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Hi all - I have up for sale a Salvatore Ferragamo wallet. It is 100% authentic - I purchased it at Neiman Marcus a couple years ago (for $200, I think). The wallet has been used regularly by me for at least a year and does NOT look new. It is very broken in (and I think that the level of distress it has acquired actually looks quite nice -- but you guys can be the judge of that). It's a standard bifold with 6 card slots and two bill pockets. I'm looking for $100...
Alright, I've had some interest but no firm buyers yet, $5 off anything if you buy this weekend!
Hey all, so I'm in the process of going through my closet to get rid of some things and get some money for summer. Some of these things are new, some used, see descriptions. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED, IT IS $4 FOR SHIRTS, $6 FOR PANTS, AND $12 FOR SHOES!!! Paypal only. Or I can do meetups in philly until 5/28, or in NYC - chelsea, after 5/30. my place/my time Trying to get rid of these fast, because I'm moving to NYC in a week and a half. Nike Dunk SB Low 10.5 --...
Don't really see the point in having tons of cash in the wallet, just seems to be too conspicuous for no reason. I'd feel awkward if someone glanced at my wallet when I was paying and I had $500-1k+ there. I also hate that my wallet becomes so thick with so much cash in it, I find it very uncomfortable in pocket. Not to mention pickpocket risk.. I tend to shoot to keep a few of each bill ($1,5,10,20) to make it easy when paying for taxis and for tips. Also at inexpensive...
Quote: Originally Posted by InsBrokerTX I don't think you just whip into a Jiffy lube during lunch to get the oil changed in one of these. How much is an oil change? I believe it's 200-some. The dealership around here charges $120/hr, and the cost of the oil and filter bring it into the 2's.
I don't think owning expensive pants is douchey if they're a quality product, but it seems like brands like 7, Citizens, etc, aren't particularly high quality in comparison to brands you can get for the same price (which happen to not have much or anything on the pockets) such as APC and Nudie. C
Price Drop, $27 SHIPPED. This is $40+tax+shipping everywhere and it is COMPLETELY unopened/still sealed.
Theres a pretty huge difference between being top 5% (which is what, making a good living, upper middle class) and the people who are being talked about who have "people to shop for them" (people that make at least well into the seven figures). IT depends on the person, a lot of wealthy people don't have good taste or care about clothes, so they might shop at Macys, the Gap, etc. The stereotypical "rich person" (which includes, old money, new money, and wants-to-pretend...
Whats going to run the most similar to non-stretch April 77s? (I want to say the "Dictator" fit - they're raw and pretty stiff, and I'd like to get more pairs that are similar) Their stretch jeans end up being wayyy too baggy by the end of the day. I wear a 30 and don't want to spend over $200 new, ideally.
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