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fair enough. fwiw, i pay retail on pretty much everything i buy since i shop almost exclusively from japanese vendors. i just buy less. i wasn't trying to explain myself, as i think paying proxy fees are a natural cost of doing business, so i just calculate it into my expenses when i am budgeting. just trying to explain the rationale in wanting people to act as free proxies \o\ if jasper goes to a hostess bar, he's gonna get roofied and wake up with a giant dragon tattoo...
you're also probably a lot wealthier than most of us too
no one wants to pay proxy fees, especially if it's a pickup from a b&m.
i was totally joking about the devoa pickup, and i hope everyone else was joking about their proxy orders too. though i do request video (with full audio) confirmation of the karaoke session.
i had anglerfish shirako when i visited :>
are tuna auctions still open to the public? they stopped allowing that when i visited.
larger user base, less stringent moderation. also people have fewer sticks up their asses round these parts. unless you're mr. moo.
that was miran, sf's resident troll
yeah, la guy confirmed it.
sorry, i just saw this. mr. moo is not a troll. he's a lonely, deadbeat dad who gets no love from his kids, so he attempts to "troll" sf in a pitiful attempt to make himself feel bigger than he really is, but he fails miserably because he's butthurt all the time.
New Posts  All Forums: