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Nice. Thanks!
Very nice. PM sent.
Do you mean to ask if these sweaters ought to be worn as they are shown in the links, without a shirt beneath them? In my opinion, that's an offensive look.
Handsome shoes. Enjoy.
I saw a nice Canali print ad the other day. This isn't the exact ad, but it shows the very basic idea of an elegant white shirt under a dark sweater or vest with a grey jacket. I think that I'll be favoring this classic look this season. I'm not really wild about the asymmetry of the vest or sweater that Yankee's relief pitcher Mariano Rivera is sporting in the pic above, but I think you'll get the idea. I'm probably a bit too caucasian (i.e. - pasty) to put this...
Bump. I'm in Rome now looking for the same.
Beautiful shirts. If you could, please purge your closet of 15.5 39s. K Thx!
Wow. Just wow.
Interesting, good looking coat. I like the close-up pictures, especially with the Christmas tree in the background.
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 In my personal experience Zegna Couture XXX tends to run slightly large. I had a 8.5EE UK that fits close to 10D. I have two pairs of that particular shoe. They're nice. In my case, they run fairly true to size. I generally wear 11.5, and that's my Zegna XXXs are as well.
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