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lol............ on a different and completely unrelated note... does anyone have issues with thumbs not properly saving when using their phone?
at least you're a 44 so everything looks better proportionally. ;_; THE FAT MIDGET LIFE IS SO DIFFICULT OTL
the gullam model is 19cm taller than me OTL....
i hate you, b!cd D:
that's boring. i want the long coat from this season but i feel like it'll be too long for me... ugh... the long jacket is already a bit longer than what i'd prefer.... zzzzzzzzz
hit me up if you get bored of it i should...get more variety in my wardrobe though
no, it's fine to post here. you can ignore sinnedk.
i'm really glad you proved me wrong, alexg. good stuff
lol sinnedk..... shut up.
Probably around two fiddy or something... If your head is big, get a devoa (0)
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