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Woah dude, take a chill pill. This guy isn't talking about thrifting, he's talking about true bespoke. Not sure why you're even bringing thrifting into the convo.This, Brioni and Kiton do have a ton of machine work. Hell, they don't even hand set their sleeves.True, a lot of people may buy it just for the name, but I think the point of the original post is that true clothes aficionados would be upset to learn that they could go full bespoke (handmade) for the price they...
^^^^ Looks like you guys had a blast! Nice stuff all around! That Noragi... That Schott is fantastic as well. Double00, that PRL is sick, any more tags on the inside?
This is amazing, and the exact tag that I saw on the sample I stumbled across on eBay. Very nice find.edit: Here it is:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-RALPH-LAUREN-RARE-Original-SAMPLE-Leather-Vest-Faux-Fur-Collar-Sz-M-/131452617672?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e9b2fc3c8
No idea how it made it here. One can only guess, though I've come across stranger things at the thrift.
No, consignment, and pretty pricy too. Though I did was a quick closet cleaning and took a bunch of stuff I've never worn to the buffalo exchange and plato's closet. So I ended up not paying anything out of pocket and getting rid of a bunch of stuff that was just collecting dust. Win-win! Plus, I think this is one of those items that will just appreciate in value in case I ever want to sell it. I've never come across a sample from Ralph Lauren, and I could only find one...
N/A edit: I forgot to mention, I BEEN HAD!!!
Happy Birthday Snoogz! To my fellow lo' heads, I've got something bad ass in the works. Stay tuned.
You need to be "initiated" into the family.
New Posts  All Forums: