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baltimoron's fit isn't getting enough love. pay your thumbs, punks!
man she got a lot of work done on her face
fair conditions dictate that you do exactly that i, the most valuable and esteemed customer, asks for! that is what AMERICA was founded on! catering to MY needs as a PAYING customer!
Many posters on sz are basically tweens trapped in middle aged bodies anyway
don't you have to pay off your debt before you say that?
calling @colabear
there is no such thing as ninja sword manufacturing. a 90cm long blade would be considered a daitou, and would be rather unruly as well. not exactly great for stealth missions.
please please please do not get a "ninja sword" kitchen knife.
hi @gdl203, i noticed a sale item i wanted on nmwa is five dollars more than it is on mrporter. can you price match, give me my sf discount, and another 50% off retail price for all the mental stress and anguish you have inconvenienced me with? oh, also, i'd also like free overnight shipping, but i'm leaving for korea tomorrow and i want to wear it there, but i don't have room for it in my luggage, so can you please send it over to korea so it'll be there by the time i...
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