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hey @cellardoors, meet me outside uniqlo soho.
Lol there are so many fucking angry retarded twats in this thread whose anger is misdirected. Brad, charly, dan, and lbk do not deserve your vitriol. Direct it at drew alone, you fucking numbnuts
Hahaha yeah this is the one near where I work. Just had mad drunk munchies last night
Is there a popeyes opened near grand central right now around 3:30am?
so delicious........
will there be a day when bae blade, uncle nephew, kung joo, young anakin, and boxercise toughguy all skip together, hand in hand?
it's a fairly accurate assessment of how butthurt he is.
well, to be fair, he did post after that. he created that dummy account to advertise his shitty sf fit tumblr, which, in all actuality, should be a tumblr of his own fits.
congratulations on being self-aware.
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