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At least he re-gifted something nice. Still a dick tho.
Our first relatively calm night after moving in earlier this week. Temperatures dropped quite a bit and the gas starter on the fireplace is fantastic.
Or those who use two spaces after a period.
Actually I would expect it to get better as Stanley b&d owns dewalt as well
Closed this afternoon. Been a long process with the build and glad to have it done with. Moved a bunch of stuff this evening that we don't want the movers to take. They'll be here first thing in the morning. Just opened some Ruinart blanc de blancs. Spoke to the water company too and got them down on the price for the UV filter, so should have the system up tomorrow afternoon (though UV may be delayed a few days). Propane was installed over the weekend and is all good....
Methinks 'tis now the season to shame
PVW 15, neat
The price he mentioned on the phone for the unit itself seemed high - about $1400 or so and I see them at about $800-900. Going to have to talk to him again to get the price breakdown. This company has a great reputation and has been very honest, so the $500 price discrepancy leads me to believe something is missing from the equation. This is the unit he recommended: http://viqua.com/product/e4/?sf_action=get_results&_sf_s=E4&_sft_product-tags=professional
Anyone have experience with wells? I'm having a softener and iron filter installed and just took the water to be tested for bacteria. Coliform was found but no E.coli. Water company said they can do a UV system for about $2k. Is it worth it or should I just do a chlorine disinfection?
Bookers isn't bad but I'm not reaching for it. I'd rather buy 4R single barrel and save a few bucks. I'd also say in the same price range ecbp would be preferable. With that being said, I'm going to pour some of this year's orvw, which I think is excellent.
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