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Second the thought of swapping the couch and bed. Also makes the living space more amenable to having guests.
So our builder had told us that we'd have archways on the main floor Where there weren't doors. Went to the site yesterday and saw them squared off so asked what was up. Manager apologized and said she made a mistake, that the plans call for trimmed, cased openings. Not sure which I really prefer. Thoughts?
Worth going ceiling height on cabinets with a 10' ceiling?
Can we all just agree that it was somewhere between a super soaker and an rpg?
I'm assuming the cop apologized when the whole homicide part was complete though, right?
Particularly as these aren't necessarily "repairs" but rather personal preference. If you're renting a place, don't pay for an improvement (i.e. Removing the popcorn ceiling). Just live with it and bank the cash instead of improving someone else's property.
thanks for the feedback guys - going to just stay away from it. not something that is needed and sounds like more hassle
ED Conde 54. 109 is better
Anyone have thoughts/experience with epoxying a garage floor?
This is fantastic
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