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Thoughts on Bosch and Kitchenaid wall ovens?
Waited at the dealer while some new tires were put on. Dat M6 competition (fortunately without those ugly ass stripes)
Cersei has suspected that the valonqar (little brother) would be Tyrion; however, remember that Cersei was the first born of the twins.
I'm thinking of going with Thermador for cooktop/wall ovens/dishwasher. Anyone have any experience with them?
Made a deal with a builder - signing tomorrow. My first build job (with the exception of my family, growing up) so the wife and I are excited. Just have to try and remain somewhat restrained when picking everything out. Have a bit over 2ac on a cul de sac, so should have good room as well as quiet.
Find the time? It takes like 5 minutes. Just don't browse SF the next time your drop a deuce and spend your newfound extra time installing the Nest.
If you have an unusual setup, you can take a picture, send it to nest tech support and they can walk you through it.
House sold and now officially owned by the relocation company. Glad to have it done with, though a realtor screwup ended up costing me a lot of money. Have been meeting with builders over the past few weeks and decided to just see what's on the market in the fall down here to close around the end of the year. Seems to be plenty of decent inventory meeting our requirements (plus more under construction) and anything still for sale in October should command a nice discount....
Stopped at the car wash after work and someone had a 458 there
I'm a week behind on this thread and maybe it's already been addressed, but make sure you have the suspension evaluated and get an alignment. Someone backed into my car last year and it didn't look too bad (maybe $1200 in body work and rim repair) and even drive without issues, but was about $5k after it wouldn't pass alignment.
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