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@synthese drink with me ktown style
ktown dranking.
Thanks, boss! I renounce my evil un-hyphenating ways
Idk @jet?
This thread owes me fucks I give about humanity. You dumb fucktards have pushed me to the negative. JFC....
I never knew being a turdmuncher was considered being civilized. Today I learned!
hahahaha nice try. fairly certain the worst part of all this is how to painfully self-aware i am. I'm basically grooming myself to be the next moo at this point
Fok, i'm already five drinks deep on a Monday. What did you expect? Degenerate is as degenerate does funderemployment life whooooooooooooo.......
Bow shika bow bowwwwwwwwww
Come meet me for a beer kyle hahahahaha
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