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how did you get your screen replaced for free under warranty?
AFAIK nothing has changed yet. Congress would have to lift the embargo. With the return to normal diplomatic relations, persons visiting Cuba could bring back up to $400 worth of tobacco products.
Krug GC is the obvious answer for a go-to NV
just got back from the dealer myself...in my case, I think it should be able to fit 3 car seats (so at least I have a valid reason...right?)
Does anyone know why my iPhone is displaying mobile pages wide as shit?
it's bent!
Good thought - certainly worth considering.I have a line on a Pam 001 (C-series) in good condition for ~4k. Thoughts on going for an older model?
thread tl; dr, so I'll ask. what should I be considering for a used $5-6k watch? My daily watch is a Cartier Pasha Seatimer, so thinking a different style. IWC 3714?
you're in a bathroom, aren't you?
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