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can we ban moo for racism? it's not that i give two shits about the racism (everyone should know this by now). i just want to see him banned, and he's basically writing his own eulogy...
Woe is Moo! All of SF is against him and everyone is out to get him! Of course, everyone else is too obtuse and dumb to see his genius! Of course, it's not the other way around! I mean, HOW COULD ANYONE EVEN CONSIDER THE GREAT MR. MOO TO NOT BE THE GOAT?
you should post it
Congratulations on having no life! I EDITED THIS ONE JUST. FOR. YOU~
GUYS. GUYS! We've just been misunderstanding Mr. Moo the entire time. He just cares so much that his sleeves aren't big enough for his giant, giving heart ;o;
almost exactly the same
can't really fault him for it. he's a middle-aged russian dad, after all.
yo svb, you can't use that one again. it was too good the first time.
Feeling that itch in your rump because you got butthurt? Well, not anymore! Introducing Dr. Zoidberg's Butthurt Cream! Guaranteed relief for your burnt ass!
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