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Do it man, there were a few medium and larges left last week. Not to mention a bunch of other good deals.Edit: I've been wearing it with my Pumps, so I'm sure I look like a total douche.
Yea, it kind of has that 80's BMX biker get up vibe to it, except in black instead of Neon. Comfortable as fuck though.
Haven't been thrifting much lately, but here are a few things I've found since the last time I posted some finds. PRL navy and white polka dot tie. N/A Vintage Penfield down puffer vest, made in the USA. Available Uniqlo x Undercover, size small. Most likely available. BBBF BB1 in Thom Brown check, my size, N/A Prada lavender shirt, my size, N/A Wool and Cashmere herringbone Sammy, 42T, available Steel gray Corneliani nail head suit, dual vented, 42T,...
CoCould be, or that I'm smiling and kind of drunk?
First post on this side of the fence, sorry for the shitty lighting. Happy Easter everybody!
II don't get it.
Happy Easter errrrrrbody! Lbm 1911, thrift Incotex, thrifted by silverwarebandit Calvin Klein suede chukkas, thrifted
^^^^ That it's a badass Paul & Shark trench coat?
Yea, there's really no way to get rid of that.
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