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Welcome to my nightmare.
Very nice.
Morning all!
Tubs, I'm still looking!!!!!
I'm pretty sure all Kiton ties are 7 folds.
Who the fuck is buying fused jackets?
I have to completely disagree. I can put a really nice roll back onto a jacket lapel that was probably sitting in a garbage bag for god knows how long. The Brioni pictured earlier was just for the photo, a little more time spent on it and it could have looked brand new. When I was still doing eBay, I sure as shit wasn't putting pictures up of wrinkled ass garments, buy YMMV.
Awesome!!Thrifted this for about $2 a year or two ago, one of my best investments so far. Haven't ruined a garment yet.
They actually don't hunt vicuña anymore. They form a human circle around one, and make it smaller and smaller until they can grab it and shear it, then they release it back into the wild.
Clearly I was drunk on burbon when I wrote that.
New Posts  All Forums: