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Sticky this.
forget about shoeboots Marty's hitops
I find most Oakley's kind of ridiculous unless you're on tour in the military.
^ Agree on Andis, my barber recommended it to me. Here's a package option for one of them:
Thanks, guys
Varvatos Vintage today, as Boston weather continues to drag its feet merging winter into spring. Any recommendations for a fresh, cool scent that I can wear through the summer? I'm thinking about picking up YSL's L'Homme for this task but if anyone's got other suggestions I'd love input. Preferably something found easily in a department store.
which movie is it? stickied
It's hard for anybody to tell you what you like. Because of this you should look around to get a good idea of what styles you like and don't like. For starters, begin sifting through the What Are You Wearing Now/Today Thread that's stickied at the top of the forum. It'll give you ideas on what kinds of styles peak your interest. Then you can find names of labels in the thread, and search for similar products online. Also, you can search through the online stores of SF...
Anyone know of a cheap source of Tom Ford shades?
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