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What a terrible name for a store. RIP.
Hahahahaha wow. That's really bad press for them.
feeling nostalgic lately... i miss @tcwalter07's thumb comments
definitely not in a good way.
are you really asking this?
http://www.polygon.com/2016/7/18/12212974/persona-5-new-gameplay-video-july-2016 persona 5 gameplay video. I'M SO EXCITED
I want to steal nn's fit for myself
it takes a lot of effort to deny reasonable plausibility at this point, but you comrades seem great at it if you can consider it baseless in the slightest.
Neither is your lack of proof. Just because I can't reveal the information to you does not make it less plausible. Else lawyers would have a really fucking had time doing their job.
Granted, it should have been in the clothing thread. I wasn't paying attention when I posted it initially. However, you have to seriously be turning a blind eye to everything he's done if you're using that as your defense for wormwood.I know of 6 people wormwood scammed on SF alone. Unless they want to post publicly, I won't say who they are, but I have the paper trail should I ever need to make a case. The ones who wanted to post publicly have already done so. wormwood's...
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