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1amsos1eepy hey, why isn't this working? 1amsos1eepy 1amsos1eepy what am i doing wrong?
there's always toj for you
Yeah, I got mine. I had a sizing issue, so I can't fit into them lol. The fabric is really nice though.
i think it's ikura, uni, tobiko (?) or maybe cod roe....?, and kani. i doubt there's rice.
in all honesty, just file the chargeback. he's fucking with you.
goooooooogogogogogogogogogogogogo karaoke videos gooooooooooooooooooo
do you mean he's always perfectly photogenic (if so, it's got to be the hair) or is he always ready to take pictures?
a lot of bad moves made on your part. did you pay with credit card?
my only regret is not being in japan right now getting you all drunk at 4 AM. coincidentally, that is exactly what i did last night. also, i would eat this FOREVERRRRRRR looks so mfd.... so does that teishoku.... i'm so hungry right now....
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