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Fashion week bump. $251 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm someone who is a bit jaded by the complacency and commonality of NY restaurants menus, so I'm pretty excited to try this in a couple of weeks. Looks like it will be real hard to make choices... Went to DB Townhouse the other night. Really, really great interesting dishes.
Alright no hits, price drop then --- $279 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. magoo If it happens, we'd probably be in U City or one of the closer neighborhoods (Central West End, Tower Grove, etc.) I'm white and married, so things are already very, very boring. And after living in NY, I think "rich" is a relative term. There are industries here where the many, many people make millions per year. For a beautiful house in a desirable neighborhood in St. Louis, I can purchase a 2 BR...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra This is a sure way to lower your car's value while waisitng around $4-5,000. Agreed. If you want to do a high quality paint job and love the result, go for it, but keep in mind that it takes a HUGE hit on your resale value (and the nicer the car, the bigger the hit)
We recently picked up the 2011 A8. Fantastic car. Definitely more subtle the 7/S class but offers as much if not more tech, quality, plenty of power. The Quattro is fantastic in the snow, much better than X-Drive/4matic, even with the low profile all seasons, it handles Northeast winters fine. The previous gen A8 (08/09 you are looking at) were great cars, relatively reliability but they didn't sell well (partially because the looks were borderline TOO subtle) -- but this...
Quote: Originally Posted by bryanayrb ppl still buy those? sell your dunkles buy rafstros I'm hoping people still buy them, that'll mean theyre still worth something. I bought them in like 06 or 07 Also, if you know anyone who is sellling sz 10 rafstros - i would be on that in a heartbeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by imposter2012 I liked the brand, but I haven't bought much from them because their clothes are cut so horribly and HUGE. I tried on their slimmest fit and I still felt like I swimming in it. That said, I do like their signature patterns. I agree, some of their shirts are nice and the prices arent bad, especially on sale, but the fit is HORRIFIC. I've never seen a brand so catered to obese America.
(Preparing for SF hate) Haha, I used to be real into buying big time sneakers, but now I just wear them as frat house beaters, as you can tell from the shape they are in (dunk sb of the most comfortable shoes of all time) I've just been wearing nice shoes or inexpensive subtle sneakers (Gourmet, Zuriik, J Shoes, etc). I'm really looking to get into high end (HIGH QUALITY) sneakers though. Anyone here have the Raf Astronauts form a couple years ago? Theyre...
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