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but moooooommmmmmmmmm
Those look like they're double soled. They're in pretty good shape from the look of the vibram heel.
spacepope's challenge should have been called dress like me and win a prize
It should fit you perfectly if you get down to 155. gogogo
ATG, bottom half is great. I dont think ma+ suits your build very well though. You are rather top heavy physically and slim below. That ma+ is also a size too small for you
i killed the 4 i had left in two days
this thread makes me hate the fact that i was given a high tolerance and then cursed with gout
your priorities are wrong if you're in south korea. time to move to best korea and become beloved great 백인 leader
fellow sfers who are using the web to browse, is anyone else's waywt thread not updating properly?
nonsense! i look awesome in devoa
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