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inside or on the underside of the bag?
you most likely had an infected bottle of the barleywine. i opened mine last week and mine was also infected. a lot of the 2015 bcbs were infected with lactobacillus.
while on the topic of grailed.... don't buy from or deal with thirdofwaters AKA Eugene Ansimov. someone else got burned in a trade from him. grailed should really ban him, but he has too many well photographed, instagram-worthy "grail" pieces, which he flips from y!jp at ridiculous markups, to ever do so.
i don't want to cry anymore this year. please stop.
ROFLLLLLLLLLLL hilariously small on the model... A+ effort for the grailed seller keep on trucking, you piker.
holy shit that coat is fantastic also out-margielaing the margiela maestro, @RegisDB9
lol trash rick mollino rip off
@metranger8694: dadjokemode kill sequence enabled.... . . . . Press Y to reboot system. Y
is bad. do not buy.
don't censor yourself, benes-chan. let the hate flow through you
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