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i like things made in japan because they're shorter in the body D:~ shortpeopleproblems
outsole measurements are largely meaningless for these brands. they do not translate well to insole sizes.
Korea needs to beat Belgium by 3 points...... Jesus, take the wheel.
Petition to rename Mr. Moo to Mr. Moolady
i made the mistake of sizing down on devoa once. i hand washed it, and then they turned out to fit exactly like a size 1 afterwards. daisuke got his shit planned out. don't do it mmkayyyy
because he's beyond socially inept.
that would constitute having giant blocks of greyed text because of you in half the threads i follow. so no, i'm going to continue to point out when you are dumb as fuck
Your post was most helpful to me, so I gave you a thumbs. I almost missed this little treasure.Summing up your personal character is easy:bitch,youBASICBASIC AS FUCK.ain't nobody got no time fo basic bitches!
how to be sinnedk: 1. post many inane, repetitive posts about everything and anything. 2. get butthurt. 3. get really really butthurt. 4. gain the ire of most everyone in the forum. 5. show complete lack of social grace through inappropriate comments in a passive aggressive attempt to redeem HONURUUUUUUU, even when having the ability to filter your thoughts through your keyboard *IF EVER YOU WONDERED IF YOU WERE AUTISTIC OR NOT......THIS IS A GOOD TEST*. 6. play victim...
i was most disappointed when shah sold his size 3 devoa lapelless.... mostly because it wasn't a size 2
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