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you went there just to try apple pay, didn't you? a buddy of mine did and I (correctly) called him out on it yesterday. with that being said, I was a bit disappointed pei wei didn't have it today at lunch.
how about the ones who wear their "scrubs" in public like a badge of honor and bemoan the difficulties of working in healthcare? typically physician's office receptionists.
they love linking to ifl science, even though they barely made it out of high school.
Hoping to get some feedback here - I am expecting to receive in a piece of designer jewelry that I bought to flip (RRP ~$13k). It's a current style on the manufacturer's web site, so not an outdated model. I'm a 16 year ebay member with 142 positive feedback, 43 of those as a seller. I don't sell much - last item was over a year ago and in the $400 range and my highest item at $700. None of my prior items are jewelry - clothing (Kiton, RLPL, etc.), electronics, etc. How...
most baristas aren't required to wear ties
but the dude on his way to Senegal likely views himself as the guy in the boat. the guy in the boat didn't die...
you could just go there and find out - it doesn't take very long
rock flew out of a county dump truck and directly into my windshield, chipping it. motherfucker.
Not a keeper.
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