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Vroom also buys cars from individuals - you submit some photos and get a quote. To complete the sale you drop off at the nearest Manheim.
To clarify, my comments were specific to emba, not other pt programs (of which I know nothing about).
Got home yesterday afternoon and my thermostat was reporting that it wasn't receiving any power. Mind you, it's been ~105 deg. with the heat index and ridiculous humidity. Switched out the thermostat, reset the breakers - no luck. Called the hvac company and they tell me about an hour for a technician - I wasn't going overnight without a/c...the kids would have been miserable (as would I). While waiting I do some research on the interwebs and learn a bit about how these...
At some of the top tier schools it's the exact same program and same degree. There is no impact to your resume.
If all else is in line 700+ gmat is fine for emba
I'm actually doing gmat prep right now for emba programs. from what I understand, u/g gpa is far less important than accomplishments since.
just got off the phone with a co-worker who is headed there - 80k people expected. have fun
I'm going to go slightly off-topic and just note the inherent awkwardness when calling to "cancel" satellite radio because it's "too expensive" on a bmw and escalade. [[SPOILER]]
registered in NJ because he probably couldn't get it in NY
while I get your frustration and the buyer is indeed a moron, by what means do you get to charge him the rate you are paid at your full time job? I presume that isn't part of the terms of sale and, if he is indeed a lawyer and wanted to get nasty, would probably have the upper hand in SCC (IANAL).that whole things about two wrongs not making a right...
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