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i don't know. i need a brand rec too (0).
a suede conditioner
KAKAO KAKAO TAWKKKKKK is it possible to get something in the 7-7.5cm range?
oh ma boy~ oh ma boy~~~~~~~ i love sistar. especially bora.
@indesertum come back to ny
fewer wallabees and more is boots, breezy.
It's not about significant improvements. It's about the experience! THE EXPERIENCEEEEEEE. Hasn't jawn kopping taught you anything? I was going to buy a ps4 eventually anyway. Why not for p5?
after putting in an incredible effort involving a lot of sweat and patience, i got my feet into my carpe sidezips and they actually fit perfectly. better than any of my other carpes, in fact. it's just incredibly difficult to actually get my feet in there in the first place o_o;; regardless, these are going to take some serious work to break in so i can slip in and out of them easily. please excuse my bare legs.
got any toast for all the jelly i have?
"i just bought a house. i'm broke. not going to buy anything else" - words of a lying man
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