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I know you're a huge fan of wieners.
So months with apple pay in the field - who here is using it? I've used it once when first available and not since.
Extra points for moose knuckle?
Best way to get that color is to go outside and look at the sun for 3-5 minutes and then close your eyes.
Truecar's business model has changed dramatically over the past few years. http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2012/11/20/truecar-com-founder-gets-a-do-over-after-almost-killing-his-company/
Big thighs for kicking ass
This brand and their wacky sizing is just un-fucking-real. Maybe it's because Mauro is old and blind or maybe he just doesn't know how to measure things. Case in point, the cherry slush hoodie was indicated as being appropriate for 40" chest. As you can see from my measurements, obviously there is an issue.
Paul is so awesome
If you want to achieve a better fit, try wearing it in the bathtub and then blow dry it while still in the tub. It's critical that you carefully follow these instructions for maximum impact.
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