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yeah but what do you look like man
san fran FUCKIN cisco! was walking to dolores today to smoke a blunt when i realized Union Made is only a couple blocks away from one of my jobs. looked around for a minute, pretty cool shop i liked it. retail prices on all this clothing is just too high for me to afford
im trippin off this new shit
fight the power burn the site
every once in a while ill be about to post something snarky in the WvG thread and then i laugh and x out of the window fuckin trick
fuckin lane lol
i dress like slack tide when i have errands to run in the AM before work and shit. or when im around the house. idk about that being a certifiable style
cars not gonna unlock itself
medium format all day. through highschool my photo teacher always gave me HP5 for free since i was the only one shooting MF on my 645 1000S. i miss being able to shoot it every day and process/print my own shit. would love to be able to put a darkroom in my house some day, i get film processed now but it isn't quite the same.
the other night after the giants game i was drunk as fuck walking to my house from BART and i split up from my roommate cause i was getting cigarettes at the gas station. on the way back to my house after there were two dudes yelling shit at me across the street but i just kept walking. they crossed over to my side of the street ahead of me so i already knew somethin weird was goin on. when i got to them one of them reached to grab me and i just started swinging on him...
New Posts  All Forums: