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G550. Not exactly a car, but is the mode of transport I dream about!
I have my own line of Bespoke Clothing. I love my work!
Nice color. Pants too long, and your front to back balance is way off. Not much can be done for that as it is ofr, but maybe you can ease the waist a bit to relax the balance. Short coat..but thats just my opinion. Again, not much you can do about that.
real men wear linen.
terrible.. the only guy on that list that i think should even be up for such an award is Tom Ford. but truthfully, he doesnt dress all that well... nice line of clothing though. (For Fashion that is!! )
Isaia is likely a more flattering fit, but workmanship wise is a close second to oxxford. I guess you have to choose which is more valuable, form or function. Sounds like choosing a woman eh?
now George has fine style...but likely is for the experienced dresser! Well done!
do a two button peak. hacking pockets. no ticket pocket. proper jacket length. (forget this short jacket junk!)
Gentlemen...really now. Any Aston Martin! That should be the end of the discussion..
Peak lapel... everything else is fine...
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