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bizzaro tcwalter
no, but i do dream of being @StanleyVanBuren so i can be the object of miran's undying affection
haters gon' hate. nubs gon' nub. and boned just got boned. whomp whomp whomp
to be honest, at this point, if i were drew and was already burned out from having to deal with you kids, i'd push back production just to spite you all for being such little whiny twats.
MA_Julius is the tailored, cleaner line; not necessarily unisex. _7 is the normal line.
sorry, i just hated that entire article and its decidedly americentric pov
silkies are not rare at all. i've been eating them all my life. they sell it in chinatown. it's only a novelty to you westerners.
you're crazy. stop sniffing that formaldehyde, doc.
fwiw, i think that is a great look
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