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hmmm..... i feel like hoppiness is something that shouldn't really be associated with bocks, but that might just be my own prejudice. from your descriptions, i'd think it's closer to an exceptionally malty ipa or something, which isn't particularly out of the norm lately...
i don't ever deny that price matters, but if you're an aspirational shopper (as most of the people who ask about final sale discounts are), you shouldn't be complaining about being priced out. you're spending beyond your means regardless to purchase superfluous goods.also, i knew exactly what you meant. i was being pedantic just to spite you for your sophistry.
i think you misunderstood @LA Guy's post entirely. Also, SF is not a sales forum, despite the popularity of sales threads.
pale bock sounds like a misnomer tbh. more deets please
Are you kidding? I hope you're kidding.
..... Good job? Frugality has its place, but it loses its place when speaking of veblen goods Look at me i can econ101 too
Luxury goods are a fucking terrible use of your money if you're looking to maximize value.
@basil rathbone you make the next challenge
makes me strongly consider buying that linea hemp throne collar jacket...
TBS probably restocks seasonally unless they specifically ask the brand for a restock of a (popular) product.
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