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I'm a week behind on this thread and maybe it's already been addressed, but make sure you have the suspension evaluated and get an alignment. Someone backed into my car last year and it didn't look too bad (maybe $1200 in body work and rim repair) and even drive without issues, but was about $5k after it wouldn't pass alignment.
This really bothered me - made no sense.
Got through the inspection contingency with out buyers yesterday. Hopefully will close with the relocation company tomorrow. Took a bath but glad to have it be done with. Spent yesterday talking to builders and looking at lots.
This person posted a video about parents teaching their babies (who are not deaf) sign language. Apparently he views it as cultural appropriation.
Only of you hit snooze. If your ri her was inadvertently turned down you could've easily slept through it. I have (and thought it didn't go off until the next day when I caught it very faintly). I turn my phone to silent when I go to sleep, but the alarm volume is whatever your ringer volume was before silencing.
If your ringer volume is turned down that could cause the alarm to "not go off"
Don't blame the FDA - blame Congress. Also the proposed rule was published 2 years ago, so no one should be really surprised.
We didn't see exactly what was happening. If she felt she was being raped, how dare you judge.
She's a nutcase, but why did he cuff her right after he said that she's done nothing arrestable? He should've fucked with her head and said he was also a free citizen and has no superior to report to.
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