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i like those on you, too
good luck!
you....should bankrupt yourself and buy it.
he's in the uk. europe has different customer protection laws.
mikey, sometimes you just gotta believe the heart of the cards.
i had a derp moment and i thought, wow, that's a really interesting url... and it didn't click that it was groiled until i clicked the link and got a 404 ~_~;;
SVB, are you the lawyer that TOJ needs, or the lawyer that TOJ deserves?
he's mostly korean and part black. i don't think he's that proficient at korean though.
Idk, looks pretty proportional right now... which is big all over... but not in a bad way. wear it shirtless and do a walkoff with regis. my issues lie with that godawful spread collar shirt and trainwreck of a tie
fair enough, but only for that brief fleeting moment with the sales clerk
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