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i don't know what to believe in anymore
but writing grilled, gr@iled, gralled, or any other amalgamation of random characters to circumvent the ban is so much more fun than writing grailed....
grilled was banned for tos violations regarding their site promotion.
c4est's simile is perfect. just like a toyota camry, your outfit is passable, but extremely boring. nothing is egregiously bad, so there's really nothing that's particularly out of place or wrong.... it's just...really really boring. you look like a standard bizcas office drone from the 90s. you'd do well to trim the fat by losing that gut and being less boringly grey. also hem your trousers.
hey its me ur brother
스패이쓰포프님~~~~ 캬~~~~
chicken legs dawg
Probably should get it dry cleaned
nn, you have the luxury of trying on errthing
dammit, it was you?!
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