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Irrigation system mostly finished today - had them initially install a Rachio 16 zone when the builder put in the base system, but after lying it out we need a few more zones, so ordered an 8 zone controller for tomorrow. First sod delivery arrived this evening and they'll start installing tomorrow morning. Waiting on att to bury the wife from the street to my house and livid that it's taken a week. Planning with the landscaper our contingency plan for the front, assuming...
Thousands in tile work. Shit is easy - rent a tile saw and watch some YouTube videos. Or get to home depot at 7am. Y'all are gettin cucked.
Sounds like an attempt to cuck. Stay strong.
I have 3 small kids and have never had to clean shit off of the walls, albeit one of them is still in the diaper stage. Amazingly they keep it in the toilet.
can't find it either
I'm pretty sure you already know the answer to that.
Working on finalizing landscaping. Should start late next week or the following depending on weather. Cuck or not for buying 30k sq ft of sod and not cultivating each blade from seed?
It's just a power play - unacceptable. "Here's a box of bags that I keep in the closet next to the vacuum"
Pest control came yesterday. $400 for the year with quarterly treatments inside and out and they'll come out to re-treat if we have issues at any time. Talking to some neighbors and co-workers who live in the area, it seems like a necessity for at least a couple of years. At that price hard to say no. Not to mention cheaper than a cat.
This is perhaps the most cuck (cuckiest?) post of the week.
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