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I'm just sad that your package hasn't been delivered to your door yet.
the measurements are like......almost the same as zam's sizing lol
you say that about every interview you do lol
it'll happen if c4est's post breaks the thumb record. GOGOGO
it's marked up even more than us prices. dh silver selvedge mijs were more expensive in japan than they were in the us, and that's even before the currency conversion (this was back in 2010, so it was about 70-75 yen to the dollar).
They had a lot of sales associates for such a small store too, but the lack of an online shop presence and competitive international pricing probably hurt them the most.
i wear chocolate brown guidis with black all the time
yup, it's a US brand made in japan.
brb gonna wear green devoa jacket and metallic blue rafstros and not take a picture ohohohohohoho
probably none of them
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