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Thanks for the thoughts...hard to specify what style. We are more likely to order something than wait for consignment/thrift finds. Have tried some local searching, but no such luck.
Any suggestions on where to look for a dining room table? Just need something that sits 6-8 and hoping to spend
1) get an amex 2) order final sale item 3) don't like it 4) amex return protection
mauro I'm having trouble using my birthday month code with the sale items. let me know when your web team has it fixed.
thanks for giving me the heads up deuce
yeah I received that email too - unreal. I'm livid.
what the fuck I didn't receive an email
agree with the size comment and would also like feedback on a case. I already have a small crack on the top corner - fortunately it's tiny and would likely be covered with a case...still aggravating. Did purchase squaretrade so if it gets worse it will only cost me $50.
you went there just to try apple pay, didn't you? a buddy of mine did and I (correctly) called him out on it yesterday. with that being said, I was a bit disappointed pei wei didn't have it today at lunch.
New Posts  All Forums: