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i just gotta make sure that it's never too cold or that i never get turned on, or else someone is going to wonder why there are three bumps on my chest
needs to be thick enough so that i don't need to wear an undershirt for some rather personal reasons hahahah that's pretty much my only criteria hahahhabut since a hidden placket is very minimalist by nature, i guess i don't want it to be super dense and heavy or else the balance will probably be off?
thoughts on using twill cotton for a hidden placket shirt? is poplin the superior option?
i really want a high neck coat in mid length by ccp standards, which would fit me like the long coat hahahaha....... sigh... a man can dream...
my greatest and saddest discovery last week was that society and solitude 5 has officially made its new york draft distribution. the sad part was that the keg kicked right as i got there. hopefully i'll have another chance @indesertum, come back to the us ;o;
might be boring, but it looks perfect in execution. it's stellar. or maybe it's just the ~*^SYNTHESEFFECT^*~ sparkle
Because the reporter is essentially the nuclear option. And it's pretty much guaranteed for Drew to say fuck you to everyone left if they pursue it. They're stuck between a rock and a quagmire. Also, @omgcookielol, as much as you may dislike it, Fok can do whatever the fuck he wants as admin. Leaving this thread open for people to vent and shit is a privilege, not a right. Frankly, as TOJ is no longer an official affiliate (nor has it been for a while), it was well within...
oops beaten to the punch hi guys
who are you and what have you done to @sinnedk
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