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it's gamjatang (pork spine stew) AKA bbyeo haejangguk (bone hangover soup). galbitang would never be served in a ttukbaegi, nor would it be served with crushed wild sesame.
this is how i break up from my one true green love, ahh.... how i miss my youth.... i've almost become an ajusshi....
you posted on the wrong account
Break up soup is sometimes better than break up sex. True story.
They do make 39s, but they're usually for women and very few are made for limited styles. Most of those styles, however, are completely unisex and fit similarly regardless (they're usually just the women's sized version of the men's shoes). The other option is to do a custom order. source: fellow 39.
on a slightly related note...people need to stfu about gmos or they should be eating maize from 232048320948308309 years ago. also vaccinate yo kids.
so here's the ironic thing...... i have one, but my mother parked her car in the garage and i can't take the snowblower out because there's no room :') i'm just thinking of it as exercise for my core D:~~~~
zissou, i'm not a rugged outdoors sailorfarmer. i'm a stylefarmer who enjoys alcohol and karaoke ._.;
shoveling 30 inches of snow is not fun. i already strained my lower back yesterday shoveling part of it without stretching T_T
am i the only one who hates patch pockets? it's actually a dealbreaker for me
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