted housewife selling off her cheating husbands indulgence. We may never know. But what we do know, is that it's fucking beautiful. Most likely not worth the retail, but I'm...
For the love of god, do not link anybody else to this thread. Let people find it on their own.
Just catching upon this thread, @Cottondockers, I just posted something similar on my tumblr. Well, the suede A-1 that is. edit: just saw that you commented on and re-blogged that post. Thanks dude!
I'm just going to say this right now, I've read this thread in it's entirety, and that Gucci jacket is my favorite piece ever posted. Un fucking real.
Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus..... I was looking at that jacket on my phone before. Seeing it on my monitor.....
New Posts  All Forums: