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I am also considering the siamese bag (strapped is my preference tbh. it's so much more useful to free up a hand and to carry it on your shoulder when walking/traveling long distances!), but my heart keeps telling me to get a guidi gb2a. yes, i know that's totally nonsensical since the gb2a only has a handle, but i just love its shape. decisions, decisions! also definitely the yohji monkey boots over the ann ds
don't break the boy's heart twice
those jils look like they have some wear on them, but the shape is fine
it doesn't fit you like a glove. you're being delusional. sell it to me ps: i've been lazy but i'll ship it soon!
Thank you, Princeton SF member: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=154240631&p=1109621183&viewfull=1#post1109621183
nothing's official until drew makes it official, and he's pretty good about updating all his platforms. just sit tight and don't make any conclusions until word is out
I think a straighter pant cut would suit you better, benes
actually....back when toj first started, they used us sizing. THE MORE YOU KNOW
no grizzlybear, it's just that people like you are insufferable and your lot fail to realize that
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