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They update their page daily Wed-Sat. You won't find out what they have that day until they do.
i feel so misunderstood
you insensitive monster! how dare you call a woman long! what if that's her complex and she's always felt insecure in front of the camera because of it! WOMEN HAVE RIGHTS AND THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE LONG. I DEMAND AN APOLOGY FOR ALL WOMEN WHO HAVE FELT SLIGHTED BY THE PATRIARCHY!!!!how great it is to live in the era of internet armchair wielding keyboard smashing tactlessly psychoanalyzing social justice warriors!
it's a sign from the universe. c4est for sw&d 2016. he will make rft great again
well :?
@LA Guy, i believe we've found the new SW&D banner photo...
hey guys, let's not hurt trump's feelings. he's trying his hardest and everyone deserves a participation trophy
i wonder how their business is doing D: their buys are pretty lame tbh
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