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given the last few posts, this can mean something else entirely if you have a dirty mind
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh myyyyyyyyyy
s45 master race
for one, leather pants are notoriously difficult to pull off well. they rarely ever look good. when paired with the minimalist grey and black top half, the leather pants look really off, not only because it does not contrast very well, but also because it draws more attention to the glossiness of the boots. i'm personally not super big on the shortness of the blazer relative to the length of the sweater, but whatever. it might have been better if you didn't have the blazer...
hello leon. where's matilda?
hold on, planning on robbing @penanceroyaltea's house. watch my back, sf friends. let me know how it is. i was considering that laptop for a while too. i went with the asus zenbook pro because monies and i really disliked the green lighting
jyp is no longer the ceo of jyp afaik. he's mostly acting as a producer now iirc. the only person from jyp in ioi is jeon somi. jyp was kind of in an awkward position for very very very, as he wrote and produced the song, but twice was promoting at the same time.
i think it was unfortunately bound to happen since they're not being actively promoted... and yeah, about twice. @baltimoron nailed it. Aalarge part of their popularity can be attributed to savvy marketing. each girl has a very specific concept that they can use to hit all of korea's otakuish fanbase. kukuku
game over. wrap it up boys, we're going home.
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