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LOL if you're really a lawyer, i PRAY that no one in this world is stupid enough to hire you to defend them. WOW. yes, because neither lmaozedong nor i would not understand high expectation asian father when.... oh right, we're asian?
i hate on double monks but the cuteness of your daughter's pose makes up for all the hate. and you know i am full of hate
jbravo, frankly, i'm not a very nice person in general and i have no problem with speaking my mind, so here are my two cents. your problem is that you try too hard on the internet to be a tough guy and get defensive every time anyone even remotely questions what you do. your joke was lame, deal with it. people called you out on it because it was a bad joke and then you got all defensive and butthurt. you put together some bad outfits and people gave reasonable criticism,...
wow dude. stop. you're not funny as a troll, you've got terrible taste in clothes, and you're all around annoying.did you know that cole is actually jbravo #2?
credibility != respect i can trust your diagnosis, but it doesn't mean i respect you
Moustache is not the key to patient respect. Salt and pepper hair is
my friend saw the daypack last night and he totally regretted not buying one. i'm quite sure that this sentiment will be universal
Popular ramen joints in NY:: Minca Totto Ramen Hide-Chan Ramen Ippudo Men Kui Tei Menchanko Tei
he paid 2k for a lenovo. no surprises on the sperry's
can i have some poutine
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