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I'm not going to be much help here, other than to urge you to consider buying a third seat and bringing a car seat. In the event of turbulence, lap infants become projectiles. You'll need one for travel once you arrive anyway (don't rent one, they're disgusting and you don't really know the condition of it.)
thinking to sell this - PM if interested.
$60 $71 with tax and shipping
Somehow bdeuce gets notifications before I do that my state liquor store has special online-only limited offerings. Fortunately, he's the fucking man and alerts me accordingly. Just ordered Four Roses Barrel Strength, Single Barrel (OBSK).
I'm going to be enrolling in the jelly school.
Used Xbox One (day one edition) with Kinect and 3 games: Call of Duty Ghosts, Zumba Fitness World Party and Just Dance 2014. I haven't had time to use it and have barely turned it on. Price includes shipping via Priority Mail, insured.
Today is my birthday- my wife informed me that child #3 is on the way and due to arrive on 3/8/15.
we had a dyson for a few years and it just got progressively worse. we finally dumped it for a miele (7210) and threw a hepa filter in it for an extra $50. overall the miele is superior, but I would recommend a canister over an upright. the uprights can clog in areas that are not user-serviceable (it's happened to me...or rather my wife who tried to blame the cleaning lady...twice in a year).
In my case, I divulged current salary when asked - based on my research, I'm on the high end of the salary range for my role/title/experience. I felt that it made sense to disclose to ensure that we were on the same page going forward regarding expectations.
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