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the justice porn gets even sweeter
Yeah, people tend to respond quickly once they're forced into it. Glad to hear you got your money back. Too bad wormwood's too much of a bitch to actually solve the issues for any of his customers. Other than AlexTG, no one has gotten anything from him. He just ignores everyone because he thinks that will solve all his problems.
justice porn prevails (feels good man )! but on a more serious note, I hope you get your money back or some sort of restitution somehow. at least zam admits his error, unlike wormwood, who only gives lipservice and tells everyone else that it was the buyer's fault.
newp didn't get scammed by zam. he just got too fat for his order and is trying to drag an innocent artisan through the ground! @Mojo1990: http://www.hide-m.com/
fucking lol.
star in a kpop video.... while wearing the shoes.
while i'm a big fan of lapelless blazers, that one doesn't particularly strike my fancy
I'm not sure what you're asking. I was responding to cellardoors's ridiculous claim that not receiving a leather jacket was tantamount to financial ruin.
if you're in a state where buying a leather jacket is going to ruin you financially, you really shouldn't have bought a fucking leather jacket.
the prodigal son returns
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