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The belted one - gaspard i think, in a small.
Nevermind --- saw the jean tread.
Oh, sorry, the other forums that I have sold on work in I guess an auction-style. In that case, I will take $95 for them. (shipping and paypal fees included)
Received an offer for $70. These are up for a few hours more tonight, but then they will be sold to whoever has the best offer.
SOLDDDD Hello all, I have an extra 2.5Fl OZ container of Tom Ford's After shave. It is completely new, unopened, and still in the plastic wrapping. The reason I am selling is because while it is fantastic, I already have another and I rarely use aftershave. Retail is $40, asking $30shipped. ----> $27 SHIPPED It is the product shown at the website below:
Bump, got an offer for $60. If anyone can beat that this weekend they're yours, if not, they're gone.
SOLD. Hey everyone, so I have for sale a pair of Prada khaki jeans that I bought from Neimans in late 2008, I've only worn them a couple times, maybe two or three. They're a classic 5-pocket jean cut with a button fly and pretty mild distressing throughout. They are a size 31, which I measured out and that seems to be about accurate. The leg opening is around 14 inches and the inseam is a little over 29 inches. Looking for $95 on these. I realize I don't have...
I have a blue/white check buttondown size S "vintage oxford" also, a shit with a very thin dark blue/light blue/white stripe - looks more like a solid medium/light blue from like 5 feet away. "2-ply cotton" Also have size 31x32 jcrew white pants reg. fit
haha I can't believe any self respecting male would wear them. It's one thing to wear the slippers around the house, but to wear the boots out is entirely something else.
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