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As our family has grown, we've needed more seats around the table. Added another Eames side chair and the walnut stain is nowhere near our existing set. Existing is about 4 years old, not kept in direct sunlight. The color has changed very little since we purchased them, but I understand that it does/will. I was surprised at how light the first set was for walnut, but they all matched so I figured that maybe my expectations were off. With that being said, the original...
GL is probably too big for me to dd. Wife has an escalade (only vehicle we could find that fits 3 car seats in the middle row). Lexus I have mixed feelings about as they make a great vehicle in the segment. We had an rx400 before the escalade and it was great. With that being said, I feel like I can't get over the new grille, but maybe I should suck it up and give one a try.
Lease on my 4 series ends in June and, as was planned, it's time to get something a bit larger to accommodate family life. Wife's car will still be the primary family ride, but with the kids moving into booster seat range, one or two can ride with me more often. Plus it gives more options for purchases without having to remove car seats (yeah I'm talking about Costco). Was originally thinking a midsize sedan like an e class or 5 series; however, now we're talking about...
This guy clearly is not a cuck.
I think you may need to visit this thread:
Pliny the elder on tap
I first heard that from my undergrad micro prof.NB: he was not a micro person, but a microbiology professor
Gold is always the right choice. #maketoiletsgreatagain
Irrigation system mostly finished today - had them initially install a Rachio 16 zone when the builder put in the base system, but after lying it out we need a few more zones, so ordered an 8 zone controller for tomorrow. First sod delivery arrived this evening and they'll start installing tomorrow morning. Waiting on att to bury the wife from the street to my house and livid that it's taken a week. Planning with the landscaper our contingency plan for the front, assuming...
Thousands in tile work. Shit is easy - rent a tile saw and watch some YouTube videos. Or get to home depot at 7am. Y'all are gettin cucked.
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