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that.......is really bad.
apparently anime is very popular in italy too
he wanted a gold star sticker
So when I went to Japan and stayed there for about a week (i have no idea where i got 10 days from. sorry!) I did a lot of exploring. It was really fucking hot and humid (right before monsoon season). My biggest joy/regret (is there a term for this) is splitting my trip between Tokyo and Kyoto. Definitely needed more time to explore both cities.
when and where is the ervell sample sale?
a little less costly = free. he wants a free proxy. because he is a basic twat.
not everyone has gloriously well defined clavicles to display through their slutty neckline, @notwithit.
if jasper was going a bit earlier, i'd ask him to take some shots of the world kendo championship for me hahahaha
yes, it's called an opinion for a reason. and trust me, no one's going to proxy for a twat like you. unfortunately for you, that one's a fact. he got banned because he was charging proxy fees or something without approval from the admins. i forgot the details; it was last year.
New Posts  All Forums: