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Are the new Bella spalla sport coats up?
I just wanted to say that I've lurked hard core in this thread over the years. Read almost all of it. I really appreciate the discussion and I've learned a lot. I've never been put off by any "showing off" or narcissism. It's a thread to look, appreciate, and discuss. And, I thoroughly enjoy it.
Thanks Keith. Many of the more typical dress watches don't appeal to me in the same way as a Speedy, Pam, Portuguese Chrono, or Royal Oak. And the dress watches that do appeal are way out of my range.
Thanks for the insight.
Thanks for the input. My suit usage would be an important consideration. I wear a suit or sport coat and tie about 3 days a week.I can fit either underneath my french cuff shirts. Some off the rack barrel cuffs won't be able to fit the PAM.
I've been following this thread for years. I've learned a lot from it and thank you all for the discussion. I have always wanted to participate. What is the TWATer's consensus on wearing a PAM luminor with a suit? Just too casual? Why is a Speedy Pro viewed as being more fitting with a suit? Too me they both seem sport/tool watches at heart. But, this thread gives me more confidence on wearing a Speedy with a suit than a Pam. I am on the verge of buying my first...
I'll take the 40s.
Money sent for BBGF
PM sent on BB suit
Quote: Originally Posted by billsayers Being a 36S...I can honestly say that it is hard to find suits at a bargain. There simply is not enough inventory of those sizes to make it to sale racks. I recently paid $650 for a BB Fitzgerald suit (during BB's Christmas sale). Some people here might think that is absurd as they are getting RLPL or RLBL for around that price on B&S. Unfortunately, the fact is that 36S does not pop up here on the B&S, and...
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