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Does anyone know why my iPhone is displaying mobile pages wide as shit?
it's bent!
Good thought - certainly worth considering.I have a line on a Pam 001 (C-series) in good condition for ~4k. Thoughts on going for an older model?
thread tl; dr, so I'll ask. what should I be considering for a used $5-6k watch? My daily watch is a Cartier Pasha Seatimer, so thinking a different style. IWC 3714?
you're in a bathroom, aren't you?
Lexus, LX, four and a half. Bullet-proof, glass tints if I want some... Substituting Toyota Land Cruiser just doesn't work as well
4r single barrel is $35 in MD, though I've seen stores offer their own selection for $30...was an absolute steal.
of course
This. Completely agree.
on a side note, when the fuck did linkedin become 70% "inspirational" quotes and math puzzles that "if you can solve this you're a genius."
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