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4r single barrel is $35 in MD, though I've seen stores offer their own selection for $30...was an absolute steal.
of course
This. Completely agree.
on a side note, when the fuck did linkedin become 70% "inspirational" quotes and math puzzles that "if you can solve this you're a genius."
can you recommend some auction sites? (I'm assuming it isn't ebay)
my commute usually involves a lot of cursing the piece of shit doing 65 in the passing lane.
It is another way of thinking about it (and we have, albeit briefly). She currently has an RX400 and it doesn't fit 3 car seats across; however, 2 of the car seats are massive and I understand that there are newer models that are thin and very safe. Maybe we just buy new seats and keep the RX for now...would save me a bunch of money.
A suburban or yukon xl appears to be the only size that will truly work for our needs. With that being said, I think they're absurd vehicles for us - way too big, will never be used to tow, etc. I went and looked at the QX56 and Sequoia today - neither offers adult accessibility to the third row (to get one or 2 kids into car seats) with 1 or 2 car seats in the middle row AND decent storage in the trunk. A costco trip just wouldn't be possible.While looking at the Sequoia...
The Sequoia is still on the list - we haven't looked at it yet. For this car, whatever I get it won't be new, 2012 or 2013 with relatively low miles. It's going to get trashed so I'm not going to take a bigger hit than I have to. If I knew condition wouldn't be a problem then I'd lease something, but I just know for a fact that it will be (pro tip - sunblock can really fuck up your paint). Hence, why a QX56 is an option. It will never go off-road, but 4wd is a must as...
So we went and checked out a few vehicles yesterday - removed the gl450, gx470, tahoe/yukon and jx35 from the potential list. I also think the q7 is pretty much off too. None have adequate storage with 3 rows in use unless a rear seat is folded or removed. Third row accessibility is questionable too (remember...3 car seats). Looked at a suburban and it has the space...but it's a suburban (and pretty much unnecessary). QX56 might have enough space, even though it's ugly. I...
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