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obviously. it's a john coppidge poll
instructions unclear. made kpop spam post instead.
your big feet make your small hands look even smaller, mr. president.
Sorry to necrobump an old thread, but I don't usually hang out around these parts and I'm too lazy to sift through all the information. I'm interested in a pair of the wholecut oxfords 910 Rain. If I normally take EU39 for shoes, should I trust their sizing guide and size to a UK6? Thank you!
the only birdshit gats worth getting are the white ones
don't worry about it. keep rocking what you do. chronbong has shit taste and shit opinions. he must be an avid yelper
the kool-aid is strong in this one
it's not a cuban heel. it's just the shadow of the boot on the left
i put ketchup on my steak to make sure my hands look yuge.
special flower snowflakesthis is all true and fair, but yelpers expect michelin level service at bodega prices. they also have unsophisticated palates in the first place, so all their yelp reviews just make me want to facepalm. i mean, yelp is a helpful resource, but the average yelpers make me rage. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i'll be the first to tell you if your opinion is fucking shit!
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