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Nice car- It's nice to see that the CPO warranty is transferrable. I recently sold a G35 that I bought (and overpaid for) CPO and found out the hard way that the CPO warranty was only for first person who bought it, it didn't stick with the car.
$135 on the Opening Ceremony jacket!
Quote: Originally Posted by epb Have you tried an Audi A8? Modern luxury cars have too much science and not enough art - typically when I think about buying something larger and nicer, I lean towards a classic. Getting another Silver Shadow or Bentley T (there's a club member selling a nice black/tan one near me), a 70s Merc, even an old Lincoln. The exception is the Audi A8 - Audi's been on a design roll for the last 8 years or so, and the A8s have been...
Price Drops!!!! $209 on the Sweater is no bull--- lowest i'll go, the end. (A ridiculous deal). OC Jacket dropped too!
$36 Last drop before Ebay.
$38!!!! this is a steal folks. This is a great smelling cologne, brand new in box, and it's the big size!
Would you be interested in trades for either the Gucci, Varvatos, or Burberry? I have DKNY Men (not the be delicious one, the regular one) that is new and still wrapped, I also have Acqua di Gio that's 90-95% full, and Brooks Brothers at 99.9% full. Chris
Yeah the eternity you have posted is definitely the women's version. the men's says "for men" underneath the ETERNITY and is an Eau de Toilette not Eau De Parfum
Quote: Originally Posted by cooldudeguy3000 Being a College student I think there is only one answer to that haha... Natural Light Ah! being a college student I have to disagree! Even on a college budget there's still plenty of good options. Local growlers are always good (few places have great interesting selection near where I'm at, and I can't afford to be spending $8 on a bottle of beer). And when times are rough, PBR (tied with...
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