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next time you're in ny, let's get
@the shah, do you drink alcohol?
WTT: lapelless long coat for linea jacket
half of me wants to pack everything up and go full cdg patchwork. what's wrong with me
Sorry, this is non-negotiable.
I have a zipper question. Will you murder @Distorbiant if I ask it?
i honestly think he stopped giving a fuck about sf
so which dog is your jet pack and which is your spring? does spaceblues only appear when the wind sings like a flute? what are your plans to stop the evil dr. fokly?
Wears full Rick. Buys Fraps. Full Goth hipster checks out.
No one is implying that she did, but it is true that COS blatantly ripped off the design and the cut of her coat.
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