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let the cafeteria slap fight commence. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
i have not seen treehouse or trillium anywhere in ny. if you want me to look for anything else, let me know! i think there was a delivery of westbrook gose very recently.
you want me to send you some?
not even in new york....
it's hot man..... just wear things that are easily washable....
the resemblance is uncanny
i went tts (39) on all my ann ds. they're a bit large, but i doubt a 40 could fit into them comfortably. mostly, the heel is a bit loose
ventrilo. teamspeak. etc.lol @ casuals playing lol.PLAY DOTO AND BE A MAN
Places in NY need to stop stocking so much singlecut. It's such a boring brewery. Every beer I had from them is incredibly 1-D
stanley, why do you love spread collars and wide ties so much?
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