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Best first post ever.
Agreed, RTC you've come a long way from your ill fitting blazer and bow tie days.
Egypt trip part two in which the group fly's from Cairo to Luxor and meets Don King on the way, no seriously. [[SPOILER]]
Amazing, looks like your new pad is coming along nicely!
Wow G! I would wear each and every piece in that haul. Outstanding!
Yea, so what our friend said was that after the Revolution, the tourists stopped coming. Also it was the middle of July, so most sane people who don't actually live there stay away.
Alright dudes, hopefully this works this time.My vacation to Egypt, part one: [[SPOILER]]
I know this is probably sacrilege, but I say go for it. That thing is meant to be enjoyed. Two questions though. One, how much would it need to be chopped down? And two, do you trust your tailor to do a competent job.
Here you go brah, maybe this will quench that thirst
New Posts  All Forums: