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lol.he skipped his bowl of cereal in the morning. GOOD JOB GOLD STAR FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, BRUH.i can count the number of times i ate breakfast on my hands during my 4 years of college. and it wasn't because i didn't have money.
that is even more amazing. this thread makes me go broke. savings? the fuck is that?
IS linen over leather? i actually have no idea, but i'm guessing based on the shape, lace, and what the material looks like lol
i bought a 2014, so yes, gross markup.
got a bottle of cascade blueberry.... good, but definitely not worth anywhere near the 33 dollars i paid for it......
you're not a poor college student if you have 3k+ in discretionary income
i'll have my lawyers prepare the files and by lawyers i mean nobody. because i'm broke.
do you go sockless or is there a perfect loafer sock that i still don't know about?
New Posts  All Forums: