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2013 bcbs
The house I grew up in had central vac - it was great. Far more powerful than a standard upright or canister, very clean air output and the hoses are a non-issue. We have a Miele now and it is excellent (far better than the Dyson it replaced) however, it has clogged a couple of times in places that I couldn't get to. The air output is also very clean with the HEPA filter. With that being said, we have an upright and I think that a canister would have been the better way to...
...and Sunday is the 18th. I don't charge much for proof reading services
I'm nI'm not trying to be a dick, but it's driving me nuts...complimentary
More than that. In the bmore area it was 17 for 30 min
You should call it "gangsters paradise"
"Sure to get you shot in south central"
if the card was unsigned then apple would probably be liable; however, I believe the likelihood to be slim to none that amex would go to that level of detail.
technically, if your card is unsigned it is invalid.
I'm pretty sure it could only be improved at this point.
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