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Thanks for the recommendations. Will likely just be a few of us. Should I have Amex concierge put me on a guest list?
Not a fan of bro'ing out - a bit too old for that. Cocktails would be more my route; however, I'm pretty sure my friend from LA will be looking for a scene.
I'll be in NY next month for a wedding...suggestions on where to go afterward?
someone just built a better mousetrap
supposedly humane - had to be approved by an animal care and use committee
back in school we euthanized experimental mice in a little container with co2.
Go to b&s if you want to sell. Stop encouraging him.
I excavated only the base so that the main structure was level. My total time in was 14 hours.
Thought it would be a great idea to pressure wash the deck prior to taking out the patio set. Did a great job...and then I noticed that the exhaust from the washer melted my siding.
Dude at least you'll have a carbon fiber house. So legit.
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