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screw you
fuck tmobile - called 9/12 to order. 1st call disconnected after 20 minutes. second call get through after 15 minutes, order process and then their systems are down. third call, order placed. 9/16 credit card authorized for purchase amount text from tmobile on 9/17 "Great news! You should received your iphone 6 on Friday. We'll send another text with your tracking number once it ships" email from tmobile 9/17 that my order will ship for delivery friday text from tmobile...
Were you planning on buying one?
Nice. I had a 70min massage and 60 minute pedicure yesterday
Mauro I'm trying to checkout on the sale but my toteholder, birthday and free shipping codes aren't stacking. Are you aware of this problem with the web site?
don't even need to go really high end for that. my bmw dealer will pick up, leave a loaner and deliver the vehicle back within a 50 mile radius.
stoked for fit pics
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