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She'd have to be punished for being so very, very naughty.
good shoes poppa - how many wears do you have on them so far? how are they breaking in?
the same people who take pictures of themselves at landmarks
get those polos up Mauro...weather is starting to get warm
Does no one remember about 4 weeks ago when someone created a huge hassle over Mauro trying to do a solid and giving a price estimate and the subsequent minor difference?
what are you really looking to do and how much are you looking to spend? there are plenty of good options both up and down the coast from nice - down to hotel du cap, up to cap ferrat, st. paul de vence, monaco-ville
It learns pretty well. Here's the thing, my wife is home with the kids (thus a fairly irregular schedule) and I'm fairly certain that neither one if us would bother actually programming one. The nest is easy. Auto away, setting away, remote if you forget. I don't know what I've saved because we installed it right away, but I do know that our overall energy consumption is significantly lower than our neighbors. We get quarterly energy usage reports from our utilities....
+1 love the thermostat
http://mrcavaliere.com"Canada's sharpest man"
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