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scared the shit out of me when I saw this on the FP - thought I was going to have to attend a memorial service
how old are your other kids, what size car seats do you have and do you have another vehicle? we just went through this, but have 1 "family car" that my wife drives and the kids are never in my car.edit: just see that your oldest is 4 (as is ours), but she's still in a full size seat. The biggest issue you will have is the width, not at the base but around the head where they get really wide. I think the Radian car seats may offer some more room while still being very safe...
clean up your office
Unless it's cancer.
nice Krish - those look dope
Have a nice trip!
Mauro I'm pretty sure you'd have to declare your merchandise at the border and have to pay tax. Just an fyi.
2012 335i
Maybe you aren't meant for b school
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