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bumping this up
Looking for the nubbuck/black W+H/Dayton Service boots collab. Not 100% sure on sizing, so open to a range and hoping for some advice. I usually wear 10.5 in Nike Flyknits, 10E in AE Fifth Ave, 43 in Wings+Horns Black leather hi-tops. Brannock is a 10E, so I think I need a 9 in these but I've seen conflicting info. Show me what you got fellas.
Hey is the sale still going on? I'm interested in a W&H-203-1-DAN "Dandelion" Print - CAD$ 25, Medium, grey. Are there any pics of it in this color?
How much do APC New Standards typically stretch in the thigh? I just got some and if they stretch out in the thigh a little bit they will be perfect.
Anyone? 50 shipped
Could anyone post the measurements of size 27 or 28 New Standards. Pre or post stretching, both help. I just bought some 28x30 Levi Skinners and they are way too tight in the thigh, and I don't want to make the same mistake with the NS.
I bought these off of another forum, just got them today and they are wayyyy too tight in the thigh for me. So my loss is your gain. They are new without the tags. Measurements Waist: 14" Inseam: 31.5" Leg Opening: 9" Stock photos from UO.com: Actual Photo: How about 55 shipped?
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