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Apparently it'll last a little longer since it's already been renewed for a second season. I wanted to cover my eyes when Sloan Sabbith just outed the power plant worker on what he said "off the record." I can't imagine any respectable journalist going on air and doing that, first time or not.
I've been wanting to give up on this show but I guess I'm hoping it gets better. We're supposed to believe Mackenzie is the producer and runs the show but Sorkin takes every chance he can to make her seem clueless. Could someone this stupid really run a cable news show? The Rudy moment was good, but that's a lot of checks to cash lol
My brother saw it and said it's nothing like this at all. As another poster said, there aren't even any white main characters that need magical negro powers.Hopefully I get to check it out this weekend.
I've had this movie on my radar. I live in LA too so there's no excuse.
I could only see the jacket working for Halloween/costume parties really. And even then you better have a pretty good body. If you're chubby then just forget it. Too bad the first run doesn't even ship until Nov. 15, so no chance of getting it for Halloween. Although at first glance the measurements make it seem like a pretty large jacket to me. I'll have to take a look at one of my other jacket's measurements. And oh yeah, I LOVED the movie. Just now seeing this thread....
Finally made it to the Beverly Center store this afternoon. The Summer suits were not on sale and still regular price.Saw a few shirts in XS on the sale rack though. Didn't pay much attention since I wasn't there for that and don't wear anywhere near an XS, but there were some decent looking basics on sale.
Thanks for this. I was saving up for the J. Crew Timex until I figured out how dumb that was, so until I can afford a higher end watch this will do perfectly.
Yeah, I'd rather go for a ToJ instead of paying $1k for this... Ridiculous. It is a beautiful jacket though.
Paul recently died? Or someone else?
I'm interested in the suits too. I have a wedding to attend in about a week and the suit I planned to wear was ruined. I'll probably stop by after work and report back.
New Posts  All Forums: