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VTB shirts run big. I honestly have zero idea how the model wears a medium. I want an XS but a S works well for a relaxed "slim" fit, if that makes any sense to you
Believe me, I love horse leather too, but when I saw m.a+'s camel leather one piece derbies.... some variety wouldn't be so bad
synth wears glasses?
s40s are the side zip and the s21s are the back zip. besides that, they're pretty similar. breezy: yes, the top left are the ones i was selling. they are no longer for sale :B. the middle one is indeed the destroyed horse. i am not sure why the leather is so soft on the s21w compared to the s45m. From top to bottom, left to right: Carpe Diem S21M Dark Brown Double Soled Horse Carpe Diem S21W Black Destroyed Horse Carpe Diem S23M Black Double Soled Calf (?) Actually not...
here's my small collection as promised. sorry for the low quality photo. what should i add to this? many thanks to eck and artishard!
so jelly
unscrupulous seller
yeah that coat isn't flattering on you. i think something with a stronger shoulder would work well for you given how built you are in the chest. would give a straighter, cleaner line imo
well that answers that
i don't know if it's the wolf hoodie or the chick wearing the wolf hoodie, but i'm okay with this
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