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Good luck selling a house in most parts of the US that doesn't have a master bath. The door provides as much privacy as any other type of door. Note that there is a separate WC for the toilet.
My wife has decided that we should have a custom barn door made for the master bedroom going into the master bath (thanks HGTV!) we told the builder to remove the doors that were in the plan and to just leave it open. The trim carpenter accidentally added trim to make it a cased opening (I.e. Instead of Sheetrock with rounded corners/painted to match the walls). Should I have them remove it (similar to the first or second opening in the pic below? To be clear, that's not...
Someone has to sig that.
So the price was actually not so bad and more reasonable than expected. Thinking of waiting until spring 18 though just for an additional safety factor with the kids.
While the dude obviously should've put the damn gun down, what seems to be missing is whether or not he pointed it at them. Since when is the mere presence of a gun reason to shoot?
In fo sho.
Had a pool company come out a couple of weeks ago to check out our lot under construction. They sent over some models today and want to sit down to talk pricing. That can't be a good sign.
They want to ensure an adequate sample size to answer appropriately.
It's about time we made "suspected of being drunk or high" a capital offense.
I did claim quite a bit and they didn't want to pay it. I bitched to corporate HR and threatened small claims (along with some broken glass items they wouldn't replace because I didn't save them for inspection). Fortunately, hadn't taken action yet. On a positive note, I had started buying replacements...more is always better.
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