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Thanks guys - I thought it might need to be demagnetized, but decided to send it in anyway as it's due for a service. Missed the part above about sending it directly to the service center and sent it to the (most local, though still relatively far) boutique as I already have a relationship with the manager there from some other items. Expect to have more information hopefully this week.
I have a Cartier Pasha Seatimer that needs to go in for service - it's gaining significant time (~10 min in the past hour and a half). Is it better to ship it to a Cartier boutique (none are a reasonable distance) or drop it at a local AD? I didn't purchase from a local AD and have no relationship with any, further, it is out of warranty so I'm paying. My thought is that an AD is just a middleman and would bump up the service cost (or not send it to Cartier and try to do...
The bird man is a much more legit celeb than many in this thread.
I just asked a very well respected microbiologist. He said that the cloudiness can be from the oils over time, particularly if it has ever been frozen. It's not growth and should be safe to sample. PS I now expect a sample in the mail so I can share it with him.
check back in with us in about 20 years
Gosset brut grand rose, nv
since when is it their job to "teach us lessons"I sent the article to a friend of mine who is a state's atty in the new haven district and asked for his feedback, using some colorful language to let him know my thoughts.
it's not "slander" if it's true.their follow-up actions don't negate the original problem; thus, up to this point they haven't "done right by you" as is evidenced by the fact that they bent you over on these alterations. you shouldn't have to email them in the first place because it should have never happened. if the follow-through is excellent, then great, be sure to give them credit.
it's not bashing, it's stating facts. what the hell do you owe to them, other than $900?
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