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jesus fucking christ. it's been two years and you're still fucking undecided about sizing your undelivered toj?
Bought the last six pack from this really dingy dive bar/beer store yesterday
hiroki nakamura giving away something for free? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you funny.
keep on breezin', breezy
it's like it's the first time someone's been hyperbolic when advertising their product! 800 dollars is a lot of money, but don't forget: YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR A PREMIUM PRODUCT WITH SIGNIFICANT QUALITY CONTROL MEASURES
@nicelynice, crosspost that fit to waywt!!
this sounds like the start of a bad porno maybe i'm just a pervert
even my julius jut neck has veins. get over it.
honestly, it's not even that it looks bad. i've probably just been pavloved by @kgfan5's fits, so that's where my expectations immediately go when i see pants like those.
There are only two rules in SW&D: 1. Be awesome. 2. Don't look like shit.
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