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Has anyone seen or heard from Colby in the last couple years? If not, any recommendations for high quality boxer briefs now that he and MJK are out of business (I assume)? I know this is a blast from the past, but I adored his boxers, and don't know where to turn. I've owned boxer briefs from almost every major retailer I can think of, and none of them keep their shape/elastic after a few washes.
Quote: Originally Posted by JeanShopNYC Those jeans look great threeman! I'll try to get some of my own posted soon. I've been wearing JS for four years now and working for them for two. I have some well-worn pairs in my collection. Also, feel free to post up pics on our Facebook Fan Page: -Jared Thanks for the compliment! I'm a FB fan now, but I won't publish the pics from my...
Every time I see this thread I get my hopes up, but there are never any pictures. Doesn't anyone else actually own JSs? I adore my rockers, and they're looking great. The mid rise tapered fit is perfect for me. Going on 14 months, probably a dozen washes: Annnnd, a fit pic:
Dior jeans now $195, Michael Bastian coat now $375!
Dior jeans now $205!
Dior jeans dropped to $215 to US/Canada!
Hey all, Two brand new or almost-brand new items below: MIJ raw black Dior 19cm size 31 Bought these a year ago, but they don't really fit my style. Never hemmed, only worn once, basically brand new. I'm asking $225 --> $215 --> $205 --> $195 shipped to US/Canada. They are labeled size 31, but they got slightly stretched around the waist only. They measure ~16.5" around the top of the waist laying flat. Michael Bastian Winter Coat size M Brand new...
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