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apparently there's video now of him walking with his rifle when shooting occurs.
Live interview on ktvt (cbs). Police came and grabbed him mid-interview.
One of the protest organizers was just on claiming hats his brother. Further claimed that as soon as gunfire started he handed his weapon over to police.
What channel? I'm still seeing reports of no subjects in custody.
IIRC in some states you have a duty to notify an officer. Don't know about this one in particular.Seemingly this guy did everything right - wonder if the NRA will support.
98 RyJ Prince of Wales
Just added a bunch of stuff to my watchlist. May even overbid a bit
Nice man, that's pretty good. We ended up going with Bosch, will see how it goes.
I've probably posted before, but think it bears repeating: a programmable thermostat is only good if you actually use it properly. I had a Nest because I knew that my wife would never be bothered to use a programmable and neither would I. We also have a hectic schedule, so taking ourselves out of the programming aspect worked very well. Really a matter of recognizing our own limitations.
Thoughts on Bosch and Kitchenaid wall ovens?
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