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Center it to the window
https://youtu.be/uc2UEfWjvo8 The only inner circle that matters
http://gawker.com/video-shows-unarmed-black-man-pleading-with-arms-raised-1784004594 Hands up, don't shoot!
I thought this was all addressed in season 1, episode 6 of the fresh prince of bel air...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GhqZwXXS3pIExcept these days Will would probably be dead for charging the officer when he goes spread eagle on the hood.
Anyone can buy sniper rifles in the US. Listening to the video, they most likely did not use sniper rifles, IMO.
apparently there's video now of him walking with his rifle when shooting occurs.
Live interview on ktvt (cbs). Police came and grabbed him mid-interview.
One of the protest organizers was just on claiming hats his brother. Further claimed that as soon as gunfire started he handed his weapon over to police.
What channel? I'm still seeing reports of no subjects in custody.
New Posts  All Forums: