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Congrats Dalton!!!
I've got a pair of shoe stretchers. You need to borrow them?
Koala-T for some reason it's not letting me quote you, but to answer your question, if I didn't know any better, I would say the pants are all wool. They are also IMHO more of a tweedy texture than a flannel, but very soft and not itchy at all.
Yea, these are the only gray pants I have. But I see what you guys are saying.
Well, I was going to post some stuff, but...... Damn Spoo. I can't even begin to fathom how much that gentleman must have spent on his wardrobe throughout his lifetime. So many drool worthy pieces in there, but I'm really liking the detachable collars. So cool!
^^^^Lol Noob. I don't know about letting me leave the house, but on the subject of my wife, check out this fucking cutting table she made me.
Hahaha, doh! Not sure how I missed that.
Yup, standard gray flannel (99.99). I didn't know there was another challenge, gotta to cook up something special.
Also, some one was asking about my Luxaire purchase the other day. These are pretty much the perfect pair of trousers. They are a copy of a pair of Gant by Michael Bastian that I picked up last year. I swapped out the belt loops for side adjusters and added a single forward pleat. Order number is #13553 in case anybody else is looking for the perfect staple gray flannels.
New Posts  All Forums: