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We didn't see exactly what was happening. If she felt she was being raped, how dare you judge.
She's a nutcase, but why did he cuff her right after he said that she's done nothing arrestable? He should've fucked with her head and said he was also a free citizen and has no superior to report to.
Is it anywhere near the realm of possibility that a civilian would be freed without bail in a case like this?
Srsly tho I do agree that he's an awful character. After watching the last episode I also thought that they were moving along at a glacial pace.
You mad
factor the lease out to 5 years (including that a new lease will likely be more expensive as car prices don't typically go down) for a more even comparison. can't directly compare a 3 year term to a 5 year term.
Bmw covers brakes#bmwbj
TWSSPS: ducking imposter
that's plenty enough for a riding mower. light up a cigar while you're at it.
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