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Man she was prettier before she got more plastic surgery done
it does support it, but it runs very strangely. For example, if I move my cursor to the edge of the screen, it shoots me all the way to the end of the map instead of moving it a little bit. Also, I have my mbp set up as a desktop at home using an external monitor, but because of where the fans are, I have to keep the lid open so it can properly vent out the heat. This causes the DotA 2 screen to default back to the mbp screen instead of my external monitor, which makes it...
I haven't been able to play dota because I can't reinstall it on my mac -_-; I was trying to reinstall it because the game kept crashing on me, but then I found out that they stopped supporting the installer in mountain lion. after jobs died, macs ceased to be good for consumer use. if windows 8 wasn't such a piece of shit, i'd go back to a windows computer.
I played a LOT of DotA. Not that good, but I think I'm a tiny bit better than the average player. I read that the supports were rebalanced. How is that working out? My friend really likes the change.
i REALLY want to play dota 2 but it doesn't run properly on my mac
i just saw your transformation.STITCHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Barena looks good. the rest, not so much
I have no idea where this post came from and I didn't even drink that much last night.
Yo, all I have to say is that one person has got it . Save the rest of Korea please p
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