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No, charly's e-mail is mrchariybrown@styleforum.net. he's part of the styleforum sting operation on toj. oops, i said too much.
Dear God, Please screw up the orders of the all incessant whiners, especially misterswag's. Also Distorbiant's, because I know you like the lulz, too, God. But let those who were not annoying get their jawnz in peace. With love and respect, nahneun
it's probably just poorly worded. he probably meant the a1923s he tried on were not as comfortable as the guidis. but yes, engrish!
it's cool but you need to be really slim to pull it off.
A picture of your mom.
Why is the gallery even important at this point?
don't settle. you'll regret it (and probably end up buying both)
get me some please
ftfy. long coat challenge still better
i gave up. two people got my vote..
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