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they are typically the size of a wall receptacle and have a cover over the port. i don't understand the complaint of "asthmatic" above - it doesn't make sense. there is no air circulating in the living area. as well, the only noise you'll have will be the suction and the agitator brush, not the motor (it will be minimal, if any). pio - how complex/time consuming was the installation? Is it difficult to have done in an existing home?
my dealer had a (slightly used) 2013 frozen blue m3 on the lot with the $6k 3m protective wrap on it - fucking beautiful. the prior owner had just traded it in for an m4.
you should send me a sample of that.
Mauro have you consulted with poppa regarding the date of this year's pig roast?
Absolutely would never do it. Asking for identity theft.
(a Jewish) friend responds
Any thoughts on brands to look at for concealed carry holsters? Got my license on Friday.
no, it makes you a failure
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