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not that i know of. the last pair of raw hems i've seen are from around 2012 or 2013. i'm almost positive it's the former though. this is for pants, though. i think tees/uppers are a different story.
i never have to admit my true age because i get carded for cigarettes still
really, dude? :{....
I'm curious, sinnedk. Does your aversion to cows extend past footwear and leather goods? Like, will you only eat horse meat on a regular basis because the thought of eating plebian beef just bothers you to no end? Will A5 wagyu please your palette? I would love to know more, given that I have yet to try such expensive wagyu. You see, when I last went to Japan, the yen was incredibly strong (about 70 yen to the dollar), so even considering having A5 wagyu for a meal was out...
at tsukiji? are you going to sushi dai, sushi bun, or somewhere else?
I, too, once was a cargo pants hater.Jasper converted me, and Alex baptized me as a believer.Should have picked up that navy suit with cargo pants off fascinate when I had the chance...
beens-chan (yes, that was intentional), it's probably because the sweater pulled up a bit. i bet it'd look fine if he pulled it back down.
yeah most likely a reference to the kabbalah. there would be all sorts of copyright issues if he were referring to the game character.
yes, devoa goes up to 5. older season was a bit inconsistent with sizing, but current stuff fits tts. psydle's sizing list is correct. i wish they'd release more of the older style of devoa tees. I much preferred them.
he's too swole for it.
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