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Quote: Originally Posted by cooldudeguy3000 Being a College student I think there is only one answer to that haha... Natural Light Ah! being a college student I have to disagree! Even on a college budget there's still plenty of good options. Local growlers are always good (few places have great interesting selection near where I'm at, and I can't afford to be spending $8 on a bottle of beer). And when times are rough, PBR (tied with...
44 shipped
94 shipped!
$47 shipped!
Quote: Originally Posted by karamazov What're the measurements on the sweater? Thank you. s2s 16, p2p 18, sleeve length 24, length 26.5. took those measurements from a website -- i dont know how/where to take them myself, but it fits from a true small to a small/medium I would say. It is definitely on the long side, also.
I'll give ya 30 bucks shipped for it.
Dropped price on sweater from $300 to $260 --- realized that it cost less than I remember. Sorry for the triple posting
Heres photos of the OC jacket
Hey all - have two great pieces that I have to part with. Would love to keep these (and I will if I can't get a decent price), but I'm a poor college student and could really use the money right now. Both are size small. First is What Goes Around Comes Around Wool long double breasted sweater. This sweater is STUNNING, comfortable and great quality. It has been worn a number of times but I can't see any noticeable problems with it , except that the tag is coming off on...
new in wrapped box (the one pictured next to the closed box is one that i have already opened just for reference). Got it as a gift and I won't use it seeing as i already have another 3.4 oz. $50--->47--->44--->41--->38--->$36 shipped, Last drop before Ebay!
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