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@indesertum, did you finish your Parabola? I can hold onto mine and we can try it next year
The fastest way is to die and hope you retain memories of your previous life
Sorry, dbags are reborn as genital warts. Life is hard!
"Hi, I'm realnameA." "Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm realnameB." The two stare blankly at each other unsure of what to say next. "Uhhh.... so.... who ARE you....?" "Uhhh.... I'm pickpackpockpuck..." "Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! p4!!!! Wow! So good to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you on sf." "Oh, that's cool. So... who are you again?" Awkward silence ensues.
I'm only going to go to deny c4est's presence
institchesfuckyeah has now replaced styleforumfuckyeah
wow. an ouran reference. (yes, that's my takeaway)
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