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One time on a business trip to India, the president of the company had his driver transporting us in his [the president's] Corolla.I believe this isn't uncommon in places where there are huge wealth disparities. These particular folks had a number of servants, both in the office and at home.
Anyone have any experience with DIY home security (e.g. Simplisafe, Scout, etc)? Simplisafe seems to have good reviews in general, but it's so damn ugly and doesn't integrate with other products.
a moderately priced bottle of champagne would be acceptable.
You mad bruh?
you're not over-penetrating anything
you should really stop doing that - we all want to see you succeed long term.
Small children in the house - over-penetration is a concern.
Maybe some chaps?
1911 would be just for fun - I have an hk p30 for home defense (no mauro, I'm not selling it to you). 1911 is just so classic I feel like I need to buy one.
I want a 1911. Suggestions? Not necessarily for carry - in fact, let's assume not. Based on @jlibourel's excellent feedback above, it seems to make sense to go full sized.
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