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to add onto nwi's suggestion, how about a hard msrp price limit instead of limiting it to basic brands? The Poor Baller Style Farmer? The Budget Style Farmer's $500 Guide to Survival? Mo Monies Mo (Koppage) Problems?
a 42 is a women's size though. it'd be a US 26 normally. ask for measurements for sure. might just be super oversized
hello folks. recently switched back to windows after being on mac for 7 years. any suggestions for must have programs/apps or are they all mostly universal now? anything i should know about windows 10 @_@?
protip when making dumplings: never use a food processor. always cut by hand for best texture. also use pork belly.
The last looks ugly tbh
are we talking about tiny clothing size or tiny shoe size?
@robinsongreen68 is wearing a regular fit tee with pants that have an extremely elongated rise/drop crotch that he's wearing low on his hips and have a rather straight fit, so the proportions look off. i think it would be better with an oversized tee and/or the pants being worn a bit higher.
that's a size 11US/44EU
shoreman probably stayed at the executive suite or something
this is 100% your best post ever.
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