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^^^^There are a bunch of websites that can help you with that. Had to do it when I found a jacket last year.
Thanksgiving thrift fit: Hackett SC, from Holdfast Zegna rollneck, thrift PRL Scottish made glen plaid scarf, thrift Etro pincords, Randomore Calvin Klein Collection suede chukkas, thrift
This is fantastic!Happy Thanksgiving errrrrrbody!!!! Time to eat until I'm uncomfortable, watch some football and get shit faced with my folks!
Holy fuck.
Favorite trouser pick up to date. Awesome blue-grey wool tweed with a vibrant olive windowpane. Original retail of $450. These are going to go perfectly with most of my cold weather attire.
Stopped by the Rack on my way to work today and scored the nicest pair of pants Ive ever found for personal use. I never find pants. Deets later.
Will do! I've also got a vintage BB camel hair polo coat in storage with the reverse problem, the sleeves need to be shortened. I need to get on that. Those PRL versions are dope. I picked one up last year and sold it to someone on the thread, as it was sadly too big for me.
^^^^^ Great idea! That is what I will do! edit: Can't believe I didn't think of that. Double edit: Happy birthday Hans and wife!
Dudes, I need your opinion. I'm on the fence about the fit of this vintage polo coat. Do I take in the sleeves and possibly the waist a smidge, or just say fuck it and wear it like a bawse. Don't mind the wrinkles, I haven't taken it to the cleaners yet. For reference, this image came across my tumblr the other day, which makes me think I shouldn't mess with it.
Just checked my tumblr, had no idea you were wellwornwornwell.
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