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anyone have any experience with willett 7 rye? found a few bottles on the shelf for $80, wondering if it's worth it.
Glad to see Mauro posting over here - I think there'll be a good amount of appreciation of WvG from the MC folks. The quality/price ratio are pretty hard to beat, particularly when combined with the customer service/pre-order/m2m options. Not everyone is an Internet Big Timer and WvG gives a good amount of options for well made clothing that is fitting in the office or on the weekends - love the versatility. Best of luck with the new customer base...will be interested to...
I was going to make the same recommendations
that little dog...I thought you were a lawyer, not a hairdresser
That's a symptom of the larger problem - people who park like assholes.
Fda isn't the limiting factor here, it's the technology.
I can't really see why they'd want to do glucose monitoring. The money there is made through strip purchases, not a one time buy. I could see them going after some sort of biometric claims linked to heart rate or pulse o2. There's also the informatics side, linking measurement data to a patient's eHR.
There are rumors that apple is in with fda - not sure specifically what for though.
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