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In for pinot noir Big Bubbas size 9.5
In for a size 9.5
I have 2 and wear them all the time.
if you want to sell something just name your damn price.
"There's no reason to eat these animals!" She's neglecting the very basics fact that they're delicious and provide nourishment. I like to think that if I were there I'd take my foie gras outside to finish. Certainly I would have ordered it, as I always do when it's on the menu.
I'd be in. Realistically you'd want to do like a 6 bottle minimum to keep frustration down. Parsing out 80 bottles with all these onesies and twosies really doesn't make sense.
Wolf us goat demo socks today. Really like them - very comfortable and well constructed. I've had plenty of pantherella, marcoliani, etc. and wvg will be a welcome addition. Interested to see how they hold up to washings, though knowing Mauro I'm sure they will hold well.
No you really don't seem to get it. Mauro wasn't taking pre-orders and hen jacking the price. He gave his best estimate as to what he thought it would be. The simple fact that he is willing to do this before things are finalized are indicative of excellent customer service. The vast majority of companies would either not give a price or give a range +/-50%.
I don't mean to speak for Mauro but prices are variable for a small business. He's doig his best and trying to give a heads up of what things may look like. People bitch that things change why will he bother posting in the future? Just wait until it hits retail like 99.999% of brands.
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