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If you have the scratch, it's a great store to load up on accessories. The last few times I've been, the selection doesn't seem to be as broad or unique as some of his other shops, but there are still some terrific items. Great socks, as Will mentioned. EDIT: I clicked on Foxx's link to the Flusser site, which I haven't seen in a long while. I see they've introduced a more slimmed-down version of their silhouette, which looks pretty good. One of my main objections to...
Zut alors! Comparing Montreal to Des Moines? How can one countenance such a suggestion? Montreal is a delightful city. Hell, I even like Toronto.
Wasn't the first commission a suit? How'd that turn out?
This is all true, and really impacts what I now buy on Ebay. Unless you get a really good price on something that makes it worthwhile to have it shipped, what some sellers charge on top of actual shipping costs (packing or handling fees) can really add to one's actual cost. The silly money people, as usual, make the bargains harder to find. Some people don't do their homework before bidding and buying. I have bought the occasional Ebay-listed guitar, but what some...
How sad that I've ruined my chances for a decent career. I have (and very much like to wear) a thrifted DB Garrick Anderson suit that looks rather like that one. Oh, well. We can't all have the je ne sais quoi of a former speechwriter to the Prez, and a resident of Westchester.
Haven't been here in forever, and I come around to witness the unthinkable: Manton slappin' folks, and actin' a GOT-dayum fool! You go, guy!
I generally prefer a fuller-cut, pleated trouser, but I agree with the others, that flat-front style with slimmer legs and big cuffs looks stylish. Also, the coat appears to look really well fitted from the back.
No love for this combination? Well, I like it. Personally, I'd like one or the other - the shirt or the tie - to be smaller in scale, but it's certainly consistent with the conversative-but-bright Brit look.
A college friend of mine works in a large Atlanta law firm, and marc's advice is spot-on re: her professional wardrobe. She sticks to plain navy, black, and taupe pants-suits, combined with cream, white, or dark blue blouses or dress shirts. She also makes it a point to be so-dressed at all times, even on casual Fridays, since she thinks it makes an important point to her colleagues (and the firm's partners) regarding her professionalism.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman My mind's eye is burning... the hounds... argh... 2 points for anyone who gets the reference... "Fahrenheit 451," ain't it?
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