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I'll take the 40s.
Money sent for BBGF
PM sent on BB suit
Quote: Originally Posted by billsayers Being a 36S...I can honestly say that it is hard to find suits at a bargain. There simply is not enough inventory of those sizes to make it to sale racks. I recently paid $650 for a BB Fitzgerald suit (during BB's Christmas sale). Some people here might think that is absurd as they are getting RLPL or RLBL for around that price on B&S. Unfortunately, the fact is that 36S does not pop up here on the B&S, and...
Very nice. I want!! Where did you get the leather?
If these were my size I'd have to buy them, no way I could resist. may have to rob a liquor store though.
Price and pics for the 38s?!
Im a 38S and there isn't too much on B&S. The ebay stuff right now seems to be mostly Green Label stuff.
I graduated in May from a school that is bottom of the top 100. I agree about avoiding spending money unless it is a top 25 (preferably top 14 school). Although, I'd say that it changes somewhat depending on the market. It could be worth it to spend the extra money on a school ranked 75 over a lower ranked one because it may place exceptionally well in a particular market. Obviously the degree won't travel well, but depending on the person it could be worth it. I found...
I would like to become a lawyer. I went to law school, got good grades, took the bar. Now if I could only find a job . . .
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