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Would prefer to get just one. There are several minis available so I don't even know which is best. I have 250 in Best Buy gift cards and a 10% off coupon so will be looking to buy there.
So a few weeks back I left my iPad on a plane and am now looking to replace it. I only use it occasionally, e.g. to watch movies and not take a laptop while traveling. The kids were mostly using it to play kid games (oldest is 5 y/o). What should I get for a replacement? I'm not going totally baller as I don't want to get hit too hard if (when) they break it.
Good luck - ballsier than anything I'd do. I just put our tx plates on and felt like a damn master mechanic.
Not SF approved.
Spotted a 512tr this morning with license plate "omg mov". Wanted to high-five the dude.
As the movers are arriving tomorrow morning to pack us up, just finished last year's bottle of Stagg...quite bittersweet.
Posted a few weeks back looking for a washer and dryer. Ended up buying the Samsung 9100 series in onyx - they have insane capacity so it should be able to keep up with the family. CR's top rated and was able to beat up Best Buy on the price pretty good.
First mistake when trying to understand leases is focusing on the monthly payment.
You need to get your heteronormative male privilege in check, bruh.
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