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3 full size car seats across the middle row.
Traveling right now and have a 2015 a4 s-line as a rental. It doesn't have usb. Wtf, seriously?
hate that shit - what a scumbag
Was able to get in at the Genius Bar - their tool for replacing screens isn't working right with ios9 so they're giving me a new phone for he price of a screen repair. Square trade has a promo going on - if the repair is
phone is more than cracked, it's more shattered. no genius bar appointments until mid next week. just drove to the store and can get in this afternoon, so I'm back at the office now for a couple of hours and then will go back out. such a colossal waste of time.
another cracked iphone screen
wood is not lower maintenance than carpet.
anyone else having trouble with the news app? I can't get it to move past the intro screen - just the grey circle of lethargy.
so this gets taken care of yesterday - my dealership is great - and all is well today...that is, until I'm returning from lunch and some backs into me. front passenger side bumper and quarter panel and my tire/rim. her insurance has already accepted 100% liability (pretty good within 1hr of the accident), but I'm going to insist on a bmw body shop. anticipating that they may try and give me shit about the rim and claim it was existing, there was actually a scrap of her...
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