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..... Good job? Frugality has its place, but it loses its place when speaking of veblen goods Look at me i can econ101 too
Luxury goods are a fucking terrible use of your money if you're looking to maximize value.
@basil rathbone you make the next challenge
makes me strongly consider buying that linea hemp throne collar jacket...
TBS probably restocks seasonally unless they specifically ask the brand for a restock of a (popular) product.
the eternal quest of jawn koppage doesn't seem to be on my side lately ;(
well the waist on a M measures 84cm so I reckon it would
i really like the color but that leather just looks so trashy
i bought another pair of ann d sneakers the second that 70% sale started at ssense
@LA Guy, the valiant vanguard leading the sf sheeple to their sale-induced clothing coma
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