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or c4est was raising his protégé and only let us know about it now.. someone's gotta take over the throne after c4est gets the ball and chain permanently
it's because you haven't activated your mind's eye yet.
apparently, psidy seems to have issues with many of the more prominent artisanal vendors on sf... it seems thirdofwaters/wormwood was the exception, not the rule...
they didn't run the ball to waste time and stay in fg range. some seahawks level decisionmaking
sigh.................................... fuck new england, but well deserved, trump brady
eh i don't know. i think you should opt for a different style even if you do keep it long.
have you considered changing your hairstyle
that ysl knit is really cool
it's sake. SAKE!also sake is brewed, not fermented like wine.
the only thing i can think of when i hear louis ferre: anyway, carry on
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