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can't tell if srs or if trolling me
i'm not sure whether sellers or buyers have unrealistic price expectations... but i really do think it's the buyers 75% of the time...
no, i've never considered consigning, but i honestly think the cut the consignment store takes is too big for the exposure they offer. i need to clean out my closet, but i'm not in that much of a rush to sell these.
does anyone know whether sufu's b&s moves faster than sf's these days? sf's b&s is pretty much fucking dead. i really need to clean out my closet. thanks!
i don't see the sig update, hulk jew! i much prefer these shoes
isn't that the same one uzairh was selling a while back?
oh never mind then you're on your own for size 41 boots . that shit sells out overnight
why u no kop when i link you >:
.............. it's august dude.
i think i deserve two spots in your coveted signature space
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