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I'm getting a bottle this week - didn't realize I got one in the PA lottery.
Opened a 2015 bcbs tonight and it's phenomenal - the best of the past few years.
$11.99 each in MD
grabbed a couple bottles of 2015 bcbs and one barleywine today. anyone try them yet?
was wondering what happened with the PA release lottery for BTAC as they were supposed to announce the winners this week. ended up on a reddit thread and saw that people received notifications a few days ago... went into my email and did a search for good measure - found that I'll be receiving a bottle of WLW.
Just got off the phone with the boutique - $650 for a full service including case/bracelet polish.
2009 Ch. suduiraut
Excellent and the coffee is very much still there - lingers for a while and is really present after a bit.
Thanks guys - I thought it might need to be demagnetized, but decided to send it in anyway as it's due for a service. Missed the part above about sending it directly to the service center and sent it to the (most local, though still relatively far) boutique as I already have a relationship with the manager there from some other items. Expect to have more information hopefully this week.
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